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MPAA Rated PG for scary combat and monster images

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl wearing a short skirt falls off a helicopter and toward the ground causing her skirt to flip up and reveal her bare thighs.

Violence & Gore

  • A creature stabs a boy through the back (we see a pointed weapon protrude from his chest and a spurt of blood comes out), and the boy slumps to the ground, although he does not appear injured.
  • A girl kicks the head off a mummy and it lands on the ground next to her, and we also see a severed hand land on the girl's shoulder. Two boys try to fight many mummies, heads are kicked off, torsos are separated, one boy's foot is stuck in a mummy's stomach, and the mummies continue to fight in pieces.
  • A creature blows blue stream at two boys, and the creature grows bigger and bigger.
  • A dragon attacks a creature, the creature melts into a puddle of black goo, it takes the shape of a decayed corpse and sinks back into the puddle.
  • A huge creature lifts a boy up by the head and throws him onto the ground.
  • A boy goes into a room where many mummies approach him, they chase him, and he runs.
  • The ground begins to shutter and quake, walls crumble, men are trapped in a tomb, and the ground opens up pulling many people in.
  • A sarcophagus wrapped in chains is uncovered and we see a corpse partially wrapped in bandages.
  • Two boys lie on the ground motionless after have been spun around, and what looks like their "souls" separate from them and are sucked into the "eye" of a pyramid.
  • Three people climb a rope ladder attached to a helicopter and are pulled to safety.
  • Two boys duel by activating cards that create supernatural creatures: A part sphinx/part woman snarls and bares her sharp teeth when it prepares to fight, it attacks another creature that shatters, a 3-headed dragon rears up and roars, two creatures fight and one shatters, a creature sprays a stream of blue goo, a creature is hit by a blast of energy and shatters, and a knight-like creature is stabbed and shatters. Also, a dragon with many sets of teeth roars, a dark clown appears and re-appears, a 3-headed dragon blasts a female warrior and she shatters, a dragon shatters when hit by a blast, a dragon crumbles and re-forms as an even larger dragon, and a dragon emits a blast that shatters 3 sorcerers.
  • A boy is blasted by an explosion and falls back, and a boy is knocked to the ground.
  • A stream of souls pours into a creature's mouth, lava bubbles and spurts, and a creature is hit by a blast and shatters. Creatures shatter as a pyramid breaks apart sending shards of glass showering down on people.
  • Three boys are trapped in a maze.
  • We see a morgue with many corpses.
  • A domed building begins to crumble and people are inside.
  • An evil pharaoh talks about destroying the world.
  • We hear about ancient Egyptian kings playing war games by using dark magic.
  • A boy is hit in the backside by a rocket (it shoves him and he yells).
  • We hear about a Lord of the Dead and see him re-forming from a mummy into a more human form by taking the energy from lost souls. We hear about "souls" being trapped in a "labyrinth of the dead." We hear about a boy dueling. A girl falls off a helicopter and toward the ground.
  • People talk about "worms feasting on flesh."
  • A man threatens a boy.


  • Some mild name calling (pompous windbag, Kaiba-boy, ladies (said to males), nobody, King of Lame, chump, Master of the Clods, fraud, over-inflated ego), a character tells another to "spare me all your bull", 2 uses of "shut up".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A character wakes up from a nightmare and vows not to have anymore white wine spritzers before bedtime (we later see his servant pouring him a red wine spritzer).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy holds a puzzle that begins to glow and emit rays of light, creatures come out of the puzzle and the boy is frightened.

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