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Shacking Up - Pilot Episode
melyrh18 April 2004
I was fortunate to be at the taping of the pilot episode the other night. The writing was brilliant, lots of laughs, and the chemistry between the cast members was awesome! Fran Drescher is the perfect choice for hip & sexy divorcee, Fran Reeves, and I couldn't imagine anyone other than Misti Traya in the part of Allison. She owned her role of the obnoxious little sister with an attitude to boot!

Ryan McPartlin is really easy on the eyes as Riley, the "goy toy" as Fran's son Josh refers to him, and even though he is younger than Josh, he is believable as Fran's live in lover. Ben Feldman brings the show together as Josh... The son who thought his world was coming undone when he snapped and got kick out of medical school. As he soon found out, that was nothing in comparison to coming home and finding his mother playing house with an ex-jock. I really hope this show gets picked up, and that I can be there for the taping of the 100th episode.

Josh to Riley: "You're only here because my mother is having a mid-life crisis. If she were a guy, you'd be a Porsche."
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Pilot episode and bonus episode
MarleighV9 April 2005
Well, I saw the pilot episode last night on the WB, and I have to admit, it's not that bad at all. In fact, I got quite a few laughs out of it. I knew I would have to concentrate on the episode itself so that I would not keep comparing it to the Nanny, but I think overall, it can be a good series. The boyfriend's acting does seem to be a little wooden. He seems to be stiff and nervous in front of the camera, but the son, the daughter, and Fran all seem to be at ease and determined to have fun. The bonus episode was really cute as the tension between Fran and Riley's mother builds. I think that if they just give "Riley" some better acting lessons, they might just be able to pull off another hit for Fran Drescher and crew.
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Gonna be wonderful!
gravesmansion18 December 2004
I saw the taping of "Shacking Up" on Dec. 10. It was great. Believable characters, convincing acting, good performance. Fran Drescher was very believable as a 40-something-year-old mother, and she made the kids hers. The relationship between her and her 25 year old lover was quite believable, too. Funny, pleasant, enjoyable.

In this show, Drescher is still very funny and energetic, but doesn't exhibit the kind of near-hysteria that she did in her previous hit sitcom, "The Nanny." While "The Nanny" showed her at her best at the time, In "Shacking Up,'Fran is more down to earth, and seems to be more relaxed in the new show. She owned the role of Fran Reeves, and it truly was, and will be, a pleasure to "tune in" to watch it.

For any divorced woman with children, this particular episode will be more than believable. It will probably be a reality check, too. Charles Shaunnessy guest starred as Drescher's ex-husband. I understand that she is having quite a few other top performers guest star, too.

It should be another hit for Drescher, and a major star maker for the rest of the cast. By the way,the show has another new name..."Livin' With Fran." Five stars and a couple of thumbs up.
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Give it a chance...
tmoo218 June 2005
Every time I get a Friday night chance to watch I keep seeing a repeat of one of the episodes. It appears from the IMDb website that there are about 12 episodes. When were they on? The show isn't always on either, being interrupted by baseball games or other movies.

I think it's a great idea for a show with a good plot. The actors are all enjoyable to watch too. The characters of Fran and Josh are great. I'd like to see more plot behind the daughter and son to make them worth having on the show.

I just love Fran and am glad she is back on TV. I really would just like to see more to form a good opinion.
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not bad
mattkratz11 July 2006
This is a not-too-bad show that serves as a good vehicle for Fran Drescher. Despite her obnoxious voice, there is plenty to like about this sitcom in which she and her two children live with her new boyfriend-who happens to be half her age! There are plenty of laughs, and the writing and casting are perfect. I like the kids in the show-the obnoxious little sister and the son who got kicked out of medical school and is now working in a video store. I like Fran's character. She plays the part well. I think the situations presented in the show are well done, especially the scenes with Fran's ex-husband. Overall, this is a good show.

** 1/2 out of ****
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Living with Fran
arturus21 April 2005
Fran Drescher is perhaps the most talented and smartest woman in show business...or maybe one of the smartest PEOPLE in the business, period! On her previous show, "The Nanny", which ran for six years on CBS and is now a smash in syndication, here and abroad, she surrounded herself with the best: superb supporting cast, great writing, top guest stars. She NEVER fell into the trap of making the show all about Fran, but let every cast member have their moment, in every episode. This is a smart performer!

I've watched the first three episodes of her new series. She's just as gifted, just as gorgeous...but it hasn't clicked completely yet. Perhaps she needs a strong co-producer (her ex-husband was that, on "The Nanny"); perhaps it's better writers and a sassy ADULT character to play off of (the daughter is good, but Fran needs an "Ethel"...or a Niles!); perhaps it's just a matter of time. The first season of "Nanny" took awhile to find itself.

