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That Wascally Wabbit
boblipton13 January 2011
Lloyd Hamilton goes hunting rabbits and winds up being chased by a lion -- typical results for Lloyd Hamilton, even if that lion is a dog in a lion costume. His character in the 1920s was a man to whom everything happened and even if this is early days and his character was not as fully developed as it would be in another five years, the gag construction in the first half is impeccable -- it looks like Robert Clampett and Tex Avery plundered it for their battles between Bugs and Elmer.

The second half is not as brilliant, but it does feature Virginia Rappe in what seems to be her biggest role, the object of affection for Lloyd and Jimmy Adams to fight over. Yes, that Virginia Rappe. She isn't called upon to do much, but with those two comics on the scene, that's more than enough, thank you.
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