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Not too bad!
supertom-39 April 2006
This is a reasonably brisk paced and entertaining action thriller. There's a similar story to Spike Lee's critical hit, Inside Man, only Chaos was made two years ago, and is as yet awaiting its release. This may give an indication to the fact the film is not really a bankable product. This is not down to quality, because this is by no means a bad film, it's just what you might call a marketing nightmare, as a theatrical release anyway. It's a "thinks it's cleverer than it is" thriller starring two martial arts stars, but without martial arts. In fact this isn't action all the way as you might expect with Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes as two of the headliners. Eventually this will find a release, but probably DTV.

Chaos is an enjoyable flick though. We have Ryan Phillipe and Jason Statham teaming up to investigate a bank heist. As the title suggests, this film is about Chaos, or the Chaos theory, whereby seemingly random acts are in fact connected. Wesley Snipes co-stars as the bank robber in question. The cast are good. Phillipe shares lead duties with Statham, and handles the film well. His character is pretty two dimensional but he does it convincingly and handles the action well too. Statham, delivering another strange accent, supposedly American, is despite his accent, charismatic. It's Wesley Snipes though who stands out, actually enjoying himself after a string of sub-standard, lazy performances in his DTV action vehicles and also in Blade Trinity.

The film looks polished, has a decent score and is a good watch. It just feels very DTV but a better than the normal DTV. Indeed this may have one or two twists too many but the twisting plot manages to keep you guessing as it unravels. Overall not bad, but nothing new. **½
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Better than you will think, not quite as good as you hoped for.. but generally satisfying.
siit19 January 2007
Chaos was actually very different from the usual run of the mill *yawn yawn* action movies. Maybe because I like Jason Statham so much, but I enjoyed Chaos. Sure it was predictable, but it tried to be clever, different and have that twist. And its almost funny seeing Statham switch from London to American accent all the time, and Snipes wasn't the best.. but on the whole it was a better than your average movie.

So the quick synopsis; Statham is a much maligned suspended detective called in to be a negotiator in a bank robbery. The siege becomes complicated, and the audience has to understand the past and present to unravel the future and what is really going on.

OK down to the nitty-gritty. Chaos could have been a class act if it was done just a tad differently. Snipes needed to be as controlled as he was in the beginning, Statham should have stayed English accent, and the plot (punchline) should not have been delivered with a sledgehammer - or - not trust the audience to work things out without feeling the need to spell it out TOO clearly. I am reminded of another excellent and cognitive heist movie when seeing Chaos. I will not say it's name as that may be unwittingly revealing.

Statham is one of my favourites from Lock/Stock, Transporter etc and I like his presence in every performance I have seen him in thus far. Snipes I could take or leave yet I was happy he didn't try to encompass the entire screen! but the pleasant surprise I had was with Ryan Phillipe. I think he's becoming a class actor and I would love to see him land some plum roles that highlights his talent.

Overall, Chaos tries a philosophical and clever approach that is different from the average outing; regardless of what the DVD front cover may suggest, possessing a hypnotic funky score, in general good acting and a decent enough plot... overlook the obvious anomalies, and Chaos provides value.
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Great Cast......Good movie!
DxB_PiRaTe5 January 2006
I went to this movie with the lowest expectations and i just thought i would see a van dammed type of movie. But I was in for a surprise. The movie has good twists and action, I really loved the acting from Jasom Statham who is a really good actor! If you are an action movies fan then you shouldn't miss this movie... and don't think this movie is an all action movie, the story is well written and the twists are well made. I'd say go for it if you don't know which movie to watch!