The jury is still out on this one, but I'm giving it a chance, watching every episode. Fran is so gifted, she'll always be around, the Lucille Ball of her generation.
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Living with Fran and The Nanny
adyymondintheruf8 July 2005
I have watched the show since the premiere and I think it is a hit. I don't think that Fran can do a bad show, she has talent just oozing out of her, she is real, down to earth, funny, and quick witted. I LOVE THE SHOW and don't change anything about it. I watched her show the Nanny from the pilot episode to the series finale, and even though I have seen it many times, it is still funny, not the kind of humor that gets boring after awhile, but she is continuously funny and refreshing.

Fran Drescher is the kind of actress that can take a bad script and turn it into a hit, thats why I say I don't think she could do a bad show.

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Looking forward to watching more, not that bad
ark3345626 April 2005
I am looking forward to watching more of Living with Fran. Its not that bad. Fran seems to be a little out of place in this role, not being able to exhibit her New York, Jewish themes that made The Nanny such a hit. I was almost expecting Sylvia "Ma" Fine to be at the door or on the phone. And I missed Niles and CC. Charles Shaughnessy as a guest was great. He naturally fit in and for a minute it seemed like it was a continuation of The Nanny. Ben Feldman is very good and witty. Misti Traya is excellent as Allison and offers great commentary. Ryan McPartlin's acting is almost nonexistent and just as the show promotes, he is simply the good looking young guy. The relationship between him and Fran is very unrealistic, its almost forced. Fran and Charles on The Nanny had a very good on screen presence, as opposed to Riley, who is very wooden. Hopefully, he will learn from the comic genius that is Fran Drescher and become a great actor. I have faith in this show, it just needs time.
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Horrible is an understatement
BeckeySue23 August 2005
I LOVE Fran Drescher, I could watch the Nanny forever, and I could not wait for her to return to TV.

This is not the show to do it with. I was very disappointed in the plot, the acting, and the lack of chemistry among the cast. I also thought most of the jokes were crass.

I am not interested in a dysfunctional family. Who came up with this lame idea for a sitcom? Light, funny, fast paced with a GREAT ensemble cast,this is the ticket,none of which I found here.

Watch it fast. I don't expect it to last past a few episodes.

Come on Fran, come up with something better. Beckey
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Great show! So sad it's ended!!
yasmine-egle1 February 2007
Want Fran & Riley back! That was a great show! Funny, enjoyable, cute. I'm upset I didn't have a chance to see the first season, but the second is really good. There are so many shows right now, which are still on air, but they are not so good. The writing of Living With Fran is great, the cast is also very good. Ben & Ryan are amazing, as well as Misti Trya and of course Fran. Could have been more celebrities to guest star on show, but it is a very good show anyway. I wonder if there is any possibility that this show could be reborn? I'm sure it would have it's viewers, but the re-airing of old episodes would be also good before the new ones. I would definitely watched this show if it came back to life again!
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Weak sitcom
badger_pie26 July 2005
I'm hoping this gets better. I started watching because "The Nanny" is my favourite show of all time and I adore Fran.

I used to love the one-liners from Niles and CiCi, and the over eating pushy Sylia.

This show is unfortunately weak and generic, it lacks the edge and wit that the Nanny had and even though it's not a replacement for "The Nanny", I'm a bit disappointed with it.

The daughter has yet to show any real character other than being a stroppy teenager (fair enough the role is realistic, but this is a Sitcom not a drama) and the boyfriend, although very handsome, is very dull and wooden.

I would love to see Fran is something amazing again.
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iceprincess7418 April 2005
My best friend and I were really looking forward to Living With Fran, and we must say we are totally disappointed. The writing was trite, the acting below average. We did like the daughter, Allison. The actress playing that role was the only believable character. The handsome 'goy toy', easy on the eyes, but needs a few more acting lessons.

I expected more from Fran, whom I just love. She is selling herself short on this sitcom. The second episode was a flip of the first episode. How many times will we have to see family members be shocked to learn of their age difference?

Fran would have been better off going for a more dramatic role, like the guest starring role she played on Lifetimes 'Strong Medicine'. She was sensational in that role.

To sum it up, its not what we expected at all. To those who enjoy it, good for you. We won't be watching, sorry Fran.
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Ripshin9 April 2005
This is standard, current sitcom formula at its very worst. Certainly, it's not surprising that the WB is the source.

