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very enjoyable
leonasunflower197829 November 2012
I really don't think this film deserves the poor reviews it has received! I have never seen the original so am not comparing this, simply judging it as a film in its own right. The cast is brilliant, I love Diaz, Firth, Rickman and Tucci so was never going to be disappointed! Yes it's a ridiculous caper movie, it's not meant to be taken seriously on any level! It's great fun, I was weeping with laughter at some of the hotel scenes, and that doesn't happen often in a movie! I'm not quite sure what some of the reviewers on this site were expecting, but I was thoroughly entertained! I came out with a smile on my face so in my books that's just fine!
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Quite good really
aplivings22 November 2012
I watched this film on release night with my fiancée. We had previously seen a couple of trailers for the film and thought it looked funny and interesting, although on the day I was disturbed to see find such a low rating here on IMDb.

*Disclosure, I am not connected to the film's production or any of the cast, and have no agenda here other than offering an alternative point of view.

The basic plot is already known in advance: that Colin Firth wants to con his evil boss using a beautiful Texan as bait. He travels to meet her accompanied by his friend and co-conman, Major Wingate. After watching her in a rodeo they go to a local bar to make the approach. The Major asks Colin how much is he going to tell her? He answers: "Oh, only enough for her to play her part". And the same is true of the audience. You are only told enough to a) identify with Colin's character and his motivation, and b) follow the plot to come.

We're then treated to a brief 'Ocean's 11-style' précis of how Colin imagines the con will play out from start to finish. Needless to say, no plan ever works out exactly as imagined!

The humour is very dry, never in-your-face, and this isn't the kind of film to hand you gags. Laughing our loud isn't the point. Instead there's a mixture of situational comedy, miss-understanding comedy, wordplay, and great interaction between the characters. Some of the best jokes are the ones where you have to smile ruefully when things go wrong on a bad day. I thought at the time that the screen-writing was a lot like Richard Curtis, and could easily imagine Rowan Atkinson as the lead.

Instead the best joke is Colin Firth himself, playing a little man, in Cameron Diaz's words, instead of a larger-than-life character for a change; playing it straight, rarely smiling because he's not very happy (he wants revenge, remember) and not trying to seduce the very comely Cameron Diaz, who also plays a wickedly funny character without being cast as the comic side-kick.

But, from a critics point of view, I guess, there's not much originality. You can perceive homages to other films; old Ealing- comedies like the Ladykillers, where the subject matter isn't funny but there is some great humour. And I'm not referring to the re-make, which I didn't like.

I'd like to watch this film again at a later time and see if I can. It might grow on me and become a minor classic, or it might drop to mediocre. Either way, if you watch it you have to appreciate it for what it is, rather than what it isn't. And it probably helps if you have a temperament where you can see the funny side in unfunny situations.
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I loved it!! What are people on about
lewiskass30 November 2012
I am surprised at the bad reviews. I thought the film was hilarious. Obviously people's sense humour is not the same but come on.. Give them some credit! it's no where near as rubbish as some of the reviewers are making it to be. This film made me laugh properly and I found it entertaining and engaging from from A to Z. I haven't seen any older version to compare but I don't care I think this film was money well spent. I loved the cast especially Colin! Sometimes just looking at his facial expressions in some scenes was funny. Directing was great too not to mention the script. I can't claim that I am an expert film critics but I felt I had to write a review after reading so many negative ones which I think is quite unfair for a film that had so many laugh out loud moments.
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A delightful lighthearted comedy
Gordon-1114 March 2013
This film is about an art curator who decides to seek revenge on his horrible boss by tricking him to buy a fake Monet painting.

"Gambit" is a delightful lighthearted comedy about a heist that deviates from the plan. The original plan that Harry had was displayed in the beginning ten minutes of the film, then the rest of the run time is about how things do not go according to plan. Actually everything goes wrong and the situation becomes so hilarious. Colin Firth is great as a frustrated and disgruntled art curator, while Cameron Diaz is charming with her distinctive accent. She makes her character so interesting, her mischievous simplicity is a sharp contrast to how she gets things done in a well controlled manner. The ending twists are well executed, making it a truly Coen script. I find "Gambit" funny and entertaining.
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Why pick this for a remake?
davidgee28 November 2012
Colin Firth obviously wanted a less taxing role after stammering as King George VI. In this remake of a Sixties Michael Caine comic 'caper' he plays a disgruntled art dealer who decides to trick his unpleasant billionaire boss into buying a fake Monet. Shirley MacLaine's Hong Kong dancer roped in as co-conspirator and candy-floss in the 1966 version has became a Texas rodeo queen - Cameron Diaz doing her best with a one-dimensional part.