The movie starts with Jason Statham out of the force. So then they had to get him back because of a bank robbery and the bad guys asked for him. Something bad happens in the Bank, then the cops are after the bad guys looking for them. You will have to keep a close eye at the movie, it's a good action thriller that you will not expect to be as good as it is!! and after this movie i'll proudly say i'm a huge fan of Jason Statham (Snatch, Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Transporter, Transporter 2, Cellular, CHAOS), this guy is just amazing!
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Much better than expected
mumia-11 May 2006
When I started watching this movie, I didn't expect much. in fact with Snipes and Statham, I assumed this was a typical silly action flick, like transporter 2. But I was wrong, very wrong. In fact this movie is really good. I've enjoyed watching it, which is a big thing cause it was quite a while since the last time I could say that to a movie. In my opinion Snipes plays a really good villain. But unfortunately for the fans, he doesn't get much screen time. OK, there are some clichés in the story, but it's still not a bad one, and you can't guess what will happen next. The only major weakness in the movie IMHO is Ryan Phillipe, his performance is just simply BAD (that should be in bold). If it wasn't for him I'd give this movie an eight. So all in all, I think this movie is worth watching especially for those who like thrillers. But if you only want to see Snipes and Statham fight, or you're looking for plain action, avoid it. There are no fights, and the action is limited to a single chase, and some gunfights.
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Better than you think (better than it starts out) crime drama is worth a bucket of popcorn
dbborroughs27 April 2008
Jason Statham is brought back on to the police force to chase Wesley Snipes who stages a spectacular bank robbery. Paired with Ryan Phillipe things begin to get weird as they are forced to look for a pattern in the chaos that Snipes is causing.

Better than you think it will be action thriller. Don't let the by the numbers opening and early moments put you off. Once this gets going its a really good little thriller because it doesn't behave in the ways you expect it too. indeed there are a couple of twists that really surprised me. And of course the action scenes are very well done. I liked it a great deal. Worth some popcorn on the couch
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Good Movie
jnrar123122 October 2006
Unlike other Wesley Snipes recent movies, this one was quite a surprisingly good movie. When I popped this movie in, I was expecting an below then average movie, but like so many others like me, I had to see for myself. This movie reminded me of inside man, and the cast was worth the watch.

This was definitely a good movie. The twist in the movie was quite a surprise. Jason Statham plays an excellent roll and Ryan Phillipe did a great job with his performance.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who want to sit down and watch a good action flick!
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And he is coming to Mexico!
RainDogJr29 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In mathematics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain dynamical systems – that is, systems whose state evolves with time – that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random. This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future dynamics are fully defined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

I copied that from Wikipedia just because that theory is used in the main plan of one of the characters. The film begins with an event that changes the life of Det. Quentin Conners (Jason Statham) forever and eventually he is suspended of the police. Later we have an apparently normal bank robbery that ends with the return of Conners, as a desire of the criminals, and with a mystery about the real intentions of the criminals. And there we have the main characters, Conners of course and his new partner Shane Dekker (Ryan Phillippe) looking out for the criminals having different theories. I really like that part of the film mostly because of a cool performance of Statham, teaching some lessons to the younger inspector, being a tough guy but even creating a friendship with him and a good work environment for his detectives partners. Also I like how the began to have their own different theories, even thinking that all was just a revenge against Connors but the film has many twists with many little details, of course all based upon the chaos theory and although the very end has the classic mayor twist, like in "The Usual Suspects" or in "Lucky Number Slevin", is still cool to see Statham coming to Mexico!

Well I must add that I never hear a thing about this film until about one week ago that was finally released in theaters and its big publicity ends with commercials in football games, I mean in a corner kick or in a foul the narrators says: "Jason Statham stars in Chaos. Soon in your theater", you know the classic stuff. I write that because I was a victim of the publicity so suddenly I really wanted to check this film, mostly just for Statham and because there are not many other options in commercial theaters right now. So I convinced my family for going to watch it but I said to them that maybe it was going to be the typical Hollywood bad action film and I was just another victim of the publicity but eventually we have a pleasant surprise with this good, not great, film. Yes, pure entertainment!
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High quality, lacks good plot.
athena243 September 2006
Like in "Butterfly Effect", this movie doesn't have anything to do with the chaos theory and just made to draw our attention to it. Someone tried to do the movie a smart one so he tried to relate the plot to the chaos theory. It looks like this person didn't know what the theory is about, it's just it sounded "cool", and he tried on the basis of this cool term to do a movie. He really messed up.

Chaos is trying to catch up with movies like 'The Usual Suspect' but the plot and the actors, though they do they work fine, can't be really compared. Although Jason Statham is as good as in any other movie, Wesley Snipes doesn't affect to much with his role. It could be done by someone else, though according to his last couple of movies this one is a major step up. Ryan Phillipe beside Jason Statham looks like a school boy at the blackboard trying to solve equations. As someone already noted here, he reminds Justin Timberlake which is clearly not to his advantage. As for others, I would say that they are doing well.

