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1 Sep. 2006
Corn to Be Wild/Overnight Moose
It's the end of summer, and the Higgly kids are up to their ears in corn from helping GrandPop Crink harvest his corn field. After all the hard work the kids are ready to cool off at the 'Ol Swimmin' Hole that GrandPa Crink sings about with such revelry. While playing in the Swimming Hole the Kids hear a resounding boom in the distance, which later, they discover came from a huge boulder that fell from a mountain top. What's worse, the boulder is blocking the kids' way back home! The only hero bold enough to clear this double-size trouble is the Bulldozer Operartor. ...
The Legend of Higgsquatch
Fripp is driving the Higgly kids to a weekend camping trip. He sings a song about the joys of roughin' it in the wilderness. After they arrive and manage to set up camp it's time for a campfire story. The kids have heard all Fripp's stories before except the story of the mysterious Higgsquatch. Fripp sings them a song describing the hairy beast. Afterwards the kids want to know if Higgsquatch is real. Fripp explains that many have claimed to see Higgsquatch but nobody has any proof. They decide to stay awake and hopefully see for themselves. Fripp sings about how to ...

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