The Departed (2006) Poster


James Badge Dale: Barrigan



  • Colin Sullivan : [Colin and Barrigan stand at Mrs. Kennefick's door trying to question her about her son's murder]  Now Mrs. Kennefick, I knew your son. I knew Miles. Now he was a little younger than me but he was behind me in school. I wanna get these people who did this to him. Would you like to help us? You wanna help us catch the people who forced your son to do a robbery and then killed him?

    Mrs. Kennefick : Allegedly.

    Colin Sullivan : ..."Allegedly".

    Mrs. Kennefick : If he was killed, he probably did something wrong.

    Colin Sullivan : [sarcastically]  But not the robbery. That's not wrong. He do something else wrong?

    Frank Costello : [Mrs. Kennefick then sees a car pulling up with French driving and Frank and Gwen sitting in the backseat looking at her; Frank says to Gwen]  Wave to your girlfriend, honey.

    [Gwen waves] 

    Mrs. Kennefick : [suddenly terrified, turns to Sullivan angrily]  I mean, fuck yourself!

    [slams the door on them] 

    Colin Sullivan : Did you get that?

    Barrigan : "Allegedly" or "fuck yourself"?

    Colin Sullivan : Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Barrigan : [after they lose the rugby match to the firemen and Sullivan stares longingly at the statehouse]  What? Look, forget about it. Your old man was a janitor and his son's only a cop.

    Colin Sullivan : Fucking firefighters are bunch of homos.

    [they both laugh] 

    Colin Sullivan : They are!

  • Barrigan : [to Colin Sullivan, in freight elevator]  Costello was going to sell us to the FBI. It's you and me now, you understand? We got to take care of each other, you understand?

    [as Barrigan looks away, Sullivan abruptly shoots him in the head] 

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