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Entertaining, beautiful, the best Burning Man film ever!
centeroftheuniverse838 October 2004
How do you explain something that cannot be explained? How do you describe a feeling to someone who has never felt it before?? I asked myself these questions whenever someone asked me about Burning Man. Now I no longer have to explain it, I just show them "Aqua Burn" and they get it. The music, images, art and people in the movie really capture the essence of the event.

I've shown the film to friends old (67) and young (4) and I have never once heard a complaint. My friend's daughter actually prefers it over her Disney movies!

It's outrageously entertaining and unlike anything else I've seen. I highly recommend this film for the following people: those who have been to Burning Man and want to reminisce, those who haven't been and want to see what it's all about, and anyone just looking for something entertaining to watch!
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