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Ugly animation
ersbel31 July 2019
Ugly animation, slow dialogue and no action. A past time for people who are disabled and can't play one of the thousands of somehow similar games.
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The best web series I've ever seen
TheSeaLion8 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Masters of comedy, Roosterteeth has created one of the greatest web series of all time spawning from "The Blood Gulch Chronicles". The "Blood Gulch Chronicles" takes something as simple as a web series based in the Halo Universe and puts a creative twist on it, making it about a band of misfits running around a boxed in canyon having wacky adventures.

Each character has their own unique personality and all of the acting done in the series is great, surpassing the acting of some big budget Hollywood movies, with much praise going towards the acting of Joel Heyman (Caboose), Kathleen Zuelch (Tex), and Dan Godwin (Donut) with the others putting in good work as well but those three are the ones that stand out.

The comedy is brilliant and, like "South Park", can do juvenile humor correctly without it annoying the audience. It does not happen a lot, which is a plus, but when it does happen, it is done correctly and that is what is important. The only time juvenile humor gets a little annoying is with the introduction of Griff's sister.

They have many creative stories within the chronicle with creative humor that will keep you coming back for more. The only real problem is that until Season 2, there had not really been a good story other than Church being killed by Caboose. After that, the story picked up and much more happened.

This is a web series for everyone is they enjoy comedy, even if they are not fans of the Halo games.
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Funniest Webshow EVER
Cephyran25 April 2004
I love it. These guys are hilarious, and even though a lot of it is basically dumb humor, that's what makes it so funny. Even if you've never played Halo, you'll enjoy these, since they often are playing off some of the elements in games that don't make the most sense - example- "A dry creek bed in a box canyon, no discernable way in or out" and the deal with the flags (capture the flag)'s all great. The characters are all awesome, even the vehicles - the warthog and the tank, have character, believe it or not. And it's quotable, they have some great quotes...."That is not how you were trained to do that!"

RedVsBlue is great. I'm a mondo Halo fan, and this is the best short webshow I've seen in ages.
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Refreshing and well written.
neon477 August 2006
Red vs. Blue deserves the attention it's been getting lately. The ever growing internet series now on DVD is zany, vulgar, and gut-busting funny. From Caboose's random spits of non-sense to the illogical decisions of Sarge, who seems very similar to Dilbert's pointy-haired boss, Red vs. Blue is a kick in the gut. Most Halo fans should be pleased (especially with Season 3's "coarpse hump" scene); although I have crossed one who didn't like this but then I was reminded that he didn't have a sense of humor (maybe because he sucks?). I can't help but be reminded of the great Monty Python every time I watch this because it's easy to see a group like that write something like this. If you like laughing don't miss this, if you don't like laughing then crawl back in your hole and wait for sweet death.
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A great parody series!
Z2170823 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
While I never played any of the Halo games, I really like this series. I really like the comedy here. It's really funny to see how the chartacters will annoy each other with every little thing they do. And, the characters aren't just a bunch of bland military stereotypes. They're all original, interesting characters. My favorite character is probably Sarge. I just like how he's so full of himself, and his voice actor is clearly having fun with the role. The animation is, well, it's just people controlling 3D characters from the games. But it does suit the show.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, I recommend you check out Red vs. Blue. You'll sure get a good laugh out of it.
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Without question, the funniest thing on the internet
Darth_Homer8 August 2004
I'm sure everyone has at least heard of, or played the revered Xbox classic Halo:Combat Evolved. Everyone loves that game, but would you take your love that far to make a webseries of the show? Well, thats what a bunch of geeks have done, and done and brilliant job of it.

The series is set after the end of the first game and before the start of the second, and essentially, tells the story of two sides (Reds and Blues) and their conflict in Blood Gulch (the best map in Halo)

The great thing about this show is that it's funny, and I MEAN funny! Heres a line just to show a example

(While in a tank)"Why is there six pedals if theres only four directions!?"

The series is filled with other great lines, but I'll leave you to find them.

The great thing about the series is that it's filmed from inside the game, it's not a comic, or just some guys playing and speaking, it shows the characters moving, with voices dubbed over of course, and it shows that it's done somewhat professionally.

Finally, just let me say, watch this series, it's one of the greatest ever web series, and one of the funniest things ever made, it joins the list of other great funny things like the Simpsons, Futurama and Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
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WTF funny as hell
jbabel-858289 August 2021
I watched this 3 years ago and I loved it and I missed watching it so I forgot that Netflix pulled it off in 2019 and at the same time I forgot that they have DVD for this show I'll buy the DVDs one of these days and laugh so damn hard I'll laugh and cry at the same time this show is so good.
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"You just killed Church you team killing f***tard!"
octagon8822 March 2004
This is hilarious, RvsD is a website with funny video clips the spoof the hit video Game Halo, now, the whole thing is on a DVD.

