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Glenn Close: Mrs. Johnson



  • Mrs. Johnson : [at Troy's memorial]  It's my fault. I know it is. I didn't even know him... I didn't know my own son.

    Dean Stiffle : Troy wanted to play guitar in a rock band. Be famous. But he knew he wasn't any good, and he felt stupid for wishing that. He had a crush on this girl since he was 13... That he never talked to - but he probably wished he would've. He liked you. But he felt sorry for you. He was afraid that he'd be like his dad. He was really, really smart. But he kept all his ideas to himself, unless you asked. He took great pictures of people without them even knowing... I miss him, you know? He was my friend. He was my best friend. And I hate myself, that I didn't even know he was about to do this.


    Mrs. Johnson : ...Thank you.

  • [repeated line] 

    Mrs. Johnson : I just thought you should know that, in no way whatsoever, do I blame you for Troy's death.

  • Mrs. Johnson : Hello, Allie!

    Mrs. Stiffle : Carrie... hi! How are you?

    Mrs. Johnson : Am I interrupting?

    Mrs. Stiffle : No, come in. I'm just in the middle of making dinner - would you like a glass of wine?

    Mrs. Johnson : Oh, well I left the car running. I just wanted to come back and return your dish and say thank you. It has been such a relief to not have to cook lately, everyone has been *so* nice.

    Mrs. Stiffle : [Carrie holds the dish out for Allie to take]  ... Oh.

    Mrs. Johnson : What?

    Mrs. Stiffle : This dish...

    Mrs. Johnson : Oh! Oh my God - Is this not the right one? Oh, I got so many, I mean... I've been jotting around all night returning them. Like I said, everyone has been so nice.

    Mrs. Stiffle : ...I don't believe I brought over a casserole.

    Mrs. Stiffle : [Runs to go check on the dinner]  Could you hang on just one second, Carrie.

    Mrs. Johnson : [Carrie follows Allie from the doorway to the kitchen]  Allie, am I making a mistake here?

    Mrs. Stiffle : Bill and I were meaning to come over, Carrie, really. You just get so busy.

    Mrs. Johnson : No, but I'm certain. I mean, you came over. We had coffee. We talked. Right? Or am I... just imagining all of this? Is that what I'm doing here, am I just imagining all of it?

    Mrs. Stiffle : ...I'm sorry Carrie. We just get so busy sometimes.

    Mrs. Johnson : [Starts to back away out of the kitchen and back to the doorway]  I'm so embarrassed... I don't know what I was thinking. I mean, here you are preparing a nice family dinner, and I just come in and interrupt everything with no reason at all!

    Mrs. Stiffle : [Follows Carrie to the doorway]  Carrie, why don't you stay for dinner?

    Mrs. Johnson : I really can't. I have so many dishes to return, tonight. Everyone has been so *unbelievably* nice! So we'll see you on Sunday, Allie?

    Mrs. Stiffle : Sunday?

    Mrs. Johnson : Oh, don't tell me that I forgot your invitation, too!... Troy's memorial. It's this Sunday.

    Mrs. Stiffle : Of course Carrie, right. We're looking forward. We'll be there.

    Mrs. Johnson : Oh. And I... I wanted to let you know, just in case you were wondering...

    Mrs. Stiffle : Yes?

    Mrs. Johnson : In no way, whatsoever, do I blame you for Troy's death.

    Mrs. Johnson : [Hands Allie the dish and walks out]  Goodnight!

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