Alan Rickman does an appropriately pantomime turn as the monstrously egotistical tycoon and gets some of the movie's most embarrassing scenes, but he seems to be having fun. Colin Firth makes a visible effort to enjoy losing his pants on a ledge outside the Savoy Hotel, but the role would have perhaps been easier for Hugh Grant. Stanley Tucci plays a German art expert who may (or may not) be inspired by Albert Schweitzer. The London scenes are livelier than the scenes at Rickman's Downtonesque country house, though a farting dowager moment targets a younger audience than this is likely to pull in.

This piece of fluff comes from the Coen brothers who usually apply themselves to something zanier and zingier. If they wanted to revamp a comedy heist movie, why didn't they take on Peter Ustinov's all-star Istanbul romp TOPKAPI (1964) or, if they wanted to keep the budget down, Warren Beatty's KALEIDOSCOPE, also from 1966, which had more pace and plot than the original GAMBIT but not such deft performances? It's really only the actors who raise this year's GAMBIT from being potentially dire into something that is merely mediocre.
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Delightfully funny and full of one liners!
keilanil31 August 2014
I'm not sure why it got so many low ratings. It's one of those movies I've passed over many times, despite my love for Colin Firth, because reviews were so low. Finally, Redbox sold out of anything better, I gave it a try and now I'm so glad I did.

If you're looking for Oceans 11 or The Italian Job type intricacies in the plot, it isn't going to happen. However, it's still cute and interesting with enough of a twist to be worth it. Where this show really shines is in the hilarious writing - the insults and comments are really really funny - and in the acting abilities of Colin Firth and Alan Rickman. Both do tremendous jobs. Colin Firth can take impossibly stupid situations, the kind Steve Martin and Ben Stiller do, situations almost painful in how absurd and moronic they are, and yet he makes them hilarious. A guy on a hotel ledge several stories up, no pants, is old old old, but Colin Firth makes it remarkably entertaining, as if this is the first time you've ever seen that scenario in a movie. Alan Rickman plays a SOB like no one else and he's the total jerk you love anyway (think his Sheriff of Nottingham role) because he's just so good at it and his muttered comments and blatant insults keep you busting out in laughs. I got to the point I was jotting down some of the lines in the show, and thinking I may need to go back to the beginning to write down others, because they're absurd, clever, and all-together brilliant.

If you need lots of intricate plot twists and details - maybe not for you. If you enjoy understated yet remarkably hilarious verbal humor, witty comeback, diverting insult and repartee, ridiculous colloquialisms and a few side-splitting guffaws, this is the show for you.
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Not Colin's best
jacqueestorozynski12 July 2013
I was prepared to like this film as I'd seen the original Gambit. This film however, had a completely different story line. Colin Firth does his best with it and there are a couple of smiley moments, especially when he loses his trousers climbing round a hotel ledge but it is not enough. The film is very short, and when it ends you wonder what possessed the Coen Brothers to make it. Cameron Diaz is extremely irritating and the character goes nowhere. Tom Courtenay was wasted in his role and some of the so called funny situations are too contrived ie when they book into the London hotel. The twists in the tale aren't twists at all, just cop outs. It just seems a pointless film and is not clever or funny enough. Colin Firth is a brilliant actor but sometimes his lightweight film choices are very strange. A disappointment.
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Wonderfully enjoyable film
drvwestwood26 September 2013
A very entertaining, witty and well acted comedy heist! With an all star cast including Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman. Cameron Diaz in particular plays the part of the charming, brassy Texan rodeo queen superbly and shines in every scene.

I spent more than half the film laughing and the rest intrigued. It has enough plot development to keep you guessing and interested until the end and enough depth and development of the characters to be believable and touching. In addition to this the sets and costumes are sumptuous and really add to the entertainment value of the film in a surprising way.