It is funny as hell, the soldiers talk crap, and have arguments in funny ways. The graphics from Halo are also used.

The one liners are Hilarious "Tucker, Iv'e always hated you the most" "Thats nice to know, now hurry up and die you f***ing prick!" The characters are hilarious, like Caboose and Dougnut

This is well worth your time, look for the DVD, you will enjoy!

Now the only thing these guys have to do is make a full length feature film, for the theaters.
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If Only Television Were This Funny
morphion27 January 2006
Creators Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum have concocted a bizarre production, in more ways than one. Using the medium of the critically acclaimed video game "Halo", Burns and Hullum have devised some dozen characters to be played by generic character-figures of the game and voiced by themselves and assorted associates. What you wouldn't expect is for these characters to be so delightfully unique and for the result to be so thoroughly enjoyable.

The plot these hoodlum boys from the States have thought up is that on a faraway alien planet, in a contained valley known as Blood Gulch, two teams are positioned and at war with one another: The Red team, made up of Sarge (Matt Hullum), Grif (Geof Fink), Simmons (Gustavo Sorola) and Donut (Dan Godwin) and the Blue team, made up of Church (Burnie Burns), Tucker (Jason Suldana), Caboose (Joel Heyman) and Tex (Kathleen Zuelch).

What's funny about this scenario is that the "war" in question has literally no point, the "soldiers" fighting it all have deep character flaws of one kind or another and certainly no interest in actually defeating the other team (save for the aggressive military stereotype Sarge), and most of the time is spent simply on conversation. In this regard, the writers are fantastic: their dialogue is a prime example of observational wit, as well as a keen sense of when stupidity for the sake of stupidity will work and to what extent.

The humor of "Red vs. Blue" is an acquired taste of sorts, choosing mainly to poke fun at the military lifestyle; using the mediums of cynical and sarcastic Church, to gruff and authoritarian Sarge, to simple and naive Caboose. Reminiscent of such adult-themed cartoons as "South Park" and "The Simpsons", "Red vs. Blue" is remarkably succinct in establishing memorable and unique characters to the point that we, the audience, know what to expect from each of them, yet still find it funny when we get exactly that. If you're looking for a laugh, then maybe you've been looking in the wrong places. Try Red Vs Blue on for size.
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This used to be fun to watch 10 years ago. Now? Not anymore.
prestonwardcondra20 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This used to be fun to watch 10 years ago but, nowadays in 2016? Not anymore. I just don't get the praise this show gets. None of the characters are likable.

Church doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut for more than five minutes. Has a girlfriend in Tex, that he is extremely abrasive towards to, Caboose is the dumb one, Simmons is the nerd, Sarge is a farm boy, Donut is a girly-guy, Andy the annoying bomb, etc.

It started off well enough with how Caboose killed Church with Sheila and it was pretty fun to watch 10 years ago. Now after watching Season 4 with how Tucker got...impregnated by an alien. No. Just no.

And here's my biggest flaw with this show.

Apart from Sheila killing a character here and there (or Wyoming taking over Doc's body) the show is nothing more than the characters back sassing each other and calling each other names.

Nothing more. That's it. That's the whole crux of Red Vs. Blue.

The voice acting here is very well done. Burnie Burns and the rest of the cast do wonders of voicing the characters very well.

If you watch earlier seasons (which is what I am reviewing) you notice that very rarely will you see more than four characters on screen at a time, granted I know this show was made back in 2003/2004/2005 with restrictions like that but, it just kills predictability of the show.

Aside from Tucker's "bow chicka bow wow" gag, I have never seen anyone share a Red Vs. Blue video on Facebook, Instagram and praise the show and make people check it out.

After not watching the show for years and on YouTube again for so long, like can't there be more than 10 characters? (Sister is introduced in the middle of Season 5)

The maps in Halo are extremely empty and I'm very surprised they are still continuing this show in 2016.

I'm sorry but, I don't get it. But I will admit all of it is very well made. I just wish it had likable characters and invest making story lines that are not dumb like Tucker getting pregnant.
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A hilarious and creative piece of art
axemblue24 December 2004
I'm not fond of the XBox/PC game Halo by any means. I consider it a very average and unremarkable shooter, save for its use of vehicles. But even with that said, the satirical machinima series Red vs. Blue will always occupy a place in my heart.

