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Definition of "Cute Classic"
koolnut1 January 2007
It's been awhile since I've watched Winnie The Pooh,and I was abit unsure about watching another again when my sisters rented it out. The thing is that I loved it! It's a very cute movie with cute original characters and It has a Very nice story and I don't have a problem when watching it again. It begins where all of a sudden there's been some strange happenings in the Hundred Acre Wood and Winnie the pooh and his friends try to get to the bottom of it,only to find out that Heffalumps (Big elephants) have moved in. The rest I leave to you to find out,but overall it's cute,fun and something that you can never be too old to watch. So yeah,watch it...it's definitely something that kids as well as the rest will enjoy. PS: Note how many "cutes" I've put in,if it's more than 2 then it's worth a movie ticket.
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Brave Lil Roo's Heffalump Movie
lampillar28 April 2005
This movie was the perfect first movie to bring our 3 and a half yr old daughter! It had a wonderful lesson for all of us: don't be judgmental about things we don't yet know.

There is a most tender moment between Roo and Kanga, which is coupled with a heartbreakingly sweet song, sung mostly by Carly Simon. (We bought the CD and it gets a lot of playtime.) Little Roo was courageous and wise - even seeking his parent's help when he couldn't solve a serious problem on his own. Pooh and the gang are featured throughout but are not the 'stars'. Roo plays a charming character growing up just a little bit, and my daughter related to him very well.

NOTE, however, there is a scene that can be seen as a little scary for little ones. My daughter ended up sitting on my husband's lap for security about half way through the film, and stayed there through the end. Afterwards we talked about it a little bit and she hasn't had any bad dreams that we know of. All in all, a new generation of Hundred Acre Wood movies has begun, and so has a new fan base! SEE IT!
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Really sweet and endearing... I loved this!
TheLittleSongbird28 June 2010
At 18, you may think I am a little old to be watching this movie, but as a lover of the Winnie the Pooh characters I thought why not? So I watched Pooh's Heffalump Movie and was delighted by it. It is so charming, sweet and endearing and has a lot of heart too. Plenty of funny and touching moments here too. It isn't as good as the 1977 movie or the 80s TV show, but it is still a delightful movie, with enough charm for especially children. Adults may complain there aren't enough jokes for them, but if they see the movie they will probably be content by their child's happy smile as they watch it and by the charm the film has.

The film is very short, but it moves very quickly and doesn't feel boring. The story is also very simple, but it is effective and innocent with a nice message that I actually didn't find preachy. The animation is lovely, and the music while not the best in the world is still delightful and serves its purpose very well. Even the dialogue had some nice moments- I smiled and I was moved too. The characters are a delight, especially Lumpy who is so cute and endearing I fell in love with him the very first moment I set eyes on him. And the voice acting is excellent. Overall, charming and delightful. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Meet Lumpy, One of The Cutest Member of the 'Elephant' Family
Chrysanthepop4 May 2010
I've rarely liked most of the Disney spinoffs and sequels but to me the 'Winnie the Pooh' sequels are an exception. I've only seen the delightful 'Piglet Movie' and now I've had the joy to watch 'Pooh's Heffalump Movie'. I miss the handdrawn Disney movies nowadays and it is great to see that Disney still makes such quality stuff even though that's rare thanks to nonsense like 'High School Musical' dominating the franchise. In 'Pooh's Heffelump Movie', the animation is vivacious as ever but where it succeeds most is with its adorable characters who have maintained their essence and consistency. The whole gang, that is Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Kanga, Rabbit, Roo and Iyor are here. The comic situations are hilarious and the story is fun too. It has heart and is told in an endearing way that will capture children's attention (yes, there is a lesson to be learned too) but adults can enjoy it just as much with their kids. The new character, Lumpy, has got to be one of the cutest 'member' of the elephant family. But, Lumpy isn't merely some cute caricature. He is brilliantly written and voiced as a real character, that of a curious playful child seeking for adventure with a new friend. The score is splendid and it is always a pleasure to hear Carly Simon's beautiful voice. This little movie is neatly packed in a solid 75 minutes but it doesn't feel rushed at all. One of the last few underrated little gems of Disney.
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I'm biased
cagreco31 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure my comments count because I worked on the movie and I am biased towards it. I will say that most people should find it entertaining. Kyle Sanger, who voices Lumpy, is so cute he will melt your heart. Being just 5 years old when we recorded him, he ad-libbed a lot and it was so genuine and funny we had to use it.