The worst thing is the over-smart plot that makes no logic at all. I won't add more on this subject.

Not everything is bad. Overall the movie is well done. I think that the appropriate word for it is - quality. This is a high quality movie in most terms. The support actors are good, the action and explosions are made by high standard .The best part of the movie is cinematography. From the beginning of Chaos you know the cinematography keeps you watching the movie till the end.

My personal feeling about this movie is that it was quite OK. I can't say I liked it because of the lack of interest in the plot, not to that it's dumb. I can't say I disliked it either. The camera work and Most of the actor's play make it watchable so it wasn't a total waste of time.

Rarely I stumble into a really good Thriller, so if you would like to see one not expecting to much from it, I would advise you settle for this.
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Too much chaos
cryptkeeperboy21 January 2006
Let's be fair, it's a good movie BUT it's hardly memorable or spectacular in the long term. I think what the director thought was... "people like smart action movies, therefore i'll make mine smart". Well here's the difference you have action movies that don't look that smart but actually are. And this one looks smart but actually isn't. The problem with that is that it tries to outdo itself, especially the last thirty minutes... where the detective comes upon a different plot every ten minutes, so what we get then is a Usual Suspects kinda montage of every far fetched clue we overlooked only to be changed entirely ten minutes later up until a point were you stop caring.

The director/writer will have to explain to me how detectives take a mathematical theory seriously as a tool to outsmart cops. Again maybe the director wanted to be smart again, by namedropping it's plot by defining it with some fancy word.

Anyway i didn't think much of Jason Statham's acting at all, he's kinda like the Orlando Bloom of the action movies... luckily he doesn't carry this movie alone (unlike The Transporter). Wesley Snipes' character is typical Snipes, after starring in numerous action movies i suppose it was a walk in the park for him. And Ryan Philliphe is a very promising upcoming actor, he really delivers probably the best acting (along with Snipes) in the entire movie.

Just see it once and you'll be entertained. Just don't try to think much about the plot after worths or you'll be insulted.
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Statham fans will enjoy, but it fell apart at the end.
chaoscraz7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this movie, especially the first half. Unfortunately, in the last 30 minutes or so, everything just fell apart. But it's still worthwhile. If you're a Statham fan, I would definitely recommend it.

Also, Statham has a thick accent in this movie, but he is supposed to be a veteran Seattle cop, which is kind of strange but I found easy to get past. Maybe you won't.

This movie would have been a cult hit if they had filled in the gaps at the end. The heavy editing is very obvious. This is an example where they should have gone back and re-shot some scenes. Instead, they just mashed everything together--scene after scene. It also ended too quickly. What happens with Shane (Phillippe)? And how about Teddy (Waddell) and her feelings about Conners (Statham)? One final note, the chaos theme was just stupid and not needed. It was not central to the movie. It also reminds me of the chess theme in Revolver, which was stupid as well. I guess Statham likes to play the secret genius. On the outside, he is all rough and grizzled, but on the inside he is a mathematical genius. That said, I still think Statham is the best action character in the movies today, hands down.
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When Small Events Produce a Huge Result
claudio_carvalho17 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In Seattle, detective Quentin Conners (Jason Statham) is unfairly suspended and his partner Jason York leaves the police force after a tragic shooting on Pearl Street Bridge, when the hostage and the criminal die. When a bank is heist with hostage situation, Conners is assigned in charge of the operation having the rookie Shane Dekker (Ryan Phillippe) as partner. The thieves, leaded by Lorenz (Wesley Snipes), apparently do no steal a penny from the bank. While chasing the gangsters, the police team discloses that they planted a virus in the system, stealing one billion dollars from the most different accounts, using the principle of the Chaos Theory. Further, they find that Lorenz is killing his accomplices.

