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Land Of The Lost’s Shannon Day goes to The Dark Place

Shannon Day has joined the cast of the upcoming mystery-thriller The Dark Place. Actor-singer-model Day will play regal wine estate owner Celeste Dark, mother of main character Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry). Day has starred in many art-house films, found a place in television series and movies, and was known to genre fans as well as a series regular on ABC’s 1990′s reboot of Land of The Lost.

Day has also been seen in Halloweentown, Nothing Sacred, Nearing Grace and In the Line of Duty: Blazing Grace. More recently, she has appeared on television series Grimm (on NBC) and the comedy series Portlandia. Her current interest is within the digital genre, creating cinema for every medium.

Shannon is also an accomplished singer. Her most recent CD is 2011′s “Saioule,” which she wrote, recorded and produced. Listen to a sample »

With five CDs — and two on the way — and numerous guest features,
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Bill Moseley Is Charles Manson

The Devil’s favorite reject, Bill Moseley has been cast to play everyone’s favorite cult-leader Charles Manson in "Manson Girls," written and directed by Susanna Lo. Also starring Heather Matarazzo (Hostel: Part II), Michael Monks, Laura Harring (The Caller, One Missed Call, The Punisher), Patti D'Arbanville ("Rescue Me," "Nip/Tuck"), Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes, The Cooler), Monica Keena (Freddy vs Jason, Night of the Demons), Stella Maeve ("My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2"), Eric Balfour (As the World Turns), Chad Faust (Descent, Nearing Grace, Tamara).Bill Moseley performance as Otis B. Driftwood in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses & The Devils Rejects was spectacular, so it’s no surprise that he was chosen to portray Manson. Besides the obvious physical similarities between the two characters, they’re both crazier than shit house rats. Definitely looking forward to this one.Manson Girls is set to being filming this March in L.
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Jordana Brewster Interview, Fast & Furious

Jordana Brewster’s talent, beauty and natural screen presence have etched a permanent place for her in Hollywood in both film and television. Brewster can currently be seen as Dr. Jill Roberts in a recurring role on the NBC series “Chuck.” Some of Brewster’s past credits include the lead role in the 2007 ABC pilot “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”; starring in “Annapolis” opposite James Franco; and “Nearing Grace,” an indie film adapted from Scott Sommer’s novel, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in July 2005. Brewster also ...
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Finally, Some Venom Movie News

The Hollywood Reporter has floated news that there is finally some movement on the long awaited (by fanboys) Venom movie.

The last time there was any news of note was back in February of this year that Sony had met with some “A-list writers” to pen a Venom screenplay. It seems that the main guy on that list was Jacob Estes, who has wrtten Nearing Grace and Mean Creek.

Yeah, I haven’t heard of either of those either, but that’s ok, because he’s out and someone else will be coming in to write the script.

Apparently Topher Grace (who portrayed Venom in Spider-Man 3) does Not have a “lock” on the role, as the studio doesn’t necessarily think he can carry a picture as the star.

I know the character has a cadre of hard-core fans, but I don’t see how you build a movie (or franchise) around this character.
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ABC's 'Smith' spies Brewster

ABC's 'Smith' spies Brewster
Jordana Brewster has signed on as the female lead in ABC's drama pilot Mr. and Mrs. Smith for director Doug Liman.

The project, from Regency TV and Dutch Oven, is based on the hit 2005 feature written by Simon Kinberg and directed by Liman. It revolves around John and Jane Smith, a married couple who are spies.

Brewster will play Jane, who is as cool, tough and smart as she is gorgeous and can disarm a horde of thugs without breaking a sweat.

Kinberg penned the script and is executive producing with Liman and Dave Bartis.

Brewster was in high demand this pilot season with five projects vying for her, including NBC's The Bionic Woman.

Her recent credits include the features The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Annapolis and Nearing Grace.

Brewster is repped by CAA, Suzan Bymel of Management 360 and attorneys Marcy Morris and Jamie Mandelbaum.

Screen Gems puts Steilen on 'Weiners'

Screen Gems puts Steilen on 'Weiners'
Mark Steilen is hitting the road for Screen Gems. The scribe has signed on to direct the road-trip comedy Weiners. Gregory Smith, Kenan Thompson, Zachary Levi and Fran Kranz have boarded the project, which revolves around best friends who travel across the country in a homemade weinermobile to face their inner demons and battle a nefarious talk show host. Gabe Grifoni and Suzanne Francis penned the screenplay. Susan Johnson and Smith will produce, while Anonymous Content's Scott Bankston and Beverly Strong will executive produce. The film also marks the debut effort from Braveart Films, an indie production company recently formed by Smith and Johnson. The two met last year when Smith was filming Nearing Grace, which Johnson produced.

Underwood, Falbo enter Blumhouse

Blumhouse Prods. has tapped Tracy Underwood and Michael Falbo as executive vp production and creative executive, respectively. Underwood was a senior vp at Warner Bros. Pictures-based John Wells Prods. She most recently produced Nearing Grace, a coming-of-age indie that premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June. Before joining Blumhouse, Falbo worked at Paramount Pictures. The former journalist also worked as an assistant at Endeavor. Falbo will report to Blum and Underwood.

Nearing Grace

Nearing Grace

Los Angeles Film Festival

While aspects of the story seem familiar, as coming-of-age stories often do, the richness of the characters and themes in Nearing Grace inspire director Rick Rosenthal and his cast to create a film with terrific emotional energy and larkish humor. One of the pleasant surprises of the current Los Angeles Film Festival, Nearing Grace is that rare independent film that clearly was made outside of Hollywood without sacrificing the professional sheen Hollywood gives to a movie.