There is a lovely cameo part from the red haired chap from Green Wing as an employee at the savoy hotel who keeps catching Firth in a series of embarrassing situations during one evening. It will never be 'The Shawshank Redemption' in terms of critics' approval but I don't think it is trying to be - if you want a smart, entertaining, funny film to watch you won't be disappointed with this. I would watch it again which is always a good barometer of a film.
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Very funny situation comedy
It uses a lot of puns; the hotel 'major' reference will leave you rolling. This movie doesn't beat you over the head with unrealistic comedy, nor does it over-explain the jokes, some of the humor is quite subtle. The younger crowd who love Seth Rogan-type movies will not 'get' this movie. Yet, Gambit is well written, and is a fun romp of witty entertainment. Alan Rickman (rip) was great as well as all the cast. BTW - they actually do have dog-riding cowmonkeys in Texas rodeos:).
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A Very Funny Movie.
j-prusak28 June 2013
A very funny movie. I saw the movie in Berlin with a mostly German audience. The laughter started slowly and then built to a continual roll. Colin Firth is such a good actor who can do both drama and comedy. My favorite comic bit in the movie is his wandering around the hotel in his boxer briefs, jacket and tie, a comic routine reminiscent of some of the great screwball scenes in movies like Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth. Alan Rickman gives a great performance once again acting with his mouth. Cameron Diaz who is usually over the top obnoxious in movies brings a touching tenderness to what could have been a brash and obnoxious character. I am not sure how to describe this comedy. It is neither farce nor slapstick but has elements of both. What it is is a funny, sly and witty comedy without any over the top situations, car crashes or violent scenes. I hope it makes it to the States so I can see it again.
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A relaxing comedy with an excellent cast...
Rabbit-Reviews13 March 2013
You know that relaxing movie that you wanna play sometimes, but you're ashamed to, you know what I mean... That mix of comedy, somewhat intelligent humor and a good cast to top it all off, but not too romantic, modern or lame... Well, these are the gambits you are looking for (actually gambit, but then I couldn't make that Star Wars reference showing you that, I too, have watched the trilogy at some point (oh wait, is that another remark about Star Wars, now showing that I don't acknowledge the last three parts(oh snap, we got some Inception stuff right here...))). Anywhoo, Gambit is a cleverly written light comedy with an excellent cast, each character seems to be specifically written for that actor, although this movie could have been starring a completely different cast: Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock, and Ben Kingsley.

Lionel Shahbandar, a media mogul and a lord has one more title to his name, a horrible boss. Especially to his curator Harry Deane (Colin Firth, long live the king) who looks after his art collection, a simple fellow with good manners and a big heart, but really depressed because of the fact he has to be humiliated on a daily basis by his pompous boss. Harry and his good friend Major, devise a plan to stick it to the man, well in this case, Lord Shahbandar, magnificently played by the almighty Alan Rickman. This complicated and yet simple scheme involves a third person that could not be farther from the business and art world, miss PJ Puznowski (Cameron Diaz). PJ is a country girl from Texas, that enjoy cattle rustling and plucking chickens, so a plan that will make her rich very quickly sounds very good to her. But, as in all good plans, things don't go quite well as you would expect them to...

Written by the Coen brothers who brought you many legendary movies, Gambit is good for one watching and perhaps a second, when you accidentally catch it on cable. Still, I liked how the romance was shifted out of the focus, and the clumsiness of our dear fellow Harry brought into the spotlight. In the scenes which take place in a hotel, he reminded me very much of a timeless performance by Peter Sellers in the movie The Party (1968). Other than that, I think that this sums up my thoughts about this movie, enjoy...

Movie recommendations - Only movies worth watching
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Fun, Neat and Entertaining Caper Film
3xHCCH20 June 2013
I had no idea what "Gambit" would be about when I watched. It was the stellar cast of Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman that convinced me to try this low-key film release. And I am sure glad I did.

"Gambit" is a funny little comedy about art curator Harry Deane (Firth) hatching a caper to sell a forgery of a Monet painting to his own haughty boss (Rickman). Deane picks an American rodeo champion, PJ Puznowski (Diaz) as accomplice, or does she have other plans up her sleeve?

The very British comedy had been written by the very American Ethan and Joel Coen, with very wry and witty results. Surely, there is no out-of- the-box, off-the-wall "Fargo" or "No Country for Old Men" Coens in this film. This is simple and straightforward comedy. I wonder why they did not direct it themselves.

Colin Firth gets away from his serious period films with this film where his character gets into the most unfortunate and ridiculous of circumstances. Alan Rickman plays a very rich, formal and ruthless CEO here, but we get to see him in a couple of the most embarrassing scenes of all. We will forget Prof. Snape as we watch this.