Carly Simon wrote some beautiful songs that are sure to become classics.

Overall it is a sweet film that should bring the whole family together and make them want to go out and find some Heffalumps. It is a movie for all ages.
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The Pooh gang comes to terms with the Heffalumpian Other
BrandtSponseller11 February 2005
Awakening to hear the trumpeting of a Heffalump in the distance, Pooh (Jim Cummings), Piglet (John Fielder), Rabbit (Ken Sansom), Tigger (Cummings) and Eeyore (Peter Cullen) decide they should venture into Heffalump Hollow to investigate and capture one of the beasts. When Roo (Nikita Hopkins) learns he can't come along--even though he was the only one who thought of bringing something practical, a rope, on the "expoohdition"--he leaves on his own, and begins a grand adventure.

Originally slated as a direct-to-video release, Pooh's Heffalump Movie provides rewarding theatrical fare for children and adults alike. Although the animation isn't quite as intricately stylized as some Pooh tales, it is still quality work, and the story is very entertaining, with a slightly surprising and thinly veiled message.

Any Pooh fan will know that Heffalumps originally arose as dream material in Pooh's head--Heffalumps and Woozles were nightmare creatures (inspired by a mispronunciation of "elephants" and "weasels"), who were insanely wacky and out to steal Pooh's Hunny. In Pooh's Heffalump Movie (which is really more of a Roo tale, ala the Tigger tale of The Tigger Movie (2000) or Piglet's turn in Piglet's Big Movie (2003)), we get real Heffalumps, living in an area adjacent to the 100-Acre Wood called Heffalump Hollow. They're the Pooh gang's Other--imagined as having all of the negative qualities absent in the Pooh gang's image of Self.

The journey to seek out and capture a Heffalump involves crossing borders (a fence), passing over abyss-like ravines, crossing water barriers (rivers) and so on. It's a symbolic trip to a foreign, alien world, where unpleasant strangers live. Roo, the most innocent of Pooh's gang, is the first to encounter a Heffalump, and he learns that the Heffalump has a similarly negative depiction of the Other--an equally negative view of Pooh and our friends from the 100-Acre Wood. Both gradually come to terms with their misleading conceptions. The message of the film is to not "dehumanize" or "demonize" the Other--that the Other is probably someone not that different from you and I. Perhaps it's a surprisingly political message for a Pooh story, but it's valuable nonetheless, and easily meshes stylistically with the Pooh universe. It's interesting that director Frank Nissen chose to voice the principal Heffalumpian Other seen in the film, Lumpy (Kyle Sanger), with a British accent. It could have easily worked with an American accent like the other Pooh characters. The British accent is both more daring than we might expect (making the political distancing of the Other more obvious) and less controversial than we might expect (British culture being the closest one can come to American culture yet retain a distinct, recognizable accent).

Of course, kids aren't going to analyze the film in that way. For them, this is a fun adventure story, with moments of slight suspense and even slight scares (nothing that toddlers couldn't handle, though), where two like-minded creatures meet and become great friends. There are a lot of funny bits in the film, and the new characters are just as cute and likable as anyone else in the Pooh universe; I hope we see more of them in the future. There is a wonderful series of gags over the end credits featuring Lumpy in some of the better-known Pooh adventures. The songs by Carly Simon in the film are good, particularly when Carly sings them.

