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Colin Farrell: Captain Smith



  • Pocahontas : Did you find your Indies, John? You shall.

    Captain John Smith : [after a long reflective pause]  I may have sailed past them.

  • Captain John Smith : Love... shall we deny it when it visits us... shall we not take what we are given.

  • Captain John Smith : There's something I know when I'm with you that I forget when I'm away.

  • John Smith : I thought it was dream... what we knew in the forest. It's the only truth.

  • [about Pocahontas] 

    Captain John Smith : All the children of the king were beautiful, but she, the youngest, was so exceedingly so that the sun himself - though he saw her often - was surprised whenever she came out into his presence. Her father had a dozen wives, a hundred children, but she was his favorite. She exceeded the rest not only in feature and proportion but in wit and spirit too. All loved her.

  • John Smith : [voice over]  If only I could go down that river. To love her in the wild, forget the name of Smith. I should tell her. Tell her what? It was just a dream. I am now awake.

  • John Smith : He that will not work shall not eat! The labors of honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintain the idleness of a few!

  • John Smith : [to Pocahontas]  Don't trust me. You don't know who I am!

  • Captain John Smith : [voice over]  They are gentle, loving, faithful, lacking in all guile and trickery. The words denoting lying, deceit, greed, envy, slander, and forgiveness have never been heard. They have no jealousy, no sense of possesion. Real, what I thought a dream.

  • John Smith : Who are you?

    Pocahontas : Who are you?

    John Rolfe : Who are you?

  • John Smith : He who does not work, shall not eat!

  • Captain Christopher Newport : Let him go.

    Colonist : You said to hang him, sir.

    Captain Christopher Newport : Now remember Smith, you've come to these shores in chains. You're under a cloud, which you'll darken considerably if I hear any more of your mutinous remarks. Is that understood?

    John Smith : [nods in recognition] 

  • Captain John Smith : [voice over]  Who are you whom I so faintly hear? Who urge me ever on? What voice is this that speaks within me... guides me towards the best? We shall make a new start. A fresh beginning. Here the blessings of the earth are bestowed upon all. None need grow poor. Here there is good ground for all, and no cost but one's labor. We shall build a true common wealth, hard work and self reliance our virtues. We shall have no landlords to reack us with high rents or extort the fruit of our labor.

  • Captain John Smith : We don't take hostages. King James would not approve.

    Captain Argall : You'd rather see us annihilated?

    Captain John Smith : She's done enough for us. She risked a beating out of her own brains to save mine. Had she not fed us, you would have starved. She's been the instrument to preserve this colony from disaster. We shall not return her kindness by making her a captive! Come Argall, threaten me! Then I'd know I was gonna live for 1,000 years.

    Captain Argall : She and her lot are on the berge of killing us all. I expect there will be scarce a handfull alive when the boats return if they ever do. You told us yourself that her father regards her as no one else. Or, do you have private reasons for this attitude of yours?

    Captain John Smith : Return to your post. The penalty for disobeying an order of the president is hanging. You're breaking the laws. This is mutiny.

    Captain Argall : Me breaking the laws?

    Captain Argall : [shouting]  I have information Smith here is planning to marry the wench and make himself King of Virginia.

  • Captain John Smith : How many lands behind me? How many seas?

  • Captain John Smith : [voiceover]  There is only this - all else is unreal.

  • Captain John Smith : [voiceover]  At the moment I was to die she threw herself upon me.

  • John Smith : [pondering to himself]  I let her love me. I made her love me.

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