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The desire, the masterpiece that was lost
lucas_isjustme31 July 2012
2004, after the stunning success of "Resistiré", Telefe producer opts for a story that goes far beyond its predecessor, the Argentine prime-time is invaded by spectacular show so rich in details that will surprise you , a work of art from the first chapter extremely careful in every way, without letting any way. The story, super intriguing, a small, quiet town where life comes on smoothly, however, hides a dark secret behind this screen, a secret that connects each of the many characters in the story. Loaded with sensuality, adult story, serious, in a short time uses comedy, to give a very dark character throughout the show. Also a story ready to put no limit to the reality, (like its predecessor "Resistiré" which showed the depths of the human being as well as sexual and ambiguous desires) goes into the perverse pleasures of man without fear to bring out the diversity in sexuality. As for the cast, is a luxury the quality of actors involved, impeccable performances, as well as unique style of each character. Most impressive is the direction of photography, and design of each stage and presentation titles, the whole aesthetic of the program is comparable to that of a movie. Special mention deserves the soundtrack, so carefully sought, fits well with every scene and every moment of history, that would be happy just to hear the program and yet I would be satisfied. Despite all the good in this production, the Argentine public (as open minded as to enjoy other such controversial programs as "Resistiré", "Tiempo final", "Disputas", "Sangre fría" among others) did not know appreciate the magnitude of this story and the care that was performed allowing only 60 chapters, a lower figure when considering the 230 episodes of "Resistiré". To those who want to enjoy an excellent TV show, I recommend "The Desire", you will not regret it.
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