Although I couldn't tolerate "The Nanny" during its original run, I have grown to appreciate its comic timing, and sly dialogue. Fran D is an acquired taste, but her personae can work effectively with good writing, and a first-rate supporting cast.

"Living with Fran" has no such luck. The pilot is humorless. The concept banal. Fran works best with a "smart" co-star, and this fiasco has only her daughter in that category. Unfortunately, the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship do not allow for the kind of interplay that Fran's typical audience expects. There is no "Niles" or "CC" off which to bounce caustic one-liners.

This mess of a sitcom will die a quick death.

P.S. Good grief - it's in Season Two!

P.S. 2 WB just put on hiatus - bye-bye!
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At least it wasn't a very long stay
Two half seasons, amounting to just over one whole season(if going by the 22-24 amount that seems to be the usual for American television series). That's what this show got. I wish I could claim that it's that tough to determine why. The problem is that this just really doesn't have that much to offer. Originality is low to where it's impossible to ignore... I'm not sure I've ever seen so many episodes about the same thing(s?). Jokes and gags are repeated ad nauseum, with a handful of basic material(which is not to say that it isn't sometimes good, or that none of it is new) about the various certain situations and characters being reused, merely minorly rewritten, as the most common method of attempting to garner laughs from the audience(when the canned track more often than not can be taken as an instructor in when you're supposed to find something funny, you know something's wrong). One episode has an absolutely meaningless scenery-change there for no other purpose than to stage a line of puns, the idea behind which was done considerably better on Married... With Children, you know, oh, about a decade back, if not more. One thing that is just too "loud" on this is how Fran(who, it already has been pointed out by others, is basically playing the same character as usual) seems to constantly be parading around her improved life and new-found happiness(so much so that one would think that it isn't just in the fiction, honestly, at times this whole thing seems mostly put together as a vendetta... and I'm not unsympathetic to the pain of heart-ache, nor against art born from strong, even vindictive, emotions - The Crow is a splendid example that such motivation can be excellent - but when this is the result... I mean, if there is this little creative force behind it, then please at least get assistance by someone who could raise it to a higher level). Why so much sex? It's in every other punchline at times. The Halloween episode has nothing interesting to offer(granted, not every other does, but with how many, including unlikely ones, have, it's a legitimate expectation). The production as such is fine, nothing special. The supporting players aren't bad, they just aren't that memorable, nor their performances *that* strong(worst of which by far McPartlin, who was clearly cast entirely based on his appearance). It has already been said that Drescher is lacking a solid grown-up character to play off of(like Niles on The Nanny). The references to aforementioned title in which the lead also kept her first name were cute at first, but got old long before they ceased. Writing could be more consistent. In the end, this just never really succeeds to put anything on the screen that is all that memorable or fresh, in spite of what humor it does contain(which is hardly the least I've seen on a sit-com). Unfortunate. I recommend this only to the biggest fans of Fran Drescher. I at best like her, at worst don't usually mind her mainly Jew-centric(not a criticism, just an observation) comedic work. 5/10
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Staying power? Doubtful.
captainfeces12 September 2004
I attended a taping of this show on Sept. 9, 2004. While I like Jamie Kennedy and enjoyed his antics as Executive Producer of the show, I doubt that the show will last much beyond the mid-season replacement slot that it is slated to fill.

I know that Fran Drescher has a following...I just don't quite understand who follows her. She was okay, but hardly stellar. Ryan McPartlin's acting felt forced and the relationship between he and Drescher didn't feel believable at all.

In truth, I think the only saving grace of the show is Misti Traya, playing Fran's daughter. Her surly jabs and well-delivered bites were perfect. I didn't find them too out-of-the-norm by any stretch and, if I had a daughter like that, I think I would have many laughs at the dinner table.

While I don't expect the show to last, I hope that Traya doesn't fade with it. She's a cute, spunky, little thing and I think she's fun to watch. Fran Drescher, however, is none of those things.
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A one-note cacophony
sgw5554 November 2005
How can you tell when an actress can't act, without even needing to see her perform? When she has to put her own name in the title of her sitcom! Let's face it: Fran Drescher has only ever been able to play Fran Drescher. She's always the nasal, long-nailed, 'white trash with a heart of gold' character that she was on The Nanny, and we are led to believe that her off-screen persona, while possibly slightly less annoying, is in fact pretty close to her on-screen one.

I know some people loved this 'character' on The Nanny, so I suppose it's not all that surprising that Living with Fran is pretty much the same show (only this time she's got 3 of her OWN kids, not babysitting that British guy's - oh wait! The British guy IS the father of these kids!). Fans of The Nanny must be happy.

