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Dot carries the movie on her (large) shoulders ~SPOILER~
princessariane17 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This National Lampoon's movie was supposed to be a comedy. After the finished filming it in Greensboro, they took it out to L.A. to try and "humorize" it, adding a camel in the beginning and replacing a few lines. Jon Bon Jovi, as much as I love him, was so awkward in the role of Frank. The color of his outfits were all wrong, his pants too tight, his smile (and quite possibly his best feature) was barely used, and just seemed like a giant trying not to step on little kids, scrunched over and brooding. Nora Dunn as Frank's sister was limited to her badgering him the entire film. The entire time. Did I mention it was the entire time? Frank's nephew (Leona's son)Jonathan Furr was precious and funny and truly the sunshine of comedy in the scenes he was in. Jonathan Furr was a small young quiet boy in the 40's in Two Soldiers- to see him in this role, where he cusses and somewhat resembles the young nephews in The Wedding Singer, is quite a turn for him. He will only continue to shine as he gets older. Pat Kilbane from MadTV was hilarious as Elvis. He really brought a lightheartedness to the role (as him playing a homeless man who refused a sandwich because he as a vegetarian). His comedic timing saved the scenes he was in. Estella Warren has a big part, mentioning all 5 times that she was on screen how much she thought Frank "used to be a great lawyer". Funny, the script didn't seem to have her repeat that one line over and over, but that's how it came out. Cary Elwes didn't have a chance. While he elicited a few laughs trying to cross examine a poodle, only to get bit, and making a child cry, all one can say after watching him is "At least he tried". David Faustino narrating the story was droll, but his acting in the film was probably the most believable and the most likable. He will always be recognized as Bud Bundy, and probably will always carry a bit of that character in all performances because of that, but he seemed more the main character than Frank because of his ability to express more than one emotion and his trials of dating Wendy. Wendy. Dot Marie Jones playing Wendy was fantastic. She not only had the best lines, but was truly the best actor and character in the movie. Everything from the introduction of her (as a woman), to crying over her ex cheating on her, to wearing her plant as a necklace, to baring all for Carl, to supporting Carl and carrying him off the ice, this woman was the shining laugh in an otherwise slow drama. There is more nudity than I expected (besides Wendy baring all, there are 2 locker room scenes with 1/2 or fully naked women). While the Swans and Foxes were always looked at as a way to sell the film, there either wasn't enough, or was too much of them to make them seem like an integral part of the story. I also expected more comedy. Unfortunately, films aren't always what they appear, or are supposed to be.
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A weak episode of Married with Children
pierotti25 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I found this film very confusing, because it didn't seem to be about anything, except possibly that Jon Bon Jovi thinks that he or anyone he plays can get away with anything. The character he plays (sort of, he really isn't an actor, but an attitude), seems to sleepwalk through life expecting everything to work out to his advantage, and by god, it does. I really like Estella Warren as an actress, because she knows how to convey dignity and emotion without becoming a cartoon, but even she seems annoyed and disinterested in this film.

David Faustino (best known as Bud Bundy) basically narrates the film, which means that it comes off as an unfunny and weak episode of Married With Children. There is even the obligatory scene where Faustino is taken by a large and presumably unattractive woman. Oddly in this case the premise is that he then falls for this woman, which makes sense, because she (Wendy) is one of the more appealing characters in this film. This relationship makes a lot more sense than the one between Bon Jovi's Frank and Estella Warren's Jessica, which seems based on her conflicted feelings about his irresistibleness and his irresponsibility. Warren is one of the more attractive and appealing actresses around, but she seems to have difficulty working up any enthusiasm for this romance. They have a sex scene that really isn't one, which is odd because this film has lost of shots of bare breasts, but they aren't related to any of the romances.

The title of the film comes from Frank's dream of a female hockey league, but it really ends up being about how easy it is to obtain credit cards in 21st century America. Maybe they should have named the film "Overextended". It would make more sense than "Pucked". Spoiler Alert: If this film really was a cautionary tale about the trouble you can get in using credit cards it might have some redeeming social importance. Instead after acting without concern for anyone, Frank is both redeemed and saved by an absolutely unbelievable deus ex machina, so there appear to be no consequences to the way he acts. In fact the scene where Jessica, who is supposedly a brilliant lawyer, tells Frank how brilliant he is because he is so original, stuck in my craw. It apparently stuck in Warren's as well, because she plays the scene like she is being forced to apologize for something that she doesn't want to feel.

If you are like me, and enjoy watching Estella Warren, and want to see her play a three dimensional woman figuring out relationships, rent Her Minor Thing, which is a much better, and funnier, film.
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Not bad
ssmksi15 May 2008
I am out of a job and currently have lots of time on my hands sooo. I've been watching many movies! I have just completed my viewing of "Pucked" and despite what other people say, it's not bad. There are so many people that are simply negative to begin with and really, they should not be reviewing movies. Only those that are objective can truly rate a movie. Every time you see a negative word about a movie, that shows that the person is negative to begin with.