Cameron Diaz again plays a pretty, perky girl, seemingly lacking brain matter, a character she can play with a blindfold, but nonetheless fun to watch. Distinguished British actor Tom Courtenay plays the very capable art forger Major, who is Deane's partner-in-crime.

Overall, this is one very entertaining film. Those scenes of Colin Firth outside the window of the hotel were pretty funny, among many other scenes. It is fun. It is neat. I enjoyed it a lot.
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Fans of the original Pink Panther movies will like this, it will be hit or miss with everyone else. I did really like it though.
cosmo_tiger24 May 2014
"There are moments in a life that define a man, this was Mr. Deane's. He was sprung for action and yet perfectly capable of blowing it completely." Harry Deane (Firth) is an art curator who is tired of his boss' attitude. He is mean and abusive and needs to be taught a lesson. Harry decides on a plan that involves his boss buying a fake Monet painting form someone he knows and taking the money. He just needs someone to play the person with the painting. When he sees PJ Puznowski (Diaz) all the pieces have fallen into place now all he has to worry about is putting it into action. That is the hard part. This is a funny movie but it isn't for everyone. The humor is British and this has the feel of a less slapstick Pink Panther type movie. Colin Firth is funny in this but I'm not really sure how I felt about Cameron Diaz. Alan Rickman really plays the bad guy role perfectly. As for the movie I liked it and laughed quite a bit but I can see how some people may not like it. This is not a main stream comedy and is really geared for fans of off beat British Comedy. I am a huge fan of heist movies and this one did nothing to change that. Overall, fans of the original Pink Panther movies will like this, it will be hit or miss with everyone else. I did really like it though. I give this a B.
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Funny, but not in the right way
parks68-634-29895016 March 2013
GENUINELY, one of the worst films I have ever had the misfortune to see. I don't know what possessed all those involved to agree to lend their names to this project, but it makes me highly suspicious about the validity of this remake, and whether the Cohen brothers are REALLY the people to be adapting a script of this nature. The performances are over- exaggerated and in point of fact actually not CAMP enough! Even the king of camp, namely Alan Rickman leaves us disappointed. I mean, we expect nuttiness from Cameron, but we see here that her Achilles heal is accents. Even I, as an Englishman, can hear she just doesn't have it, which is irritating and distracting. Colin Firth should stick to being who he is, and not allow himself to be so "directed". To sum up, this a complete car crash of a remake, which insults the original, and should never have reached the screen, and it says a good deal about the cynicism of the distributors that they still want to sell this drivel to the public. They will only ruin their reputations in doing so.
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Colin Firth at his finest!
ghostlyjames9 December 2012
One of the best movies i have ever seen! Colin Firth at his very very finest! a Great fantastic duo, Cameron diaz and Colin Firth. With laughs and gags throughout the movie, even the elderly couple behind us agreed! Would recommended the watch! Also Colin firth farts in this movie and it is hilarious! if you have seen the poster that is the face when he farts and trys to hide it! 10/10, must watch! Also this film has amazing special effects, it feels like you are actually on the ledge in the movie, it is so realistic and i enjoy it from start to finish, i really would want to watch this again, can't wait for it to be released on DVD BLU-RAY! -James.
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Entertaining Remake of a Sixties Classic
l_rawjalaurence11 December 2013
A loose remake of the classic Sixties film starring Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine, GAMBIT is a highly entertaining romp involving Colin Firth as a hapless master-criminal, Cameron Diaz as a rodeo specialist and Alan Rickman as a boorish bourgeois financier, supported by Tom Courtenay as a retired general acting as the narrator for the whole film. Filmed on location in and around London, it proves quite unexpectedly funny: Firth demonstrates a particular talent for comedy, simply by remaining straight-faced, while Diaz has great fun in an unexpected piece of casting. The plot is gossamer-thin, involving the creation of a fake painting which Caine hopes to sell to Rickman; what matters more is that the plan keeps going wrong. There are some memorable set-piece scenes here, notably Firth's parading up and down the halls of London's chic Savoy Hotel without his pants, or Diaz's untuneful karaoke rendition of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" in front of a group of Japanese business people. The Coen Brothers' script contains several hommages to the Sixties, while moving the action along at a great lick. Definitely a film to watch if you're feeling down.
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Great light comedy
Lorianna15 April 2018
Entertaining, funny, light comedy with fantastic actors. Great seeing Cameron Diaz tap into Texan accent.
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Your basic stupid unfunny comedy
davylevine26 September 2013
Frankly, I stopped paying much attention to this film after the second time Colin Firth got punched in the nose. Why is it considered funny to see a harmless person abused by a fat idiot? I find it disturbing and characteristic of a weak plot and inferior and unbelievable character development. Which is to say, there wasn't any. Firth was his generally understated engaging self and Alan Rickman was his usually aloof and interesting nasty guy. Cameron Diaz played her ditzy self, somewhat reprising her character in Something about Mary. But what a terrible waste of good actors. The star power in the film should have guaranteed a better film: Tom Courtenay, Stanley Tucci , Cloris Leachman, Ben Kingsley. And, for good measure, a couple of hot babes: Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Bonet. Stars, however, for the most part do what they are told and in this case what they were told was of not much help. This has to be the worst film ever written by Ethan and Joel Coen. Are they getting lazy? Or should the blame be placed on the director, Michael Hoffman? If you are looking for a piece of fluff that might appeal to people who don't take movies seriously, and if you enjoy watching babes and seeing people get hit in the face then you might like this film. But I much, much, much prefer the original Gambit starring Michael Caine and Shirley McLane. Save your money and save your time and see the earlier one instead. This one is just awful.
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dirkje-666-1743428 May 2014
Big fan of the cast , worst movie that I have seen in a while. There is no depth or comedy. More of a slapstick kinda thing.