Now, bring us our Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, and Gopher films!
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100 Acre Wood gets a heavy handed lesson in judging books by their covers.
efrances200312 February 2005
All in all, this is a movie for kids. We saw it tonight and my child loved it. At one point my kid's excitement was so great that sitting was impossible. However, I am a great fan of A.A. Milne's books which are very subtle and hide a wry intelligence behind the childlike quality of its leading characters. This film was not subtle. It seems a shame that Disney cannot see the benefit of making movies from more of the stories contained in those pages, although perhaps, it doesn't have the permission to use them. I found myself wishing the theater was replaying "Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger too", instead. The characters voices were very good. I was only really bothered by Kanga. The music, however, was twice as loud in parts than the dialog, and incongruous to the film.

As for the story, it was a bit preachy and militant in tone. Overall, I was disappointed, but I would go again just to see the same excitement on my child's face.

I liked Lumpy's laugh....
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Pooh's Heffalump 2 Cute!
desiree99j119 February 2005
My husband and I took our 6 year old daughter to see this movie and it was a great choice! The little boy who plays the part of Lumpy sounds so cute he reacted just like a real child would, which is why I'm sure kids and adults alike a drawn to this film. The music was nice too. There should be more of these Pooh movies so that parents can take their children to decent movies that they can enjoy too. The movie seemed a little short but it's understandable since it's made for younger children and we all know little ones usually can't sit through long movies. This one was an exception though since all I heard was laughter from children instead of I wanna go. We all had a good laugh and can't wait for the DVD.This movie is excellent for all ages. In the audience that night I noticed people of all ages from 2yrs to seniors. This G rated movie really was Great!
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pooh's heffalump movie
jeperson13 December 2005
First off I am going to say that I am not a fan of Pooh. I am a HUGE Disney fan, and I work in a video rental store, so I decided to go ahead and watch the movie one day while I was working.

I LOVED it!!!!

This is the best thing that happened to pooh in a long time. Keep in mind I am in my 20's and I now a stuffed Lumpy because he's just great!

I made everyone at work watch it and they agreed with me it's got a good story that makes you feel like a kid again and the character's are great. At one point one of my male co-workers had the sniffles. I think that everyone who likes Disney movies or cartoons in general should watch this film.