"Chaos" is a great police story, with an excellent and complex screenplay that uses the Chaos Theory to build the plot. This theory attempts to explain the fact that a series of initial minor events apparently not interconnected can trigger a sequence of significant occurrences, producing unpredictable and complex result. Based in this principle, the viewer must pay attention to any single detail since the beginning of the story, because they probably will affect the conclusion when the plot is disclosed. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Caos" ("Chaos")
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mrshaikat13 July 2006
I will say this is the best movie of Jason Statham.Usually i find Jason is action based film like transporter.But here his intelligent character was really good. This movie has some reality action.All the actors perform perfectly.Wesley Snipes is a continuous performer.I have seen Ryan Phillipe in crash also.But he performed better in chaos. Director really made a good link between chaos theory and movie plot.New kind of bank robbery also impressed me.This movie has a story twist. Before that, the movie seems ordinary .When the twist start, it begins rolling.Overall I can say,this is a really good movie for enjoyment.
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Much potential, good acting and yet... Chaos.
slash83_mus3 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing Snipes' horrible, horrible '7 seconds' and 'the Marksman', I wasn't particularly thrilled when I saw his name on the payroll. But hey, everybody makes mistakes. And Jason 'Snatch' Statham... well, that's about all it takes for me to at least give it a try.

Well then, on to the first half of the movie. Although maybe a nice artistic touch, the very first scene gives away a part of the plot. We see a big clipboard full with articles and pictures of one Det. Connors, trialled and suspended after a fatal accident on a bridge. First clue: Someone is after Connor.

Then the movie starts out pretty nice. A bank robbery, some nice action and Connor back on the force and on the case. The master thief, who calls himself Lorenz (Snipes) escapes along with the other robbers forcing Connor to start a big-scale hunt. Connor and his newly appointed sidekick, the youngster Det. Dekker (Philippe) then shoot, threaten, joke, smart-talk and one-line their way to the point where Lorenz' real identity is revealed. But is it really him who is the brain behind all this?

The movie is a somewhat strange combination of clichés and smart plot-twists. The director manages to build up the tension to some extent and Statham, Snipes and Philippe do a good job in making the characters believable. Direction overall is fine, as is the camera-work, the dialog, the score and the plot.

Then comes the last 30 minutes or so of the movie. One single event triggers Dekker to re-think everything, which unfortunately results in boring and unnecessary flashbacks. Pieces of the puzzle seem to fall together, bam. The end. Huh?

I can't seem to point out the main reason for the chaos later on in this movie. Is it the directing? Is it the script? A combination perhaps? I do get the plot, still it's confusing.

All in all a very enjoyable movie, some fun and smart plot-twists, decent acting and overall pretty good script. But those last 30 minutes... Seriously, I am confused. Oh well, they called it 'chaos', at least now I know why.
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Blade + Transporter = Garbage?!?
chicagodog8 January 2007
How? I wondered why I hadn't seen this in theaters, or even a single commercial for it, and then after I saw the movie, I realized I was duped HARDCORE. I am a big Transporter fan, and a big Blade fan, so when I saw this I imagined some killer fight scene between two badasses, lots of gunplay, a whole bunch of stuff. Instead, I got the Ryan Phillippe movie with a brief cameo by Statham and Snipes. The guy that does the audio and video in the crime lab got more screen time than Wesley. It was like renting a Jackie Chan movie expecting a bunch of kung fu and getting Erin Brockavich. I expect bad movies from Hollywood, but actors like Snipes and Statham should treat the fan base better.
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daschwei31 January 2006
Best movie I have seen this year! I am a frequent movie goer (5 times a week) and this is an amazing movie! The plot was really amazing. If you have read about the Chaos Theory you will especially enjoy this movie. The director really did an amazing job with this plot.

Only one or two major plot holes. A few unreal gunshots (mainly with the consistency of the spray of a shotgun round) Great action flick with a twist of suspense!

Snipes came through with another amazing movie. His acting stood out among all the others.

Chaos is a must see!
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Hollywood produces too much crap...
shinkone24 September 2006
Predictable, crappy dialog.

One line: "He was not only a better cop, he was a better man" ... Perhaps a 12 year old kid would like this film, because there are "cool" cops using the most disturbing ways of getting their work done, and walk home with a smile on their faces. You just want to punch somebody really really hard when you see this.

I'd rather die then watch it again. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody.