But as I watched this show for the first time, all I could think was: Isn't Fran Drescher getting bored with herself? I mean, she's been playing the same part, with the same affectations, the same type of clothes, the same exasperating-white-trash-with-a-heart-of-gold character for, like, 20 years now! Isn't she embarrassed to be showing everyone how very little acting talent she has? Couldn't she have gone to acting class during the years after The Nanny when she had nothing to do? It's no surprise this show was canceled. What's disconcerting is that it ever made it past a pilot in the first place.
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katogirl28 December 2018
I recently found this show on Hulu. I thought it was a 2018 show and was thrilled with the decor and figured that they really know what contemporary art is! To find out this show is a decade old and that there are only two seasons, breaks my heart. I love Fran and Feldman. I loved the other cast members and the entire premise of the show. Please bring this show back! It isn't too late! Lots of shows have made a comeback and I sincerely hope they give this one another go at it.
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There is a special place for a program like this
rakman129 April 2005
There is a special place for a program such as this... Hell. No, I think hell may be too good for this unbelievably bad show. It is a disgrace to bad shows. This half hour of pure torture should come with a Surgeon General's warning. It's not just that it's hackneyed. It's not just that it's cliché. It's not just that the premise is unbelievably ridiculous and executed with the precision of a blind marksman. No, it's that the WB network would have the gall to think that THIS should be put on the air and promoted, while a show like Arrested Development could be so close to cancellation. Billions of years from now, aliens will find our world and see this show and realize that there was never intelligent life on Earth. On the bright side, this should keep Fran from doing Old Navy commercials. Oh dear Lord, there's a bright side.
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Living With Fran
smooth_op_8528 September 2006
I really like Fran Drescher and I really like the fact that she toned down the volume this time-- after THE NANNY, I don't want to hear that voice like that again. I do have to say that it does have the makings of a good show, but it does seem as if Riley is a bit stiff on the set. HOwever, in the more recent episodes I've seen, they seem to be comfortable. I have to say this whole MY TV Buffalo and CW thing is really steaming my onions by not keeping the same shows at the same time as they were on UPN but at least bring back The Cosby Show and A Different World back at 11 and 10 respectively. But I digress, I can't wait to see when they bring it back it should be on CW23 so Can't Wait,lol
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The Show Needs Something.....
winecountry28 July 2006
As with The Nanny there was a wonderful cast who each had there place and shared in the success of the show. LWF, has a little too much Fran, maybe more than I can live with. After watching the show tonight and earlier today watching The Nanny I've come to a conclusion. If she could bring in one character from the old show she would probably do the new show a big favor. I think If Niles could return as a (Male Nanny/Butler) you'd have an excellent beginning to a good sitcom. Maybe Fran could land a big job, thus affording Niles. Of course this is probably just pipe-dreaming, but I think a good suggestion.

I don't think any of the other characters from the old show would work as well as Niles, but who knows. If the original Niles couldn't be gotten, maybe a similar actor/actress. You can visualize how each character from The Nanny could fit in. I see the best fitting of them all would be Niles. Maybe Val could show up every once in a while. How bout her father from The Nanny, Steve Lawrence? All of the old characters could be cast in at least one show or more.
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Fran is better than material
smilingldsgirl24 July 2006
I love Fran Drescher. She is so real and funny. I am a huge Nanny fan, so I was excited about this new show. I agree with previous commenter's that Riley is too wooden, and I don't think that the average 20 something kids would be as OK with their mom dating a kid their age as the kids on the show seem to be. Kids have a hard time with their parents dating anyone else- let alone someone who could be their buddy. My other complaint is it is tough for me to see Charles S. from the Nanny as a grumpy old man. I love him so much on that show and it is just a tough character leap to make. He's good. I just like him better as Mr. Shefield. Still, I hope this show stays on for the mere purpose of allowing me to giggle with Fran each week. That's reason enough.
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An Ideal Stupid Comedy !
elshikh419 May 2008
I like (Fran Drescher). In fact I see that she didn't make till now the work that equals her talent. She's so wonderful to a sexy extent, she's hilariously noisy character (the prototype nagging woman at its best) BUT (Living With Fran) is the misfortune of her and us !

First of all I got sick because of this repeated form for all the family's sitcoms like it's the ultimate fate that no escape from it forever and ever to the end of mankind ! You can know everything about it just by reviewing the opening credits (which's so silly in here by the way). It's the boringly everlasting formula about one small family and its problems with the same set, the same style, the same continuous laughter off-cadre in the most provocative hypocrite way.