Would you trust that review? I certainly wouldn't! Anyway, Pucked was not bad! Jon Bon Jovi did a decent job acting and the plot was typical however, made the movie interesting and sometimes funny. I knew this was by no means going to be an Oscar winning movie which is why I give it a good rating. I rate movies on how they are and NOT how they compare to other movies. I rate them on how they make me feel, how they entertain me, etc. Pucked did a very good job of doing that and I would recommend it to anyone that needs to watch a pretty good movie when you have a lot of time on your hands.

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It's not an awful movie.. not at all...
ipekmine3 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What you say after seeing this movie, Pucked, depends on what you'd expected beforehand, I guess. I for one had hoped for a light comedy, not an Oscar-nominee but simply an easy watch. And that's exactly what I found. Jon Bon Jovi did a real decent job as Frank, I think, and I laughed -a time or two- through the movie and that's okay. After all, I didn't expect more so I wasn't disappointed at all. I heard comments about this movie saying that it was not realistic and that Frank wouldn't have been that lucky if it were real life. Well, who said this is a documentary, anyway? Of course it's not reflecting real life, it's just criticizing people's problems with credit card and mis-used cards and I think the message's transferred successfully through the comedy.
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flink-710 February 2007
Such a horrible movie full with clichés. Of course the ending is so the be known when the movie starts.

The drivers license read 123456789 as registration number come on put some effort in a movie instead of taking the first inspireless story you can think of.

All the characters are so stereo typed it will make you cry to start off with. Let alone the plot. If you just wanted to star in a movie as being john bon jovi you could have also chosen to be in a random low budget movie which would actually come out nicer.Can't imagine that he really would like to be associated with this movie. Maybe a thing he might wanna forget soon and focus on music again?
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Disgruntled Swan.
andi_l_jack16 July 2006
I was actually in this film (I played one of the Almighty Swans) and am extremely surprised AND upset that my name was not mentioned in the credits. I spent over a month and a half working on this film. To not be mentioned in the credits is absolutely discourteous and unethical. Give credit where credit is due.

As far as the movie goes, it's "typical National Lampoons humor". If you like it, you'll most likely enjoy the film. If it's not your bag, then I wouldn't bother. The film is a bit discontinuous and lacks in depth. If nothing else, watch it for the FABULOUS Almighty Swans that didn't make the credits. I'm sure that most of the Fearsome Foxes didn't make the list either...
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National Lampoon PLUS Jon Bon Jovi = Fun.
rubemdarioescritor12 January 2013
With the brand NATIONAL LAMPOON attached to it, you know what expect: harmless comedy and moderate fun.

The movie is just that: a simple, humble comedy where JON BON JOVI steals the show, you just can't help it but get mesmerized by the guy.

He sure looks good, however, it is the eccentric tone he gives to the role that make the movie interesting. Although, it is hard to buy that the lead singer of the biggest hard rock band in the world is the loser frank, he sure tries to sell this to us, and that is really cool to watch.

National Lampoon PLUS Jon Bon Jovi = Fun.
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Too bad that the 'Cash for Clunkers' program doesn't apply to movies
movieman_kev16 August 2009
Rocker John Bon Jovi plays Frank Hopper a down-on-his-luck dreamer and never do well who gets the idea to make a womens' hockey league after he royally screws up yet another job that his downtrodden girlfriend got for him. How does he want to pay for this you may ask?? A long string of maxed out credit cards that the credit company comes after him for. 'madcap hijinks' ensue.

There's a long list of people that should have known better than to star or take part in this deathly unfunny bad-sitcom level movie. There's Bon Jovi of course, but then there's Bud Bundy from Married with children, Booger from "Revenge of the Nerds", & Nora Dunn from SNL. All of which boast extremely lackluster performances in this atrocious film. I don't really recall laughing once during the duration of it & i implore you to spend your time more wisely than with this turd. If this movie was a car you'd bet your sweet ass that I'd try to get cash for this clunker.

Eye Candy: 4 pairs of tits, an ass, & one full frontal (all by nameless extras)

My Grade: D-
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ogibson1210 November 2010
National Lampoon's Pucked is a hilarious story of Jon Bon Jovi being a broke, failed inventor. He has a good idea of making a womens ice hockey league. It is so funny i laughed every scene. Definitely watch again and recommend to everyone. It is a great light-hearted comedy, for everyone with a funny bone it got me everywhere. Bon Jovi was perfect for the part of Frank Hopper and I thought he portrayed the character perfectly. He and the other people in this movie were hilarious. I don't know where all these bad reviews came from it's excellent. I like pretty much all National Lampoon movie's. Overall I loved this movie as it was funny and clever so please watch it i guarantee you will enjoy it.
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