I was expecting so much more and was so disappointed by the result. Was waiting for something to happen.

Worst scene: where they are confronted by the lion. I live in Africa And to see a girl her size do that to a lion? I just don't think so. Even the end , let down.

I would suggest great actors like the cast must think hard and long before the commit to a script like this! Surely their agents could have guided them?
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Funnier than expected
phd_travel25 July 2013
Liked this feel good surprisingly funny art caper comedy set in London. The stars are good and the dialog is cute. Colin Firth plays a man working for an unbearable boss (Alan Rickman) and devises a scheme to get back at him involving a forger Monet and a Rodeo queen. Cameron Diaz still has her stunning figure but her face is looking a bit older. Her Texan accent and hillbilly character are charming enough and not over the top. Colin Firth is suitably fumbling in this comic role - I haven't seen the original 60s version but I think Michael Caine would have been a bit irritating. Stanley Tucci has an amusing supporting role.

The screenplay is more hit than miss. There are quite a few surprising jokes and laugh out loud moments throughout. The dialog is sharp and worth listening carefully to. There are unfortunately some jokes that fall flat especially in the hotel. Coen Brothers surprisingly can do a good comic caper script.

Even if there is a slightly dated element in it because of the source of the story, it's pleasantly dated and worth a watch.
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not one to pay for
psstaken22 November 2012
If people are paying to watch a movie, this is one of the worst movies they can spend their money on. There have been many missed opportunities for comical and witty remarks. The plot line is very weak, not much story to it. Its neither a comedy nor entertaining, even with some mild humour but you don't need to watch it in the cinemas. It can be watched on TV. It should have been a straight to DVD movie. I got a orange Wednesday offer so i didn't pay for it but i can imagine how my friend felt as he had to do the paying. The famous stars like Alan Rickman, Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth is the only thing going for the movie.
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A Nutshell Review: Gambit
DICK STEEL31 March 2013
Written by the Coen brothers Joel and Ethan, Gambit is the remake of the 1966 heist comedy of the same name starring Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine, which this film had borrowed its base premise from in having what's expected played out in the mind of one of its protagonist, before having its actual execution go completely and hilariously wrong. And once this had started off as a troubled production with cast and crew suffered from a revolving doors syndrome, it finally nailed its key casting of Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman, all of whom prove to be what made Gambit an engaging movie to sit through and effortlessly hitting all the sweet spots that a heist comedy should hit.

Colin Firth plays Harry Deane, an art curator working for Lionel Shahbandar (Alan Rickman), a mean and scrooge like businessman who doesn't think twice in hurling insults of all shapes and form at his employee base should they get in his way, in any way. Clearly unliked by many, and by Harry of course, who hatches a plot to skim millions off his employer as revenge. To do so meant to come up with an elaborate plot involving Monet's Haystacks series of paintings, and travelling the world in search of a possible bait to play along and boost the credibility of the story he concocts. This brings together The Major (Tom Courtenay), a master forger, and P.J. Puznowski (Cameron Diaz), a ditzy cowgirl from the USA to bolster his plot for a cool promise of a half a million sterling pound reward for basically sealing the deal.