However you'll see how (Fran) tries to present the new thing finally; it's the situation of having the middle-aged divorced mom a young dashing lover ! And how that could be successful ! Well, it's (Fran Drescher)'s theory which exceptionally could be successful sometimes in the real world but unfortunately they picked (Ryan McPartlin) to be that lover ! He's too young, not that talented, and had NO chemistry with (Fran) so much that I asked myself too many times how could she stand him in their scenes, or how we could stand them BOTH in those very scenes ?!!

(McPartlin), who's 18 years younger than (Fran), looked much younger than that too. So he was her boyfriend who looked like a boy already ! He got an aspect of a teenager so how about dealing with upbringing an actual ones ! Not to mention the irony between his zero comic performance and her high one.. That was unforgettable bitter irony if you ask me !

The theme of parents whom are learning while they're learning their kids is quite served but in so old way with renewals that ridiculous as I mentioned. Yes, there was some nice charisma as well as good efforts from (Misti Traya) and (Ben Feldman) but forget about any real laughing or something special more than watching (Fran Drescher) and hearing her funny voice which was the only perfect thing in here !

I think whenever you'll hear a conversation about stupid comedy, traditional at its worst, usual corny production THAT'S the show to remember.
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I attended the taping of Shaking Up.
piedirt6 September 2004
I attended the taping of "shaking Up" on Sept, 3rd. 2004.

The problem with the show is that it is not that edgy. As the audience warm-up person told the audience. Also, the character acted by Misti Traya was too strong, where she did not communicate as a real daughter of Fran. Misti owns the role, and give an overbearing performance of a daughter that is not funny and is out of control, but yet plays the parent role when Fran – Kate Reeves, losses control of her family.

Why were the laughs not as funny as 'Friends' or 'Married with Children?'

I attended the taping of Fran Dreschers' new comedy 'Shacking Up.'

'Shaking Up' does not seem to have the appeal of 'Friends,' nor the gut wrenching humor of 'Married with Children.'

'Shaking Up' feels like a re-make of her 'Nanny' show then some original, and cutting edge comedy that the show promised to be.

One character that appeared not to belong to the family, but would give narration to the audience and Fran was Duane. Described as a 'wacky friend' of Riley who rents a room at Frans home. – I thought that this should be a recurring role for new actors, where Fran has to continually find a new renter.

This show needs help, because the laughs were mostly coached from the audience warm-up person, and Felt like a re-make of 'The Nanny' part II.
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Felt like a slap in the face to nanny fans.
undecided39914 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love Fran but this show felt like a slap in the face to Nanny fans.I loved the nanny and like all nanny fans the single best moment is when Maxwell and her gets together and it took five seasons to get to that moment.When i heard the title of the show i was thrilled to see the nanny back and to see the wonderful chemistry of her and max.However i was extremely disappointed to see that Fran was divorced from Max ,who in this show is named Ted, and he acted like a over jealous jerk completely out of his character.

Fran who is still named Fran is dating a "boy" half her age.It felt like I was watching the female version of a mans mid life crisis which was completely unbecoming.I have nothing against older and younger couples but her younger mans character seemed so young,dumb and there was no chemistry between them.I only made it through a few episodes.It was so hard to watch when Ted(Max) would come onto the show cause it would remind me of the nanny,how they used to be in a good show and how much time i felt like i wasted watching the show just to see her and max end up happily ever after.
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Innovative but lacks of pizazz...
Andeavor1 July 2005
I have been a great fan of Fran Drescher and her previous show "The Nanny". When I heard the great news about Fran's new show, I couldn't wait for it. Finally I got to watch it, but somehow I was a little disappointed:

Fran is in her forties and is living with her boyfriend Riley who's in his twenties. Also living under her roof are her children, Josh and Allison, and the rather strange Duane.

First off, Fran is wonderful trying to balance her relationship to her lover and to her sarcastic children. Riley - as good-looking and charming as he is - looses a lot of credibility trying not to turn into a guardian to his partner's children. Both kids, Josh and Allison, lack of something I haven't figured out yet. They do try to come along with Riley but they're not that convincing commenting on his character. I can't say much about Duane, since he has only appeared twice or three times since the show's start, but he has potential bringing the Reeve Residence upside down.

The story lines mostly revolve around Fran and Riley's relationship. We don't see much about the kids and Duane, which could bring new stories and twists into the show. The writing also lacks of creativity. Most of the jokes are repetitious and sure could use more sarcasm and spice. The characters also need more deepness and variety.

I really hope for the show to become more diverse and hilarious and hope the writers will give the actors more chances to show more of their comedic talents.

Anyway, watch the show to keep up the ratings!
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