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Look, a celebrity! In public!
Pepper Anne13 August 2004
Celebrities Uncensored is a cheap stupid television show brought to you by E! Entertainment, a cheap stupid cable network. The show just features an endless amount of celebrities in (oh my god!) public and the shameless paparazzi doing whatever they can for a photograph (both of celebrities and occasionally, bunch of drunks and hookers) that mostly walk around Sunset Strip and the surrounding areas. Rarely do they get footage from any place else.

Basically, you get the same photographers, the fat guy with the beard who drives around town looking for some celebrities to annoy and photograph, shoving cameras in their faces (for those who just want to be left alone) and chasing them down the street and everything. It brings up a good point about the amount of privacy a public figure should be afforded in public? Is relentless pursuit of people for a photograph the same thing as stalking a person? Where do you draw the line?

It's a pretty stupid show that just shows people at premieres or the front entrances to restaurants, anywhere where the photographers are in public space before being told to get their cameras out of the way and stop trespassing. This even includes chasing down celebrities in airports as they rush to planes while, at the same time, trying to be guarded by various personal assistants. And, for the most part, the celebrities featured are happy to comply (at least briefly, though some only pretend to look like their happy to sign autographs galore and pose for picture after picture with complete strangers), but mostly, it is just celebrities getting annoyed with cameramen for not leaving them alone for a minutes peace. Weddings, premiers, awards shows, cafes, you name it. There's no place where these people aren't targeted. And E! Entertainment is happy to exploit them and turn it into a cheap, stupid show narrated by a guy who sounds like he does the irritating hype narration for those stupid cop specials (like Best Police Chases and other crap television shows). It gets real old, real fast (especially after seeing the bubbly brain-dead Paris Hilton continuously in later shows).
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"P*** off,Celebrities Uncensored!!!"
davideo-21 June 2004
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Photographers E.L. Woody,Henry Trapler and other assorted members of the Hollywood paparazzi scour the streets of Hollywood Drive,Sunset Boulevard and numerous other hot spots all to catch that all important 'money-shot' of that famous celeb.

Question.Why is it so interesting to see Jack Nicholson scouring the floors of a casino?Why is it so riveting to watch Britney Spears visiting her local Blockbuster Video with her brother?Why,oh why,must watching Pamela Anderson load groceries into the trunk of her car prove so enthralling?Answer:Because,we are the regular people and they are the 'celebrities'.It's like,we share the same planet but we live two sort of separate,parallel existences.Unlike ourselves,watching (and recording) them doing the most simple,mundane of things must prove the most scintillating of things and has resulted in a show like this being made.

But the thing is,these are the most basic of things and that is exactly what we are watching.Aside from the underlying tedium of all this,it's kind of understandable how it would rattle the cages of the celebs on certain days and it's baffling how the paparazzi can act surprised if they show their uglier side on certain occasions.

The narrator,Jess Harnell,has one of those grating,annoying voices that we all hate,that he chooses to interwine with really lame,unfunny impersonations of the stars and equally unappealing jokes.

Overall,this is about as interesting as watching people like you and me doing everyday,normal things can be.It shows all the time on E!,the channel that always caters for such vacuous programming.What I'd give to hear Paris Hilton blurt out the above OLS for once.*
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Sad, sick and totally unentertaining
megagestur5 May 2006
I must say that this is the lowest form of TV entertainment I have ever seen, maybe its better to say "entertainment" in this case. This show is very very very sad, unentertaining and sick, yes SICK. I find it sick that some guys make a living following people around and photographing it just because they are celebrities. I don't care what Pamela Anderson eats or drinks or who Keeanu Reeves is having dinner with or if he looses in a fight with his sister. I even wonder why the station I saw this garbage on here in Iceland even bought the right to show because its like throwing your money down the drain. If it isn't enough that the material in this show is uninteresting or just plain boring then the narrator doesn't improve it one bit. He give this show the final blow that makes this show go from boring to total garbage in my mind. This show is like cyanide, avoid it at all costs because it's bad for you. Final verdict: I've said it before, Sad, sick and totally unentertaining.
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This show is the craziest show I've ever seen.
Erika Jennifer Mildrenne26 December 2004
This show does not match with any normal or necessary show. It's just...a crazy shameless show. That runs around looking for people who caught celebrities in their useless and pathetic cameras made for catching celebrities. In all words A-V/J this show sucks in a shameless way.Find one person who watches this show.Then tell me. If I watch any of this show's episode more than 3 or 4 minutes...I will puke. I have like 300 channels in my TV but this show has to be in the 'one' channel I like...AXN. I think this show will last only 2 weeks. Not less..not more.
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"Celebrities Uncensored" It's part of why they make the big bucks!
Cristabellajolie13 January 2005
CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED is one of the best shows on TV. It shows the celebrities in everyday situations out in the public. The celebrities know that once they have made it to their status, that when they go out, people are going to recognize them. I like CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED because it tells us fans a lot about certain celebrities. It shows the celebrities that treat their fans with respect as well as showing the celebrities who try to avoid their fans at any cost. I think it is important that a celebrity takes time for their fans because if it were not for their fans buying their tickets, albums, DVD's, CD's, magazines, etc., they could not afford that new West Hollywood mansion for 10 million. Also, if it weren't for the paparazzi, there would be no photos promoting their movies as they walk down the red carpet, smiling, signing autographs, and taking pictures with fans as well. CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED shows the ugly truth about some celebrities and the kindness of others.
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First commenter must have watched every episode very closely
kingpaparazzi11 May 2008
I am that "fat guy", E.L.Woody,"King of the Paparazzi", who drives around looking for stars. You must have spent many hours watching the CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED show to be able to describe it so well. It must have held your attention.

The stars on it, "loved it", including Paris HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE, and all the others who co-operated to get their faces on the air. Never one complaint from a star. Never a comment from their publicists.

Never a bad word from anyone but a few jealous people, who had no idea what was happening. Zip! Right over their outraged, irate, pin heads! They never got it! The stars did! IS Paris HILTON ONE OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET? Blame it on CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED, and me.

Next time you feel the need to rant, check with the people involved and affected by whatever it is you are ranting about, because this time, you are wrong! Ask the stars. They will tell you. I defy you to provide one quote from a star, complaining about the show! It was the first wave of STARS USING THE PAPARAZZI PUBLICITY MACHINE TO PROMOTE THEIR BRAND.

Look around, this is THE WAY IT IS DONE, NOW! Free self publicity, used by many top stars, THE PAPARAZZI PUBLICITY MACHINE is the most powerful publicity, worldwide, and helps to sell millions of dollars worth of box office tickets, for those stars. This is THE NEW Hollywood. Get used to it!
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