The show is shot entirely using the XBox version of Halo, albeit with the game's HUD cropped out. (The aiming reticule is still there, and although it can be a bit distracting at first, you get used to it, and it's part of RVB's "independent film" appeal.) Other than some visual touch-ups, everything there is real and can be duplicated. Also, all of the characters look alike, so they are differentiated via the colors of their armor.

So what's it about? The series lampoons numerous things, including shooters, military life, sci-fi culture, and Halo itself (Church: "These arms aren't that flexible!"). It's set in the rather plain box canyon known as Blood Gulch (a multiplayer map in Halo) during the period between Halo and Halo 2. At one end is the base of the Blue Team; at the other, the Red Team base. Both sides are caught in a fierce deadlock during a capture-the-flag game. In reality, both teams are incredibly inept and would rather spend their time bickering, finding ways to kill time (such as tossing rocks through a teleporter), or just sort of spying on the other team.

On the Blue Team is Church, the sarcastic, impatient leader; Tucker, his somewhat serious-minded partner; and Caboose, the scatterbrained rookie who is often the origin of RVB's many famous quotes.

The Red Team is not much better, though. There's Sarge, a sergeant (duh) with an outlandish Southern American accent; Grif, the soldier who is the butt of most of Sarge's criticism; Simmons, a soldier who gets respect from Sarge and is accused by Grif of being a kiss-ass; Donut, a weird newbie in pink/lightish red armor (even though he's a guy); and Lopez, a robot whose speech unit shorts out later in the series, allowing him to only speak Spanish.

The teams don't stay put, though, and before long, all sorts of weird things happen. The Reds receive a Warthog-class jeep, leaving the Blues to compare it with their own tank in terms of attracting girls. Caboose inadvertently kills Church by blasting him with the tank. Church, now a ghost, possesses Sarge's body and makes him spit inside his own helmet. And that's just the first 19-episode season. But what really makes RVB shine is its great writing, scripting, and voice work.
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Easily one of the funniest things out there
Huang_Gai28 April 2004
Red vs Blue is a fanfiction (I refuse to call it mechanimation or whatever) detailing the goofy exploits between a red and blue base of soldiers from the game "Halo." Made by a bunch of geeks (who happen to have an awesome sense of humor), it definitely shines where other fanmade projects fail.

The show has 9 defineable characters. On the blue side, there's Church, possibly the only sane character on the planet with an attitude problem; Tucker, his "friend" (tentatively speaking) who tends to be bullied a lot by Church; Caboose, the new guy who's blissfully unaware of everything that's happening; and Tex, the mercenary who is hired to assist the Blues.

On the red side, there's Sarge, the gung-ho, Texas-accented stereotypical drill sargaent character who also happens to be severely messed up; Grif, a talkative, somewhat absent-minded guy who's picked on by Sarge a lot; Simmons, possibly the only other sane guy on the planet who also has his nose shoved up Sarge's rear; Donut, the somewhat stupid, but well-meaning new guy; and Lopez, the silent but efficient robot built by Sarge.

Each character is brought to life very aptly by their actors, who manage to make it more believable by adding an effect to the voices that make it sound like they really are communicating through radio headsets. For the most part, the acting is very believable and real, all of the characters are well portrayed, adding to the enjoyment of the show.

Each episode is hilarious for at least a dozen reasons, the story is well thought out, using twists and turns and referring to things that could have easily been discarded as a throwaway joke. The show also has a wit to it that could appeal to a broad range of audiences, though most tends to rely on gay humor that may be offensive, but anyone who's watching a parody of a videogame should be pretty loose when it comes to humor, anyways.

There's not much else to say about the show, it has a solid storyline, highly above average acting, manipulates the graphics of Halo very well, and is generally light hearted and fun. With that, I leave you with these parting words:

Sarge - See these tire hooves? They look kinda like tusks, what kind of animal has tusks? Grif - . . . A walrus. Sarge - What did I just tell you about making up animals?!
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Hands-Down Funny!!!!
sharktrooper212 October 2010
I had first heard about this series when the the first Halo game came out but never figured out how to access it online. When I finally did figure it out, it was so worth it. My summery of the series: It's Halo with Stanley Kubrick plot elements with the Three Stooges in the leading roles.

I have never seen or heard something this funny since Mystery Science Theater. I think it's this funny because we're pretty much cloning one of the most awesome video game characters ever made and winding up with results that we didn't expect. I mean, the voice acting alone makes this series work and the fact that the dialogue that comes out of these faceless characters is incredibly clever is simply an added bonus. Heck, the Red Team alone makes watching this worth it.

