The Departed (2006) Poster


David O'Hara: Fitzy



  • [upon learning the Police have found Delahunt's body and that he was a cop in Costello's bar] 

    Fitzy : I don't believe it.

    Mr. French : What can't you believe?

    Fitzy : I spent all fucking night dragging the poor bastard in there. Tell me how they find him so fast? Somebody walking a fucking dog ? What fucking size a dog is that? Has to be a big fucking dog, man. I spent all night doing it man.

    [pause, Frank stares at him] 

    Fitzy : I'm embarrassed. I still don't believe he was a cop, I don't believe it.

    Frank Costello : The COPS... are saying he's a cop... so I won't look for the cop. Are you soft, Fitz? When I tell you... to dump a body in the marsh, you dump him *IN* the marsh. Not where some guy from John Hancock goes every Thursday, TO GET A FUCKING BLOWJOB!

    [Fitzy laughs, Frank hits him with his cap] 

    Frank Costello : Don't laugh! This ain't Reality TV!

  • Fitzy : [standing outside Costello's bar]  She didn't notice us, she must be a cop.

    Delahunt : [jokingly]  Yeah, she's probably the fucking Police Commissioner.

  • Oliver Queenan : [as Billy runs away, and protects him from Costello's goons]  One of you mugs got a light.

    Fitzy : Where's your boy?

    Oliver Queenan : He's studying law at Notre Dame.

    Fitzy : Where's your fucking boy?

    Fitzy : [grabs Queenan]  Goddamn motherfucker! Now where's your fucking boy?

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