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A Halloween Mystery
The case of 41-year-old womanizer, Donald Louis Robinson, who was shot and stabbed multiple times in his Port Orange home in 1988.
Bradford County Abduction
The 1991 case of missing Bradford County teenager, J.D.
2 Jan. 2003
The Tressa Pettibone Case
The case of 33-year-old housewife Tressa Pettibone, who was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife in her own home in February 1989.
22 Jul. 2004
Trial by Fire: The Marguerite Holley Case
The case of 79-year-old retired nurse Marguerite T. Holley who was found dead in her burned down home in Edgewater, Florida in 1991.
Deadly Knowledge
A woman is found murdered in her bathtub. With a string of similar assaults in the area investigators must determine if a serial predator is on the loose or the death of the woman is an isolated crime. Police turn to criminal Profiler, Dayle Hinman to help decipher the clues in this baffling investigation.
Home Deadly Home
An intruder breaks into the home of David and Brenda Vickers. In what seems to be burglary gone horribly wrong, both husband and wife are shot, and David dies, while Brenda miraculously lives. Any leads that investigators attempt to pursue come to a dead-end, until a re-examination of the crime scene leads to a shocking discovery.
Killer Among Us
Randall Woodfield Case: When Julie Reitz is found shot and sexually assaulted in her home, investigators think they're dealing with an isolated incident, but when Special Agent Hinman reviews the files, she's sure the killer has struck before...and will strike again. After months of dead ends and dogged detective work; a break in the case closes the books on Julie Reitz's case...and many others.
Mystery in Florida
Williamson Case: Lester Williamson had just moved into a new home and was ready for retirement, but his cold blooded murder put an end to those plans. Soon investigators zero in on his old roommate who, after a bitter falling out, seemed to have plenty of motive to kill. But when his alibi checks out, Special Agent Hinman reviews the case and breathes new life into the investigation.
Jan. 2008
Tammy Smith Murder
Young girl murdered in home by ex boyfriend and jealous girlfriend
To Trap a Killer
Charles Godley Case: 58 year old Charles Godley is found in his home with a gunshot wound to his head. When investigators discover an empty pill bottle on his bedtime table, it looks like a clear-cut case of suicide. But a shocking clue recovered at the scene turns the suicide theory upside down.
6 Jan. 2008
Hiding in Plain Sight
An investigation of the 1998 murder of Joseph Foley. Foley was found shot to death in his bedroom by his own gun.
15 Mar. 2008
Mad Hatter
A man is found dead on the side of a rural, isolated road along with an abandoned car.

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