And true to the original work, we get to see how the perfect heist plays out in perfect terms, as would any heist film in laying out the challenge, and the objective, with a quick run of the process and the plan in order to fulfill what the motley crew got assembled for. But when things start to swing into action, this means Murphy's Law being applied liberally by the Coen Brothers, and makes for a hilarious film with excellent comic timing brought on by all three leads. Classical moments include the entire sequence at the Savoy hotel as Harry got sidetracked into trying to go for a Ming vase, and of course, the inevitable twist within the twist as its crescendo that makes this very much fulfilling and less empty had this been nothing more than a straight-forward narrative.

Colin Firth proved to be more than capable in being the gentleman's gentleman with an axe to grind with his employer, and getting back through the only means he knows how, being surprisingly quick thinking especially toward the end. stanely Tucci makes a small supporting appearance as his professional adversary, while over the top, does suggest a thought about how we tend to think that foreign experts are the best, often overlooking equally capable, or in some instances, more than capable, locals for the job. Firth's comic timing is impeccable, and is primarily responsible for holding the narrative together. Diaz goes back to what she does best as the ditzy blonde with her own street smarts to get out of sticky situations, who is aware that she holds the key to the success of Harry's absurd plan, while Alan Rickman shows what it takes to be a fiend, and yet a likable one whose presence and background may draw a sympathetic eye or two.

Like almost all heist films, the payload is toward the end where things get revealed for what they truly are. Gambit has more than its fair share of surprises, reaffirming some plot points brought up but debunked early, and red herrings galore that got closed off. This is probably the Coen Brother's most accessible story to date, playing it in straightforward fashion, and while it's no insult to director Michael Hoffman, perhaps the film may be more interesting if we got to see the Coen Brothers' take on this. Still, for what it's worth, Gambit is recommended for the performance of its cast who delivered as expected without playing against type.
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namashi_110 December 2014
A remake of the 1966 film of the same name, 'Gambit' is a fair comedy, that offers some decent laughs in its short & sweet running-time of 88-minutes. Keep your expectations in check, and have some fun!

'Gambit' Synopsis: An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, but his plan requires the help of an eccentric and unpredictable Texas rodeo queen.

'Gambit' isn't laugh-out-loud funny, which it definitely should've been. Nevertheless, the film has a consistent pace & some of the jokes involving the protagonist's series of unfortunate events, tickle your funny bone.

Joel & Ethan Coen's Screenplay is fair, but it needed more humor, for sure. Michael Hoffman's Direction is royal. Cinematography & Editing are pitch-perfect.

Performance-Wise: Colin Firth is the life of the show. He's fantastic, enacting a comedic role with flourish. Alan Rickman is alright. Cameron Diaz is sporty. Stanley Tucci is wasted. Tom Courtenay is cute.

On the whole, 'Gambit' is a safe bet to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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The joke's on you
PipAndSqueak22 November 2012
Please do not go and waste any time on this tripe. OK, there are some big names - some of them delivering their lines pretty damn well. However, the story is pants. The worst is that the direction is from a complete and utter non-entity. With the material supplied by the Coen brothers along with the potential in the fabulous cast you'd think this would be a sure fire winner. It ain't. It is interesting that this movie is being sold on the screen play - i.e. the bit contributed by the Coens. Now, that just shows you how weak this film is. If you go to an Almodovar film you know how much Directing makes a difference. So, this Hoffman film is exactly that...."Who?" "Never heard of him" etc etc. It mirrors pretty much the so-called story line. You go to see a 'Coen' movie - it turns out not to be a 'Coen'. The Coens' mates have all done their best in pulling off the fraud but in the end you're left staring at a pastiche of the real thing that was never there in the first place. The emperor is wearing no clothes...(Oh you naughty Coens.We can see you laughing behind our backs).
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Don't waste your time!
srmannion5 December 2012
This was pretty much the worst film I've seen for a long time! I presumed that it would be good, as it has a pretty good cast. I thought it would be a laugh, but the humour was terrible!

Was I supposed to be half asleep during this film? It did not capture my interest at all. I would have walked out, if it hadn't been for my friend paying for me. I really tried to concentrate, but I switched off instantly.

I'm not a very critical person when it comes to films, but I had to write a review on this.

To sum it up, Gambit is so dull. Watch it if you want, but it's a waste of your money!
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