Disney I give you two thumbs up!!
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it's all in the music score
ptb-815 July 2005
What a lovely storybook film...with a truly beautiful musical score by Joel MeNeely is basically my adult opinion...as I was enchanted by the music score more than anything else...and everything else is so easy to enjoy..I know Carly Simon wrote the songs (and they were nice...!) but the actual score was more enjoyable. My 4 year companion stayed in his seat and laughed (as I did) at Roo and Rabbit's antics especially. This neat and clean 68 minute Disney pic is exactly what I was ready to enjoy but was quite surprised at how gently funny and enchanting it was. If I had a cinema (still) I would have asked Disney to double it for me with DUMBO and sold all seats for $5 to delighted adults who would have brought every kid they knew so we could have a hilarious elephant afternoon.
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My 2-Year-Old Says "Two Thumbs Up!"
kathib17 March 2005
We have seen this movie 4 times with our 2-year-old daughter. She absolutely loves it. Original music by Carly Simon is catchy and fun. It's also nice to hear the characters singing the tunes, instead of having the songs as filler. The story unwinds as Tigger, Eeyore, Pooh, Rabbit and Piglet decide to go on an expedition to catch the infamous Heffalump. Roo, too young to join the group, sets out on his own and meets Lumpy, the young Heffalump. The two quickly become friends and play in the Hundred Acre Wood until it's time to go home and they try to find their mommies. The only scary parts - when Roo enters Heffalump Hollow, when Roo and Lumpy are missing their moms, and when everyone tries to trap Lumpy - are quickly resolved. Great message about accepting others who are different - and a little reminder that no matter how big you get, you still need your mommy. It's only about an hour long, so stay for the credits. The scenes are classic Pooh scenes, with Lumpy joining in. Can't wait for the DVD!
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jaemiewaters20 December 2011
it is a sweet movie it is a movie for the whole family but mainly for kids it is a great movie i like this movie a lot and so will you it is about pooh and everyone in the acer woods hear a sound it is a weird noise it is just a wonderful movie you will like it a lot it is a perfect kid film it is a movie that i could watch over and over again it is the bomb it is a hoot it is just a really good movie too watch you will like this movie so much it is two thumbs up it is a classic you and your kids will enjoy it a lot it should be a 4 out of 4 stars it is a hoot it is one funny movie it is a masterpiece this movie is a knockout it hits a home run this movie is a masterpiece a sweet movie and a blow out this movie your kids will want to watch it over and over and over again it is one good movie that will say mommy daddy that was a great movie can we watch it again please have a good day
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The cutest movie I have ever seen!
junkandmurder16 February 2007
I saw this movie for the first time yesterday. I'm not a mushy kind of person by any means and there are few things that just melt my heart, but this movie did it. The kid that did the voice of Lumpy the Heffalump has the most adorable voice and a giggle that just captures your heart. I think the songs are phenomenal and having grown up with the friends of the Hundred Acre Wood, they're still doing a fantastic job. I'm glad after all these years we finally got to meet a Heffalump and learn they're not as scary as Pooh and his friends have thought they were. This movie was just absolutely phenomenal (although I do agree there was nowhere nearly enough Eeyore), and it's absolutely heart capturing. I've already watched it abut five or six times since yesterday. I hope to see more Lumpy movies and continue to hear Kyle Stanger doing his voice. I highly recommend Pooh's Heffalump Movie for any one age 1 to 101.
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A very cute movie!!!
awarix20 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Is it just me, or is that Lumpy the cutest Heffalump EVER??? He has his little accent, and cuddly little ears... he is just too cute! They really should have more movies like this one. I am a big Winnie the Pooh fan! And it makes me a little upset, when I heard that they are going to change Christopher Robin, who was the name of AA Milne's son, with a little girl. I'm like, WHAT??? They didn't do it in this movie, but, still! Come on people! AA Milne wrote these stories for his little son!!! We grew up with Christopher Robin!!!! But, anyway, this movie is too cute! You have to see it! I highly recommend this movie! Watch it! You won't be disappointed!!!
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Wonderful Kid show for the young and old
deelove111311 September 2005
I brought this movie for my 6mos. old grandson now 8mos. and he loves it and so does the whole family,we all sing the songs especially the shoulder to shoulder one,and the name game.I'm also buying it for my nephew now who wants his own copy.excellent fun movie we watch have a copy in the van for the baby,it keeps him quiet he loves the movie he even tries 2 sing the songs,we're going out to buy the soundtrack tomorrow. We found Lumpy and Roo at the Disney store.we're going back for Piglet and Tigger.I think Rabbit and Tigger was hilarious in the movie false alarm as in never mind. i laugh every time i watch it. do u have any rumpa doodles?
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A charming flick
oonaheartsnonny9620 November 2014
This is a movie that I really enjoyed when I first saw it and continue to enjoy to this day. We get introduced to Lumpy, a young heffalump. If you remember the original film, heffalumps are creatures that are to be feared, along with the woozle. However, little Lumpy is nothing of the sort. He's a charming character that you warm up to pretty quickly, as does Roo. When Roo tries to convince the rest of the gang that Lumpy is harmless, the others don't believe him and instead live with their prejudices. In the end, the Hundred Acre crew learns that just because someone's different, doesn't mean they can't be good people. If you're looking for a flick that has a charming character and a charming lesson with Pooh and his crew, this is for you. Heffa nice day. :)
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Such a sweet film
studioAT17 April 2012
Winnie The Pooh films are timeless and although this one wasn't a huge hit it is well worth watching.

Full of heart and humour this film moves along at a quick pace and the story is one that can teach children and their parents a lovely lesson about friendship, loyalty and judgement.

