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You'll need a special sense of humor for this one!
unbrokenmetal23 September 2007
Harry Trent (Matt Mitler) steals a spaceship. While he is in outer space, he witnesses the conquering of the earth by a giant fleet of aliens who have a certain resemblance with warthogs and also grunt a lot. Because his ship is damaged, Trent needs 5 years before he can land on earth. Almost everything was destroyed by the invaders, but Trent is greeted by the survivors as a hero, because it is said he owns the weapon to fight the aliens. He has no idea what they are talking about, though? Science fiction trash with ridiculous special effects. You wouldn't believe my description if you haven't actually watched it... It's Trent's sarcasm and the obvious self-irony of its makers that makes the movie easy to sit through. Be prepared for something silly, and if you are in the right mood, "Galaxy Destroyer" might become a small gem in your trash collection.
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Wildly low-budget Star Wars/Mad Max hybrid is endearingly dumb
a_chinn22 October 2018
Super low-budget sci-fi film looks as cheap at the original "Evil Dead," but lacks the inventiveness of that film (although comparisons to Sam Raimi for inventiveness is probably not all that fair). A starship pilot returns to earth to find it under alien control. Don't expect any futuristic cities or big sets. This is a bunch of dudes in the forest fighting aliens in bad make-up. I did enjoy the spaceship special effects for the space sequences, the but earthbound scenes are pretty weak. Still, as badly written, directed (by Brett Piper), and acted by it's cast of no-name actors, the film has a charm to it and it does have an exuberant fun feel of a bunch of friends who got together to make a goofy movie. Taken on that level, you might enjoy this piece of bad cinema, but don't go into this film expecting anything actually good (not even at "Hell Comes to Frogtown" levels of competent filmmaking).
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What goes around finds its way back again
michaelRokeefe8 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Super low budget and a bit tongue-in-cheek, this action adventure does hold some interest. A scoundrel space pilot, Harry Trent (Matt Mitler), manages to steal a space shuttle with malfunctioning controls while watching alien battleships with a dead-on course for planet Earth. There is nothing he can really do because of the wreck he has swiped. It takes about five years before Trent can return to earth and he discovers the planet is heavily devastated by thermo-nuclear warfare and under control of the invading aliens. Trent, now a glorified hero, somehow finds enough survivors to fight for Earth's freedom. Some silly situations and lackluster special effects help salvage this movie also known as BATTLE for the LOST PLANET and also GALAXY DESTROYER.

Brett Piper writes and directs. Other cast members : Joe Gentissi, Denise Coward, Bill MacGaughlin, Helen Michele Martin, Kimberly Warren and Robin Lovett.
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Adnirable ambition on a threadbare budget
Woodyanders28 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Rogue master thief Harry Trent (a solid and likeable portrayal by Matt Mitler) finds himself stranded in space for five years after an attempt to steal military secrets goes awry. When Trent returns to Earth he discovers that the planet has gone to hell in the wake of being invaded by nasty pig-like aliens.

Writer/director Brett Piper keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a zippy pace, brings an engaging earnest sensibility along with a sharp sense of self-mocking sarcastic humor to the fun proceedings, stages the exciting action set pieces with considerable gusto, and tosses in everything from a predatory mutants to a rowdy biker gang to a few funky stop-motion animation monsters for groovy good measure. The rinky-dink (not so) special effects possess have an endearingly cut-rate charm to them. Moreover, the gorgeous Denise Coward contributes a lively turn as the feisty Dana, Joe Gentissi has a ball as blithely scrappy tyrant Mad Dog Kelly, and Helene Michele Martin impresses as two-fisted motorcycle mama Toni. Both the spirited score by Zon Vern Pyles and the thrashin' hard rock soundtrack hit the stirring spot. The scenes with Trent struggling not to go insane while isolated by himself in space are pure loopy gold. An immensely entertaining little B-flick blast.
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Micro budget sci fi
Leofwine_draca21 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
BATTLE FOR THE LOST PLANET is a micro-budget science fiction indie that reminded me a little of Steve Barkett's masterpiece, THE AFTERMATH, except lacking the same kind of gravitas. A space pilot arrives back to Earth just in time to see it being invaded by aliens, so he heads off for five years (!) to repair his ship. When he comes back to Earth he finds it under the sway of a merciless alien race, so he gears up to fight back. This is a very cheap film with a shot-in-the-woods vibe. There's a lot of cheesy action and many special effects, most of which aren't so special at all. Still, the amateur cast play it out with a tongue-in-cheek approach which almost works, and there's a real sense of goofiness to the production that makes it hard to dislike too much. A better sequel, MUTANT WAR, followed.
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A teenage boy's fantasy
chazzarb14 June 2019
The plot of the film seems like the late-night fantasies of a teenage boy. It is a fairly generic by-the-books sci-fi action film, navigated by a hero who never fails in any task. Elements of the production (particularly the special effects and costume design) are rather charming in how cheaply they appear to have been done.
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Dumb, Fast Moving B Movie Trash = Fun!
Dark_Lord_Mark20 April 2019
Dumb, Fast Moving B Movie Trash = Fun!

Its about aliens.....well....look its a mix of star Wars, planet of apes, buck Rodgers and taken gun.

Just fun.

Give it a shot.
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