The film is tailor-made for a studio classics division: It makes a nice crossover between a date movie for young people and a nostalgic period film for older adults.

At the top of the list of things the filmmakers did right is casting Gregory Smith, a young actor perhaps best known for his role on the WB Network series Everwood, in the lead role of Henry Nearing. Smith establishes an intimacy with his audience, making transparent his character's raw feelings even as he hides them from other characters behind a wall of irony and reticence.

Supporting this potential break-out performance are superb turns by Ashley Johnson, as a neighbor whose fondness for Henry completely escapes his notice; Jordana Brewster as the school vamp to whom Henry is irresistibly drawn; and David Morse as a father at the end of his emotional rope.

Jacob Aaron Estes, screenwriter-director of last year's low-budget critical hit Mean Creek, wrote the screen adaptation of Scott Sommer's novel Nearing's Grace. (Notice the subtle change in the title.) The writing is witty and insightful, creating in each of the four main characters a strong individual with strong points of view.

The crux of the matter is the Nearing family's loss of its female leader. Rose, wife to Shep (Morse) and mom to Henry and Blair (David Moscow), died six months before. The time is the late '70s, when lifestyles and sexuality were undergoing tremendous change in American society. Rose's death removes the anchor to this suburban New Jersey family, letting each member drift into those swift-moving social currents.

Dad quits his teaching job, grows his hair long, rides his bike around town and drinks himself senseless most nights. Blair splits, taking off with a hippie girlfriend in search of acid and experiences, some of which he might even remember. Henry changes the least outwardly; but inside, his life is in free-fall.

Even if his mother hadn't died, Henry probably would have developed a strong attraction to the bewitching Grace (Brewster). But his pursuit of her becomes an obsession that a female role model might have prevented.

Grace has a boyfriend in lacrosse champ Lance (Chad Faust). But she also loves to tease boys, and Henry becomes her latest victim. Henry's best gal pal Merna Ash (Johnson) drops hints of her interest in him, but Grace has blinded him to any other female.

Henry drops out of school a month short of graduation. He retreats to the basement to, as he says, contemplate the "meaning of life." He might even discover at least one of its meanings when he realizes that wanting something is not the same thing as needing something.

Smith makes a lively and ingratiating protagonist even while making his gravest mistakes. Brewster has sexual allure as the serial seductress but makes us understand the boredom and disappointment that underlines her behavior. Johnson is a revelation: The actress is an unconventional beauty with the resources to suggest the longings and maturity of a young woman wise beyond her years.

Morse, one of our best character actors, here portrays a man unapologetic about falling apart over his wife's death. Only Moscow's brother is poorly realized, dropping out for most of the movie, then popping up without much introduction and little to do.

The film has pros in all areas behind the camera, so the sterling look of the film, actually shot in Portland, Ore., belies its modest budget.


Whitewater Films


Director: Rick Rosenthal

Screenwriter: Jacob Aaron Estes

Based on the novel by: Scott Sommer

Producers: Rick Rosenthal, Susan Johnson, Tracy Underwood

Executive producers: John Wells, Nancy Stephens

Director of photography: David Geddes

Production designer: Mark Zuelzke

Music: John Nordstrom

Co-producers: Laura Holstein, Jacob Mosler

Costumes: Cynthia Morrill

Editor: Madeleine Gavin


Henry Nearing: Gregory Smith

Grace: Jordana Brewster

Merna: Ashley Johnson

Shep: David Morse

Blair Nearing: David Moscow

Lance: Chad Faust

No MPAA rating

Running time -- 106 minutes

Brewster gets tour of duty in Dis 'Annapolis'

Brewster gets tour of duty in Dis 'Annapolis'
Jordana Brewster will star opposite James Franco in the Walt Disney Studios drama Annapolis. Justin Lin is helming the feature about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks whose dream of attending the U.S. Naval Academy becomes a reality. Brewster would play an upper classman who helps Franco's character train in the ring as the two fall for each other, even though it is a violation of academic policy. Mark Vahradian and Damien Saccani are producing. Brigham Taylor and Josh Simon are overseeing for the studio. Brewster's forthcoming features include Chasing Fate, in which she will star with Kip Pardue; Nearing Grace; and the action-comedy D.E.B.S. Brewster, who is repped by CAA, has appeared in The Fast and the Furious and The Faculty.

Focus up 'Creek' with Estes pic

Focus up 'Creek' with Estes pic
NEW YORK -- Focus Features International has acquired overseas rights to the directorial debut of Jacob Aaron Estes, Mean Creek, which has been tapped as a Cannes Directors Fortnight selection. Paramount Classics already holds Creek's North American, U.K. and Australian rights from a previous pact, struck just after the film screened at the Sundance Film Festival. (HR 2/12) Set in a small Oregon town, Creek stars Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz, Trevor Morgan, Josh Peck and Carly Schroeder in the story of a group of teens whose lives begin to unravel in the aftermath of a life-altering crisis. Estes also penned the screenplay. Rick Rosenthal, Susan Johnson and Hagai Shaham produced Creek through the Whitewater Films banner. Whitewater's upcoming credits include Nearing Grace, with John Wells Prods. and Killer Films. The Creek deal was brokered for Focus by executive vp of international sales and distribution Glen Basner and vp of acquisitions Jason Resnick.

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