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  • While his trailer trash parents teeter on the edge of divorce, Nick Twisp sets his sights on dream girl Sheeni Saunders, hoping that she'll be the one to take away his virginity.

  • At 16, Nick Twisp is wry about his teen funk: he lives in Oakland with his sex-addled mother; his father's child support is her meal ticket. While camping in Ukiah, Nick meets Sheeni: for him, it's love at first sight. Nick has to figure out how to get his father a job in Ukiah, then how to get sent to live with his father, then how to get close to Sheeni, whose religious parents may want her sent away from temptation to a boarding school. There's also Sheeni's all-American boyfriend to contend with. Overwhelmed by the challenges, Nick's about to give up when he conjures an alter ego who whispers revolt into his ear. Nick is not altogether hapless, but can this end well?


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  • Nick Twisp, a 16-year-old teen, who is forced to spend a week in "cabin" in a trailer park which isn't a cabin, it's a trailer. While staying the week there, Nick meets the girl of his (wet) dreams, Sheeni. Nick, a lonely virgin, who hasn't kissed, held hands, or had sex with a girl. Sheeni and Nick suddenly become intimate and Sheeni admits her really tall, sexy, French, poet, and extremely smart boyfriend. While his mother and step-father where looking for a new trailer, Sheeni and Nick purchase a dog using a Subway coupon. The dog, Albert (pronounced Al-beare), is suddenly know as their love child. Sheeni is forced to get rid of Albert because of sins (of ripping up a bible), Nick takes Albert to live with him. Nick and Sheeni make a plan to stay together. Nick must be bad, SuperBad, to be able to live by Sheeni. When they arrive home, Jerry, Nick's Step-Father, dies of a heart attack. His mother begins to date a cop. Nick decides that he must get to Sheeni as possible. Nick causes a city-disaster by setting his mother car on fire, so that he can live with his divorced father (who happens to live by Sheeni). While talking to Sheeni on the phone, Nick tells her all the bad things he did, but while admitting all the crimes; Sheeni's mom was listening to it on the phone. When Nick arrives to Sheeni's trailer, her mother tells him that he's the devil and is going to hell and that Sheeni is getting sent to boarding school. Sheeni tells him that it is not punishment, it is helping her with her dream. Nick and his (newly) friend go on the road to get to Sheeni. When he arrives, he is invited to spend the night. Nick's bad side is convincing him to have sex. The bad side took over his good side and they begin to have intercourse, but are caught and forced to leave. Nick sends a letter to a roommate/friend of Sheeni, that tells her to drug Sheeni with a sleeping pill so that kicked out of boarding school. When Sheeni finds out that Nick got her kicked out, she gets angry and hates him for it. Sheeni's brother invites Nick over and Sheeni isn't too happy. In the end, Nick comes over dressed a woman and Sheeni forgives him and they have make-up sex. Nick is caught by an boy who also loves Sheeni, and he calls the cops on Nick. Nick is arrested for 3-months (since he is a minor) and he knows Sheeni is the right girl for him.

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