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  • A darkly satiric story about life crumbling in the midst of a seemingly idyllic suburbia.

  • The Chumscrubber starts out with Troy, a normal teenager who supplies "feel good" pills to everyone in his high school (this way he spreads happiness all around). But when his friend Dean pays him a visit, Dean discovers Troy has hanged himself in his bedroom during one of his mother's pool parties. After the death, three local teens: Billy, Lee, and Crystal, want what's left of Troy's stash of pills and they know that Dean is the only one who knows where they are. But when Dean refuses to get the pills, the three teens kidnap Dean's little brother, until they realize they've kidnapped the wrong kid.

  • The Chumscrubber is a dark comedy about the lives of people who live in upper-class suburbia. It all begins when Dean Stiffle finds the body of his friend, Troy. He doesn't bother telling any of the adults because he knows they won't care. Everyone in town is too self consumed to worry about anything else than themselves. And everybody is on some form of drug just to get themselves through the day. After Troy's death, local drug dealers at the school run out of their stash. They convince Dean to get Troy's stash or they are going to kill his brother that they kidnapped, but they grabbed the wrong kid.


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  • Dean's best friend Troy is the point where it all starts. He has connections to happy pills. But when Troy kills himself, bored with the meaninglessness of life in a materialistic, completely fabricated California suburb, his usual buyers don't stop wanting the drugs.

    The school bullies (who don't really know what they're doing) kidnap a kid, thinking it's Dean's younger brother, in an attempt to convince Dean to hand over the last of Troy's stash. But they kidnap the wrong kid. The child, who rather enjoys the goofiness of the stupid bullies, is the son of the town sheriff who is recently divorced from an interior designer who is remarrying the very strange mayor of the town. But she's so concerned about making sure her wedding day goes off without a hitch, she doesn't even notice Charlie is missing for a full day.

    Everything comes together at a crashing climax on the Sunday of the designer's wedding which coincides with Troy's memorial service.

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