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  • Yes, although it's producers call it a "reimagined" series, due to some slight differences. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A battlestar is a very lage spaceship, kind of a cross between a battleship and an aircraft carrier. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Cylons are humanoid robots created by mankind as servants and laborers. Eventually, they rebelled and declared war on their human masters. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Miniseries - This 3 hour miniseries acts as a pilot for the weekly series and introduces the characters and situations.

    Season 1 - Contains 13 episodes.

    Season 2 - Contains 20 episodes.

    Season 3 - Contains 20 episodes.

    Battlestar Galactica: Razor - This 2 hour TV movie ( officially the first two episodes of Season 4 ) takes place during Season 2, with flashbacks to the miniseries and earlier, but should be viewed here.

    Season 4, Part 1 - Contains 10 episodes ( also known as "Season 4.0" on DVD ).

    Season 4, Part 2 - Contains 10 episodes ( also titled "Season 4.5" or "The Final Season" on DVD )

    Battlestar Galactica : The Plan - This is a post-series prequel TV movie which depicted selected events of the miniseries and series from the Cylons point of view.

    There are also two spin-off prequels:

    Caprica - A 19 episode prequel series set 58 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica. The series deals with the creation of the Cylons, and stars Eric Stoltz as Daniel Greystone, creator of the Cylons, and Esai Morales as Joseph Adama, father of Battlestar's William Adama. Released on DVD ( and Blu-ray in certain territories ).

    Battlestar Galactica : Blood & Chrome - A 2 hour prequel movie that is set during the first Cylon War, 40 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica and around 18 years after Caprica. The story follows a young William Adama ( future commander of the Galactica ) as a new recruit in the Colonial Fleet, and shows his first experience of battling the Cylons. Released on DVD and Blu-ray. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, the miniseries acts as a pilot, and sets up all of the events, characters, and themes of the series. If you start with episode S01E01, you will be very confused! Edit (Coming Soon)


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