Why won't Hollywood start doing good movies instead of movies that will make them rich? Hollywood haven't produced a SINGLE good movie this year, not one. Hollywood have lost my respect.
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Not a good movie.....pretty bad actually.
jelloalien-3421912 August 2017
I can best explain this movie like this: This movie felt like someone watched scenes in a bunch of other (good) cop/bad guy/bank heist/action movies and wanted to recreate all of those clichéd scenes.......and then since they had all these random scenes filmed they decided to just put them all together and call it a movie. This movie. A very bad movie with a sub-par plot, lazy script, meh dialogue, and a poor attempt at making it "smart" by bringing up the chaos theory (which based on how they describe what the chaos theory is, none of it really even happens in this movie).

If you like bad movies, this ones worth a watch.
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Predictable movie that thinks itself more clever than it actually is
jcphoenix28 August 2006
A predictable and pretty dumb movie that actually believes itself to be clever...complete with all the explanatory scenes at the end as if the audience wouldn't get what had happened.

Unfortunately for the film, as soon as a key piece of the puzzle that was held back comes into play, it becomes exceedingly obvious what the hell is happening (way before the so-called reveal) - and yes, it's everything you've seen, many times over, before. Also, all the pieces of the so-called puzzle only get put into play every time a character does a (really) dumb thing - I guess the screenwriter couldn't think of a way to reveal things without having certain characters act like total idiots. Not only that but the main character takes pretty much the latter half of the movie to put together what the audience figures out in seconds (as soon as he is given the key piece of information).

Besides that, Snipes' character is too campy at times and the dialogue feels stilted and unnatural. The part with Keegan Connor Tracy was just...absolutely random. Performances range from horrible (Natassia Malthe - awful overacting) to pretty bad (Justine Waddell) to just passable (Phillippe, Statham).

Ignoring even the predictability of the screenplay, the movie still has to deal with the fifty million plot holes and nonsensical aspects of its storyline including this - why the hell did Snipes' character even try to get through to Phillippe's character the whole "Chaos Theory" thing in the first place? Again, I'm trying to be as vague as possible to not spoil the movie for anyone. The only reason I'm giving this a 4/10 is because despite how dumb the movie actually is, it's still reasonably entertaining throughout.
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Chaotic AND Ryan Phillippe... action hero.... oh please...someone shoot me
intelearts3 January 2007
Bank heist / Cop thriller sounds OK right?

Chaos looks good: nicely framed, good production values, high concept action heist...


The plot has the unique achievement of being both smart and incredidly, blatantly implausible in the "how we actually got the money" mode and overcomplicated in the "who done it and why" section at the same time...

In addtion, Ryan Philippe shouting is NOT, seriously NOT either tough or scary...and he is especially not tough or scary when throwing a tizzy fit. Honestly, his great outburst is the only really funny scene in the whole film. Must make him thrilled that he turned down the role of Anakin Skywalker and is now doing this....

Stratham is normally good as the tough but silent hard nut with the self-deprecating humor, but here, the extra relationship lines are so laughably bad that even he looks uncomfortable saying some of the clichéd mush required. More silent seems best?

Snipes is actually OK in a typecast way, but another nail in a talented actor's coffin: he needs an actor's role not an action hero rehash. Perhaps that business with his taxes will allow him to break that mold and the public and critics will let him on the sympathy vote. It would be good if he wasn't so typecast all the time.

The lines these guys speak when they're not doing the plot development and detective work can be summed up in one word.... pheeeuuuh.

The film feels all out of whack and it never gels: I found it irritating for the first 45 minutes, and the tighter last part was passable. It should /could have been good but it just can't redeem the awful lines, the overwhelming score, and the general level of irritation with the levels of plausibility.

Overall I nearly didn't make it through: incredibly irritating, and Ryan.... please, please, please get rid of the goldilocks....
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nothing new under the blue sky
dinod-212 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
those people,who told me"this movie is good"-shame on them!this film is for an audience,who has no problem to watch everything{especially when it's all about tough guys,guns,chasing&heists}.i 'd compare this movie with"The Inside Man"{the same loss of time}. i'm tired of copy and paste movies.and i'm discontented,but what can i do?fans of that types of movies are much more.... if you want to watch good movie from that type ,i will recommend to you "Lucky Number Slevin". i'm not mean, i just dislike this movie{weak actors,weak script,weak action}.probably someone else will like it.many people-many tastes.HOWEVER FOR ME"CHAOS"IS TASTELESS!
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Insultingly awful
soerenft25 April 2008
Frankly I'm amazed to see that this movie is getting relatively good reviews. I'll be completely honest and say that the only reason I even got through it is because of Ryan Phillippe, and not for reasons particularly connected with his abilities as an actor, though I think over the last years he has proved himself to be a better actor than his first major roles in the late 1990's indicated.