I've seen all 8 episodes that they've done and I will say this. The series can only improve with the game's graphics. The only objection I have is that I can't share it with my two younger siblings because the heavy amount of swearing that it contains which I find sad because they're missing out on what exactly I am laughing about. But other then that, I'm a fan and would recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it.
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A surprisingly deep comedy
theblabla2453 April 2018
When I first started watching this show, I thought it was going to be simple minded, cheap laughs, and poor plot. Red Vs Blue is none of those things.

The characters of this show are lovable. Even the villains of it are interesting and have seasons worth of backstory that makes you devoted to them. They actually build up characters better than most shows on TV.

The show has a lot of very funny adventures that are fillers BUT the plot to this show is actually amazing. You wouldn't expect a show on youtube with a video game being the main foundation to how it is filmed to be that complex of a show, but it is. It tackles subjects like identity, love, and tragedy in such a beautiful manner that I am surprised the show is not more widely known.

I never expected Red Vs Blue to be gripping but I was pleasantly surprised.
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Great! These writers are talented!
talkjawking10022 January 2006
I just got Season One today on DVD, not knowing or having ever watched episodes before, and mostly just going off what my friends have told me, and wow! What a surprise to behold! I was laughing out loud a LOT! The first bit in the whole first 19 episodes just hooks you in and keeps the laughs coming.

When I first heard of it, I didn't think it would be that great of an idea, because of the whole idea. Characters recorded from a video game and dialogue looped over to make them look like they're talking? Sounds kinda dumb.

Not so! If you have doubts, ignore them! Buy season one, and you will enjoy it the whole way through! 9/10!
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I'm sooo glad I found this gem
movieman_stl24 March 2005
My brother's friend had a DVD laying around next to his HALO game. He brought it over to my house and I ended up watching it with them. I get introduced to a civil war between the red team and the blue team. Other than subtle differences, they have similar characters- trigger happy warmongers Sarge and Tex, sarcastic slackers Grif and Tucker, oddballs Donut and Caboose, with Simmons and Church as the only guys with any amount of common sense in the box canyon with no way in or out.

I love everything about this series. The rivalries the teams have with each other, within the teams themselves, there is never a dull moment. Even in its third season, it still makes me laugh despite being a little juvenile. If you ever take a break from the story, be sure to watch the Public Service Announcements they offer, especially the holiday ones. I have tried to spread the word about this series, now my other brother is a fan. I highly recommend it.
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Machinima at its best...
pknair29 April 2004
The Blood Gulch Chronicles are by far the funniest examples of machinima I've seen to date. The writing is well done, the voice acting is superb, and the character development has been excellent. The action has been somewhat lacking so far, but there have been a few choice moments, and the dialogue more than makes up for the relatively static positioning of the characters. The best thing is, even if you've never seen or played Halo (the video game used to create the videos) before, you'll be able to understand the plot with no problems. You just might be a bit confused by the crosshairs...

Kudos to the team who put it together! With shows like this, machinima is sure to break into the mainstream as a viable form of producing low-cost, high-quality animated content.
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Funniest Series on the Internet
Runelady23 May 2008
Red vs. Blue is a Machinima comedy series based on the XBox game Halo.

The series takes place on an alien planet, where two armies, (Red Team and Blue Team), are at war with each other in the middle of a box canyon, (Blood Gulch). Although there isn't a lot of fighting, there is a lot of humorous bickering.

I had the pleasure of viewing all 100+ episodes and spoof Public Service Announcements created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The writing and humor is BRILLIANT. The characters are well-developed and have their own distinct personalities.

If you're looking for a good laugh and a lot of memorable quotes, I highly recommended watching this series on DVD. This is easily the most hilarious thing that has come from the internet.
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a heapload of funny bull***t.
nipheon26 April 2004
this series is great. I am not too familiar with comedys done using games (and I know there are some), but I suppose this one is the the best. Its obvious that those guys know how to write funny scripts, and combined with the totally off-the-hook engine of halo, this becomes something great. First, there are loads of great quotable lines, like "Why are there 6 pedals if there are only 4 directions ?" "I always wanted to tell him that he is my son. - Oh, is he ? - No, I just wanted to p*** him off one last time." "Bumpmapping, yeah ? I have some bumps you can map right here !", "Why didnt you bury me ? - With what ? we only have rifles ! what do you want us to do ? shoot you a grave ?"

Secondly, its great that they use the limitations of the game Halo itself for some great effects, like the one where the warthog flips on top of the red (?) base, or the blue sticky grenade sticking on the neck of one of the guys.

