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Season 1

16 Apr. 2005
The Big Bang (Pilot)
Character "Charlie Jade" is introduced as a missing persons detective, 01 Boxer as a rich sociopath kidnapper, Jasmine as Charlie's girl friend, and Karl as Charlie's only friend in a world he doesn't know.
After the explosion, Charlie awakes in a desert under the gaze of an unknown young girl. The girl takes him back to civilisation where he meets Karl who takes pity on him. Karl takes Charlie to Cape Town not Cape City as he expects and Charlie begins to explore. He goes to his apartment and discovers it is derelict and condemned. He tries to find his drug dealer but the people at his house have never heard of him. Eventually, after many hours of searching he sees Jasmine and follows her back to a bar where she works. Unfortunately, when he confronts her she does not ...
23 Apr. 2005
You Are Here
Charlie reluctantly helps Lubinsky in search for the truth about the Vexcor explosion. Their investigation leads to Elliot Krogg, the Vexcor scientist believed to be responsible for the bombing. Meanwhile, Reena is holed up in a seedy Cape Town motel, feeling guilt-ridden about her role in the explosion and heartbroken over the death of her lover.
30 Apr. 2005
The Power of Suggestion
01 orders his cronies to drug Krogg's girlfriend to aid in the extraction of information from her, which he will use to implicate Vex-Cor's board of directors in the bombing.
7 May 2005
And Not a Drop to Drink
Charlie witnesses 01 use water to vanish before his eyes. Charlie investigates the incident, learning of a contaminated water supply purported to induce visions. Meanwhile, Reena is kidnapped and 01 Boxer plots to take over Vexcor in Betaverse.
14 May 2005
Dirty Laundry
Charlie takes up his old job as a private investigator in a case where the poor are murdered for the black market value of their organs. Reena is being brainwashed and 01 Boxer discovers that the recent blackouts are due to Vexcor rebuilding the link to Alphaverse.
21 May 2005
Charlie searches for the diamond ring that he pawned. He learns that a diamond merchant, Eckman, is manufacturing diamonds for Vexcor that will allow the company to play "Big Brother." Meanwhile, Reena is sent on a mission to kill Galt.
28 May 2005
Charlie is sent looking for a kidnapped girl, but it turns out the kidnapper was a hoaxer and the girl has fled from her parents to live with a much older man from Alphaverse. Galt and his chief of security are planning an attack on 01 Boxer and his new board. Reena aborts her suicide mission and is rescued by Rosalie.
4 Jun. 2005
After being shot in Betaverse, 01 Boxer escapes using the shower to Gammaverse where he washes up on a beach near his house and is nursed by his wife. Karl is captured by Vexcor's chief of security and tortured to give up information on Charlie.
11 Jun. 2005
Charlie discovers that a childhood friend, Gemma, from Alphaverse, works for Vexcor in Betaverse as a hydrologist. O1 Boxer discovers polluted water in Gammaverse and decides to return to Betaverse but discovers that he is no longer able to shift. In Alphaverse, Sew Sew questions Rompkin about missing people and their families who all have one thing in common: they were employees of Vexcor.
18 Jun. 2005
Thicker Than Water
Gemma confronts Galt about the missing water but is dismissed as a lunatic. She teams up with Charlie and Karl to break into Vexcor to look for evidence. 01 Boxer manages to shift to Betaverse, but discovers he is the suspect of a murder.
25 Jun. 2005
Choosing Sides
Charlie decides to find out how O1 Boxer travels between universes and see if he can take him back to the BetaVerse, but O1 gets taken in by the police first. So Charlie impersonates an FBI agent to take control of O1 as a terrorist. The police figure out that Charlie isn't a real FBI agent and are questioning him. Meanwhile Vex-Cor sends in people to take out O1 before he can talk with the police. In the melee that results Charlie takes O1 away for interrogation. After some extensive discussion Charlie seems to trust O1 and is willing to work with him for some reason...
1 Sep. 2008
Through a Mirror Darkly
Charlie and 01 Boxer have an extensive "discussion" before reaching an understanding. A new plot element is introduced that will have extensive implications in future episodes.
9 Jul. 2005
The Enemy of My Enemy
After receiving a package with information on Vexcor, Charlie and Karl track the anonymous source, Reena. Meanwhile, 01 Boxer and Julius come to an arrangement.
16 Jul. 2005
Things Unseen
Police woman Blues Paddock reveals to Charlie he's being hunted. They decide to investigate Vexcor together, while being drawn to each other. After Blues saves Charlie from an assassination attempt, he tells her about the Alphaverse. Reena comes face to face with her programmer and, in Alpha, Jasmine and Tukarrs get closer.
22 Sep. 2008
The Shortening of the Way
Charlie searches for the little girl that found him in the desert to seek help in controlling his visions. At first she helps him visit the Alphaverse, just in time before the Vexcor assassin arrives. When Charlie returns to the Betaverse, the girl pours water over his head so that he can shift back into the Alphaverse for good.
30 Jul. 2005
Finally home, Charlie must re-adjust to life in Alpha and find a way to save a friend he has inadvertently put on Vexcor's "naughty" list. Meanwhile, Brion Boxer visits 01's family in Gamma.
6 Aug. 2005
Bedtime Story
Back in Alpha, Charlie considers how he has been changed by his time in Beta. 01 meets with a mysterious associate.
13 Aug. 2005
On the death of Brion Boxer a power struggle, for the control of Vex-Cor, develops between Essa Rompkin and 01 Boxer. Brion leaves his Vex-Cor shares to 01, his son, which gives him control of the company but Essa has him arrested for murder to stop him assuming control. Charlie Jade visits 01 in prison and they make a deal about the link and with the co-operation of Sew Sew Tukarrs, 01 escapes and Essa is arrested. Charlie and Jasmine have a heart-to-heart about their relationship and decide to part as both have moved on as a result of their separation. 01 with the ...
20 Aug. 2005
Charlie and his allies desperately search for a way to keep the link from activating and destroying Beta, but one of their own has other plans.

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