The little boy who voices Lumpy is a star and makes his character so adorable you just feel for him. All the usual Winnie The Pooh voice actors return as well and do their iconic roles justice.

So go and rent/buy this film for your little one and sit back and enjoy a lovely nostalgic film full of moments only Disney can produce.
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I was never really a Winnie the Pooh fan
neenahhh25 February 2011
I did kind of grow up around it. I saw it here and there, but was never really actually INVOLVED with it. I do remember a few intros of the TV adaptions. "Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear!" And I did watch The Tigger Movie, though! I think that was one of the VHS's that I kept on rewinding and rewatching back when I was younger. But aside from that, I never really LOVED Winnie the Pooh. I guess I just never really found the cast endearing or lovable as everyone thinks they are. I kind of found them boring and not at all interesting. Sorry.

But this was a cute movie. I guess I would have enjoyed this more so if I were younger. Lumpy is a Heffalump. A stranger to the Hundred Acre Woods gang. Roo befriends him and they're off doing stuff little children do.

The music was lovely. Especially the songs that Lumpy and Roo had together. WE STAAAAND, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER! Yeah. That stuck with me. Also the song Kanga sang to Roo. Such a sweet mother-child song.

I loved Lumpy! He was so cute! His randomness, his songs, his attitude, his accent, his laugh- everything was adorable! I guess that's why I enjoyed this movie. Makes me want to have a Lumpy stuffed toy, even if I don't usually do stuffed toys.

The ending was great. It gave me shivers, even if I wasn't expecting it to since I wasn't really paying attention while watching it. I think this movie should have been called 'Roo's Heffalump Movie'. Why does Pooh have to get credit for everything? As my title stated, I was never really a Winnie the Pooh fan, but I liked this movie. That must be saying something about it. This one is a great movie to watch with your kids. Give it a shot.
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Such a great movie for everyone
CHanirae8118 May 2006
This by far is now one of my favorite Disney movies along w/ my 3 year old. In fact, we thought it was so cute and charming we got the stuffed animals to snuggle with while we watch the movie.We fell in love with the character Lumpy right away, he's a very adorable addition to the classic Winnie the Pooh story. I thought the Heffalump idea was a extra cute, cuddly, and funny character,it has some great lessons for kids, and it's fun for parents to watch too. We loved it so much we love buying products w/ the Heffalump on it. The movie is very innocent, and charming, it's not full of a lot of clutter, and it's easy watching for toddlers and small kids. It's also not very long either, so it's easy for kids to watch it w/ out losing interest. Some of the other Disney movies go on for along time, and are full of stuff that sometimes only the bigger kids understand or can grasp. The little lesson in this movie is short and sweet, and checking out the Heffalump Halloween DVD is also recommended, cause it's Just as good!
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Really funny
americandragonfreak25 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love Pooh! He is so cute and so funny! Anyway, this has got to be one of the best idea's for Pooh they've had. Pooh, Piglet , Tigger, Rabbit and Roo wake up to a strange noise. Rabbit thinks it's a heffalump and he decides that they all should capture it. Roo is ordered not to go because he is too young, but the next morning he sneaks out to capture one and he finds one only to find out that they are not scary at all, but just like them. Meanwhile, Pooh and Piglet get lost in the woods. They are soon reunited and they go back to the wood to find Lumpy the Heffalump with Roo. Thinking it is attacking him, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger trap Lumpy until he falls down a cliff and in an attempt to save him, Roo is trapped in a bunch of logs.

This movie is very funny. When Pooh eats Piglet's jelly beans and when he says that a heffalump forced him to eat his honey are funny. Some other funny parts are when Tigger mocks Rabbit while he's making a speech and when Lmpy's mother shows up Tigger and Rabbit pass out and of course when Pooh does a face plant into his honey pot.