As far as action/suspense movies go, this movie fails in nearly every respect. The acting is OK, I guess, but the script is absolutely horrible and makes very little sense, a fact which the filmmakers try to cover up by adding absurd references to Chaos theory, as if it would convince anyone that the film is actually 'clever' - but then again, judging from other reviews, some were. Don't be fooled: the script is a boring, derivative mess and no other element of the movie makes up for it. Wesley Snipes has probably never had a less interesting role in a film, and Statham is a thoroughly dull actor.

Not recommended.
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Awesome Movie
redsx1625 March 2006
This is a great movie with a bunch of great actors, Statham, Snipes, Phillippe. The movie provided a lot of action and a great end of the movie. Anyone that likes Snipes or Statham will love this movie as they both have big roles in the storyline of the movie.

I think that this was an awesome movie with great actors that appeals to any action movie fan. It was has a bunch of nice twists that will catch you off guard.

I hope that you see this movie because it is one of the best movies I've seen so far this year. Having Statham and Snipes in a movie together might not happen again.
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nothing to say
dslavchev30 January 2007
I have just watched this movie on DVD late this morning and was so disappointed that even thought it was a good joke for the audience. In other words - the creators planed to make comedy not drama. Howsoever, at the end I realized that Mr. Tony Giglio was earnest about this movie. It's a pity because: the dialogue is ridiculous, the acting is poor and lifeless, the story is a fishy tale! Poor Ryan Phillippe - despite of his efforts his character in the movie remains probably his worst performance! What to say for Jason Statham - lack of all kinds of skills to develop the role which is an imaginary fiction... For this reasons I vote: 3/10
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The worst one of Statham
chenj-16 April 2007
This movie is the worst one of Statham. It doesn't even make too much sense.

The worst part of this movie is the actors and actresses. I cannot believe why they hire a bunch of people to do this. Their acting is so fake.

The drama could be better, but it seems to be really low-quality.

The music is terrible. It makes this bad movie even worse.

It tries to copy Heat, but they couldn't do it. Heat is a master piece of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Their acting are the best. Jason Statham never let me down, but this time is an exception.

I wouldn't suggest spent 20 bucks on going to cinema to watch this movie. It does not worth it.
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Incredibly bad
idfaaa16 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The film "Chaos" takes its name from Gleick's 1988 pop science explanation of chaos theory. What does the book or anything related to the content of the book have to do with the plot of the movie "Chaos"? Nothing. The film makers seem to have skimmed the book (obviously without understanding a thing about it) looking for a "theme" to united the series of mundane action sequences that overlie the flimsy string of events that acts in place of a plot in the film. In this respect, the movie "Choas" resembles the Canadian effort "Cube," in which prime numbers function as a device to mystify the audience so that the ridiculousness of the plot will not be noticed: in "Cube" a bunch of prime numbers are tossed in so that viewers will attribute their lack of understanding to lack of knowledge about primes: the same approach is taken in "Chaos": disconnected extracts from Gleick's books are thrown in make the doings of the bad guy in the film seem fiendishly clever. This, of course, is an insultingly condescending treatment of the audience, and any literate viewer of "Chaos" who can stand to sit through the entire film will end up bewildered. How could a film so bad be made? Rewritten as a novel, the story in "Chaos" would probably not even make it past a literary agent's secretary's desk. How could (at least) hundreds of thousands (and probably millions) of dollars have been thrown away on what can only be considered a waste of time for everyone except those who took home money from the film? Regarding what's in the movie, every performance is phoned in. Save for technical glitches, it would be astonishing if more than one take was used for any one scene. The story is uniformly senseless: the last time I saw a story to disconnected it was the production of a literal eight-year-old. Among other massive shortcomings are the following: The bad guy leaves hints for the police to follow. He has no reason whatsoever for leaving such hints. Police officers do not carry or use radios. Dupes of the bad guy have no reason to act in concert with the bad guy. Let me strongly recommend that no one watch this film. If there is any other movie you like (or even simply do not hate) watch that instead.
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