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Season 1

2 Jan. 1990
Moving Day
Sycamore Heights was peaceful, until the American Gopher family moved in next door to Arthur Burrows and his family. Arthur is infuriated by the loud and brash neighbours, but his wife, Beatrix, and his daughter, Flora seem to like the new residents. Dr Wince is not happy either, as he was going to obtain the house as buried within the garden is a magic crystal that would make him the most powerful ferret in the world. He and his assistant Sly are determined to make them move out, via haunting or other methods.
9 Jan. 1990
The Electricity Bill
The electricity bill is on its way to the Gophers, when the mailman is intercepted by Dr Wince and Sly. After some edits, the Gophers are distressed at how much they owe and start trying to cut back on their use - otherwise they might have to leave. Perhaps they can make use of renewable energy.
16 Jan. 1990
Loop Holes
The Gopher Family have moved into their new home, next door to their neighbours The Burrows. Merv Wombat from Australia is squatting in their gardens, trying to discover "the old country". Whilst Dr. Wince and Sly are trying to build a road through their gardens.

 Season 1 

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