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Nice Documentary from Edison
Michael_Elliott28 June 2010
Down the old Potomac (1917)

*** (out of 4)

Fascinating 12-minute documentary from Edison features a man in a small boat being pulled (from a horse on shore) down the Potomac river. Starting in Cumberland, MD and going to Washington, DC, this short follows the man who pretty much just sees the various parts along the river. For a film from 1917, this isn't too impressive as the camera-work isn't anything special and you could say the story was very weak considering what other types of movies were being released at this time. With that said, this is still quite impressive when viewed today simply because it gives us a chance to see the river and lands as they were in 1917. I found myself really admiring all the scenery including one section where we see some houses where some Civil War vets were living. The scenery alone is well worth watching this for including the various shots of the woods as well as some railroad footage.
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