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MPAA Rated R for graphic bloody violence

Sex & Nudity

  • There is some nudity present in a scene during the first quarter of the movie. The nudity is only present in background paintings behind Judge Turpin, and seems to only contain male/female buttocks. During the same scene, Judge Turpin's dialogue includes references to prostitutes/pornography which teen viewers might pick up on, but no explicit language or images are presented.
  • It is implied that a man rapes a woman at a party but the rape itself is not actually shown.
  • There are a couple of mild references to sex that children would not understand.
  • Mrs. Lovett wears a few revealing dresses. Most of them show off notably cleavage.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is disturbing and gorey all together.
  • (mild violence): A man is pushed on the floor & hit in the back with a cane repeatedly. The result is a bloody mouth.
  • (mild violence): A boy is slapped in the face. Then, is hit a couple more times on off-camera.
  • (bloody violence): A man swings around a teapot that slams in another man's face, spurting blood. Then he swings it upward, the victim falls on the floor, & the man repeatedly beats the victim unconscious, blood coming out of his mouth.
  • (graphic bloody violence): There is a close-up shot of a man's throat getting slit. Blood sprays & pours everywhere while the victim is twitching.
  • (graphic bloody violence): There is a series of people getting their throat slit. Sometimes, you can't see the whole slit because the camera angles vary; some are camera shots are from behind, others in front, etc.
  • (bloody violence): A man quickly slits another person's throat. Camera is not close-up.
  • (bloodiest & most graphic part): A man is stabbed repeatedly 5 times in the side of his neck; blood sparys out. The camera angles vary a lot too: from behind, in front, through window, close-up, & a face-shot of the murderer's face while stabbing. Murderer then walks in front of the bloody victim, his blood pouring out of his throat, then he finally swipes the razor through his throat. The blood goes everywhere.
  • (disturbing): A man pushes another person into a flaming bake oven. He closes the door. Victim screams & frantically moves while getting burned to death and you can see her burning body for a couple seconds as the flesh disapears.
  • This movie is a musical, still it may scare younger audiences. The plot involves a strong theme of murder. Also, the blood is somewhat unrealistic.


  • Two uses of "shit".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • a boy is simply drinking a glass of gin talking to a woman with the bottle on the table. Later, she finds the boy curled up on the floor from drinking to much with the bottle in his hands (more for humor)
    • the woman pours a glass of gin for a man who drinks it slowly
    • another woman is seen drinking at a masquerade ball who gets a little drunk
    • a man passes a room filled with people who are smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's a lot of blood
    • a bloody, unconscious victim is layed inside a chest. Soon after, part of their hand is sticking out while twitching a little bit.
    • the barber/murderer turns his ordinary barber chair into a mechanical chair that flips backward after the victims' throat is slit, sliding them down the chair, through the trapdoor, & at the bottom where they land on their head on the hard floor. Sometimes, they land on top of other victims.
    • the landlady makes meat pies as a business. Not making much money, she then uses the victims' meat as her pies. In the movie, it doesn't show her actually making the human pies. But in one scene, a boy is down in the cellar/bakehouse. He takes a bite of a pie & pulls a human finger out of his mouth. Then, he looks over & sees some skeletons of humans that were stripped for meat. Then, it shows the meat grinder filled with bloody humans, & the boys picks up an amputated hand with missing fingers. All of a suddenly, a body comes out of the trapdoor above landing on the floor.
    • a man is sent to an insane asylum. In the room, there are many people (mostly women) that are shaking, crying, moaning, etc. The owner is then attacked by all of them, while they all scream.
    • when the woman is intentionally raped, (read "Sex & Nudity" above!) a crowd forms around her, laughing loudly & hollering, then a man yells "No!".
    • this is a very disturbing movie.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending is very intense and disturbing.

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