Really, this is awesome, and I know I will miss it when its over.
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very creative and fun
JamieJamie-131 August 2008
I love the jokes. I love the scripts. I love the characters. This is one of those few comedies that truly captures its audience and stays with them after they've finished watching. This is not something you watch when you're in the mood for a serious story or want to see live action realism. This is one unbelievable scenario after another and often times plays into paradoxes. But that's what makes it so much fun. Also you have to give the creators credit for creating a new film media now known as "machinema". I think that's probably the greatest achievement of this show. I'm not a big fan of Halo, but I still love this show and all its characters.

In essence if you like paradoxes and script based comedy then you'll love this show.
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For Adolescent Gamers
bill_allison2 May 2021
If you are a teen who loves Halo, then this is for you. Otherwise, not so likely. It is filled with rude dumb-ass type humor that some people love, but the rest of us can do without. There was a lot of pointless shooting. The action seemed less than I expected. The animation was basic video game style.

I love RWBY, but was disappointed by Red vs Blue.
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How is this machinima on IMDb?
nelandquinten14 July 2010
I absolutely hate this show and what it's become. This online show started off pretty humorous, and now has become a poorly assembled pile of nonsense filled with toilet-humor and very, very bad puns. The show started off being a satirical comedy about two teams trying to win over a war-torn canyon, but as the show progresses in a few years, it soon slid off this storyline, which was pretty much the entire point of the show. I can't even follow any of the characters anymore and don't understand the jokes. There are very few that actually make me laugh. RoosterTeeth isn't even trying to make this show decent anymore. I feel that they let this popularity get to their heads, listened to their fan base a little too closely, and decided to follow a new, more "elabrate" storyline to please their online audience. And somehow, this show makes money off of this. Not that it doesn't seem likely because it's so dumb, its just that they legally can'r since Halo is owned by Bungie. I guess they were lucky enough to strike a deal with them and go ape-s*** over the anticipation. Another thing that really annoys me about this show (if you can even call it that since it made it's way to IMDb) is the titling. Seriously, the "Blood Gulch Chronicles" and "Revelation"? If you want to add these distinguished titles to your show, then your show needs to have some content to match it. The only thing that has gotten better since the originals is the animation. The motion-capture animation in general is why this has 2 stars, but it simply deprives it from it original plot. Red vs. Blue (or what's left of it) is now complete nonsense and I quickly grew tired of it. RoosterTeeth uses this show as their flagstaff to try to dominate all other online shows, thinking that the vast fan base and popularity will get them money and fame, but they didn't use their heads and now this show weak and forgettable. Red vs. Blue is a disaster.
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The funniest damn online series ever.
Grayfox1762 January 2006
The series Red Vs Blue, created by Rooster Teeth, is an online parody, if you will, of Halo. the characters consist of a wimpy pacifist, a smart-ass, two morons, two sarcastic slackers, an unrelenting kiss-ass, and a crazy bounty hunter. one of the great things is that all of the jokes are funny, the one liners ("You watch everything? even what we did at our rocks?" "Yes, and you should be ashamed."), the story-like ones ("What was all that stuff about God?"), the subtle ones ("Find... -ok for- ...Ucker." "Okay... do you spell that with a T of an F?"), all of them. It is also a large joke to the military life style, if you could call it that. The basic story line is two teams fighting over a canyon in the middle of nowhere, which suddenly changes when an insane schizo in the wimpy pacifist attacks and leaves the area. Hilarity ensues in this great series. Seasons one through three are out on DVD now, and season four will be out this March. I highly recommend you to get them, if you don't get the episodes from the rooster teeth website.
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The Funniest Show Ever
tsaint1417 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If every comedy were as funny as this, there would be no bad comedies, and the world would be a better place. And if every show were at least half as funny as this, then most shows on IMDb would be at least 8.0. The funniest part of the series would be season four. When Tucker needs to go on the quest to save the Covenant species. The whole sword issue. To understand any of the show, you need to watch the whole series. Go to google video to see the whole thing. Or go to, sign up and watch it, then post on each episode. To get some of the jokes, you need to know things about halo, granted. but, a lot of the jokes don't need that.
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It's Funny
MitchellTF16 May 2005
Quite simply, it's some REALLY funny stuff...

I don't really think Season Two slacked off at the start...and I didn't notice the cleaned up language...

It's REALLY funny...And it's in short "Skits" too...

It's got some pretty good satire, and some REALLY funny crazy stuff, and it can be watched for...well...2 hours in one sitting...then for a LONG time...

Heck, my DAD likes it! (And he's over 50...) I haven't shown it to my mom, but she doesn't like cussing...

I recommend this to everyone...
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