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Season 3

24 Sep. 2007
The Apple Doesn't Fall
Martin deals with the case of a young girl who has been acting out. When Louisa Glasson mentions Ritalin to the mother, Martin tries to point out that she is not qualified to give that kind of advice. A new police constable, Joe Penhale, arrives in Portwenn but seems to have a peculiar medical condition. Martin's aunt Joan has a car accident and Louisa faints while teaching a class. Pauline is bored with being a receptionist and desperately wants to give out medical advice so Martin has a proposal for her.
1 Oct. 2007
With Pauline away for a couple days, Martin gets a new receptionist, Poppy. Bert Large takes Martin's advice to change his lifestyle. Only his idea of a changed lifestyle is to give up being a handyman and open a restaurant. He doesn't quite have the hang of it, however and his stress level definitely doesn't go down. Louisa invites Martin for dinner but her plan falls apart when her new cooker doesn't work properly. When many of the villagers fall ill, Martin concludes that the problem is Bert's new restaurant, but the problem lies elsewhere.
8 Oct. 2007
City Slickers
Martin and Louisa are still trying to develop something of relationship, but their plan for dinner is again disrupted this time by Louisa's quirky new neighbors. Martin is particularly perturbed by their approach to child rearing especially when he learns that the child has been vandalizing cars. Martin also learns that in addition to being narcoleptic, Constable Joe Penhale is also agoraphobic. He feels he has no choice but to report him but aunt Joan reminds Martin that many individuals have phobias but are still able to work in their chosen profession.
15 Oct. 2007
The Admirer
Martin confirms to his aunt Joan that she suffers from osteoporosis. When she begins to have a relationship with someone much younger than herself, Martin has great difficulty accepting the fact, but she insists that she is having fun and has no intention of stopping. Carrie Wilson clearly has her sights set on Martin, much to Louisa's annoyance. PC Joe Penhale throws a party for himself. Al Large returns home after having been traveling for a while but it may not have been the holiday he makes it out to be.
22 Oct. 2007
The Holly Bears a Prickle
Martin and Louisa almost succeed in having a disaster-free date when they attend a outdoor concert together. They kiss but Martin is at his awkward best and ruins the moment. When they arrive back in Portwenn, Louisa announces that there is no possible hope for them as a couple and tells Martin that she will no longer see him. When a visiting friend suffers a serious injury, Martin comes to the rescue and he and Louisa find themselves going in yet another direction. Pauline's addiction to gambling becomes apparent and she is in dire need of assistance.
29 Oct. 2007
Nowt So Queer
The news of Martin and Louisa's engagement spreads throughout Portwenn quickly, courtesy of Dave the postman. The couple find that the only date open at the local church is three weeks away and there is much to do. Pauline really wants to be a bridesmaid. There's a sudden outbreak of a respiratory infection in the village. Martin treats a patient who recently received a knee replacement but is refusing to take antibiotics. She lives with her domineering sister a biochemist that, according to village gossip, was fired from her research job when she experimented on ...
5 Nov. 2007
Happily Ever After
Martin and Louisa's wedding day finally arrives but is everyone and everything ready? Several people ask Martin if he's really serious about this, planting a seed of doubt in his mind. Al and Bert Large are providing the catering but run into a major plumbing problem at the restaurant and have to make alternate arrangements. The florist is arrested for trying to steal a bicycle. Martin has an argument with the vicar over his drinking and then has to find a replacement when the man falls and breaks his leg. One of the bridesmaids, Isobel Brown, has a minor accident ...

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