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Watch 'The Nomi Song,' About the Eccentric Musician Who Inspired David Bowie

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Musician Klaus Nomi never became a household name, but as Snagfilms' 'The Nomi Song' shows, his otherworldly live performances and rock-disco-opera hybrid inspired a legion of classic musicians, including David Bowie whom Nomi backed up during Bowie's appearance on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Andrew Horn's award-winning documentary is part concert footage, part interview and part bizarre sci-fi film in line with Nomi's cosmic fixations. As Nomi's music and live performances -- replete with heavy make-up, bizarre hairstyles and multiple costumes -- began to earn him critical acclaim, the singer became the first prominent musician to be killed by AIDS in 1983. 'The Nomi Song' celebrates a truly unique musical figure.

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Watch This: The Nomi Song

Klaus Nomi was a prominent figure in the New Wave scene of the '80s in New York City, not only for his gorgeous counter tenor that made pop and punk songs into opera but also for his iconic look and stage presence. Watching the documentary The Nomi Song, I can only wish I was around when he was performing, perhaps in the same clubs I went to many years after his death. With campy futuristic stage performances and an iconic look that was a mix between a space alien, a Kabuki performer, and the robot from Metropolis, he was the one shocking the seemingly unshockable downtown punk crowds.

This doc about his short career and early death from a mysterious disease we now know is AIDs has fantastic footage of him performing live, shots of the East Village as it was then and now, and, of course, tales from
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