B+ good film
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Roo makes a new best friend; a tale about how differences don't have to bar friendship
mrkimball7 April 2006
This is a sweet movie; my son absolutely loves it. It has a great soundtrack, lovable characters, and while others have commented that it may be dull for grown-ups, I think it is great for younger children who shouldn't have such a high level of drama to their entertainment anyway. It's a nice show to watch with your young one cuddled on your lap. The songs are very singable and fun; Carly Simon has done an excellent job with the music. Included in the bonus features of the DVD is a segment about how Heffalumps were discovered, and how the concepts of the movie were brought to life. I found this segment to be particularly enjoyable, since it dealt with the topic in a way that was sensitive to children watching it. Not only did they explain how they made the movie, but they kept it simple and fun for younger viewers who might believe in the creatures of the Hundred Acre wood.
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Annoying as possible!
Lost_Highway14 May 2005
First of I should point out that I used to love Winnie The Pooh as a child and I really enjoyed The Tigger Movie even though I am in my 20's.

But this movie was so bad I was ashamed to have been a fan in my youth.

OK, OK I know this is a movie for kids and isn't aimed at people like me anyway but this is my thoughts on the movie for other people of my age.

The main downfall in this film is the heffalump itself, it has to be the most annoying character I have seen in a child's movie (possibly even more annoying then the young child in Monsters Inc). It has the most annoying voice and prattles around singing stupid things and making even more stupid comments, I know Pooh movies aren't exactly high brow but this was insulting to even a 2 year old's intelligence!

Secondly - where was the story? Previous Pooh outings had a least a point to the story- yes I can see this was about accepting people who are different to you into your hearts - but really it ended and I felt like I had watched a 5 minute cartoon on kids TV.

I don't have children of my own but when I do I fully intend to show them quality children's movies like The Tigger Movie, Toy Story and Finding Nemo (even though they are too childish for me these days I can see how they would be of great appeal to young children). Not so with this appalling attempt at a movie.

Oh and one more thing - NOT ENOUGH Eeyore! He should have his own movie!
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so nostalgic, so wonderful
hfhfdfse20 May 2005
I saw Winnie's Heffalump a couple of days ago. A nice story based on well known characters created by A.A.Milne. Although Winnie, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit are all present in this animated feature, the main character is Roo this time. He befriends with scary Heffalump who proves to be not scary at all and shows everybody that friendship knows no boundaries and everybody wants and deserves to be happy. I love this film and I would love it even more were I 10 or 15 years younger. Alas, I would like to become a kid again to enjoy this Heffalump story much more but all I am left with is a sense of sadness at the loss of a sort of childishness and innocence of which this movie is fullÂ… I was glad to hear Carly Simon sing, Joel McNeely provided great score.
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What a sweet little story
lynnecoulson15 September 2006
I have always been a fan of the AA Milne books and have read them to all three of my children, who are now adults, as well as to my great niece, who is now 4. On top of this, elephants just happen to be my favourite animals and so to have a film dedicated to a heffalump, along with the other AA Milne characters, is fine by me. I am well over the age, and then some, that this film is directed at, but can't see what difference that makes, if you like something it doesn't matter how old you are, does it?

The little boy who does the voice of Lumpy is just perfect, absolutely adorable and makes this film for me.

My only complaint is that the plot is a bit thin on the ground, but the beautiful voice of Carly Simon, singing the songs, makes up for that and I really enjoyed it.
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My kids loved it!!!
bridget_plunkett27 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I took my 2, 3, and 9 year old to see this last night. I was worried about the 2 year old going to the movies, but I figured, it was a Winnie The Pooh movie and since he can name every Winnie The Pooh character, we thought we'd give it a try. We all fell in love with Lumpy and my children were glued to the screen. I have to say though that at one point, we all became very angry at Rabbit, Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. I expected to see more Heffalumps in this movie, actually. They are SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!! There was one part in the movie that I felt was teaching dishonesty, but I don't think my kids caught it, at least. I've always felt that they mistreat Eyeore, and I wish that would stop. All in all, it was a wonderful movie and my kids will be getting all sorts of Heffalump stuff and we will most definitely buy the movie when it comes out on DVD.
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