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Great movie, quit bashing it!!!
bsmithindian1 October 2006
I can't understand what everyone is fussing about this film for. I saw it on the IMAX 3D and I honestly thought it was hilarious. I caught myself laughing out loud on many occasions. Seriously, this film is not "violent" by any means. To me, I really felt relieved to see some humor and scenes similar to the old Looney Tunes cartoons that used to be considered great, but are now considered evil and horrible.

I took my 4 year old daughter to see this movie as well, and she absolutely loved it. I have no reservations about any of the content in this movie, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with children. Any of the "adult" humor was tastefully done and, honestly how many small kids are gonna pick up it? The animation was well done, the cast was great, and there were some very creative action scenes in this movie. I wish all of these politically correct hypocrites would stop trying to psychoanalyze every damn film that comes out and bash it into the ground! Bottom line: This movie is outstanding, and it is incredibly funny!!!! GO SEE IT!
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See It In IMAX 3D
amarosi9 October 2006
The kids loved it, and I was not bored, and that is more than what you usually end up with these days. The 3D IMAX is truly amazing, if you are already paying the theater admission then IMAX is definitely the way to go. The story is not original, to say the least, but they know it and keep it short. I liked the voice talent, although this "the wiener dog has a German accent" thing gets old fast. A lot of people seem to hate this one with a vengeance (look at the distribution of the votes with all those people giving 1), but it still gets a 5.5 average, so that gives you a pretty good idea. This is no Incredibles by any means, but the two little girls I took enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Cars. Mostly harmless family fun with a few bathroom jokes thrown in: enjoy!
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Are you kidding me?! 5.5?! I had so much fun watching Open Season!
Kristine5 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was very much looking forward to seeing Open Season on it's first weekend, but I was a bit worried when I saw only a 5.5 on IMDb, because normally, most of the users are right about these movies. But my friends and I still wanted to see this fun looking picture, so we saw it tonight and may I say that I am surprised by you IMDb users who didn't like this film, everyone is entitled to an opinion, I agree. But seriously, how could you not like this film? It has amazing animation, fun characters, and hilarious jokes for kids as well as adults!

After a bear, Boog, saves a deer, Elliot, from becoming another trophy for an evil hunter, Shaw, they become instant friends. But since Boog is a pampered bear, Elliot wants in on the room service, but ends up getting Boog in some trouble and back into the woods, together they decide to get back to civilization, trying their best to avoid open season from other hunters as well as getting away from Shaw. My favorite character is the porcupine, he was just so cute, "Buddy!". Especially, the scene where the dame explodes causing a huge wave of water to splash over the woods destroying everything and moving all the animals away from their safe place and the porcupine sees Boog and Elliot and just smiles and happily screams "Buddy!" while getting swooped up into the wave as well! It was so funny!

Seriously, people, learn to have some fun, I know this was a kid's movie, but my friends and I had a great time watching this movie. This is one of the best movies I have seen of 2006, hopefully, the rating will go up. To those who loved this movie, thank you for having a good sense of humor, to those who didn't like the movie, just give it another shot, please! :D

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Knock-off of every CGI animated movie previously released.
KungFu-tse12 October 2006
I'd have to agree with the critics on this one. When you release so many CGI movies with talking animals, there is a point at which mediocrity becomes common place. Open Season is no exception.

It seems to me that a lot of these movies released this past year revolve around this basic formula. 1) A plot involving talking animals. 2) Hire celebrities to do the voice acting (need at least one comedian). 3) Have a main character and an annoying obnoxious sidekick. 4) Have some simple plot in which the main characters are on a journey and have to reach from point A to point B.

When watching Open Season, I couldn't help but notice the parallels to Shrek. Boog (the bear) = Shrek, and Elliot (the deer) = Donkey. Need voice actors? Easy, let's hire two comedians (Mike Myers & Eddie Murphy vs Martin Lawrence & Ashton Kutcher). Plot? Well, let's just make them stranded somewhere and they have to reach from point A to point B. In this case, from the forest to Boog's old home. Of course, I could make the same case with Finding Nemo (comedians Albert Brooks & Ellen DeGeneres, main character and sidekick, travel from point A to point B plot).

Now don't get me wrong, I love Shrek and Finding Nemo. The problem is that when you have two great movies like these released previously, you can't help but notice how much Open Season recycles from previous movies. Open Season lacks any emotional charm or comedic originality. Another problem I had is that a lot of the jokes are based on clichés and stereotypes (Scottish squirrels? Male deers = high school jocks? Ducks = French resistance? Female skunks = black women?).

If there's any redeeming value in this film, it would be the fact that I watched it in IMAX 3D. It looks amazing. Wearing the 3D glasses, I could see each individual patch of fur on Boog's back and the characters literally came out from the screen.

Is this movie good for the kids? Yes. It had some laughs in it and it does bring about a moral message about the preservation of wildlife. It's a good way to kill and hour and a half. But don't expect to see anything new or original in this film.
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Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher strike again.
sacoody3 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed so much through this movie I know I will have to see it twice because I had to have missed some of the funny parts. Very clean, which was surprising since Lawrence was in it, but so worth the time I spent watching it. It breaks your heart when Beth has to leave Boog in the woods but to see him overcome all the obstacles thrown in his path, is very amusing from the eyes of an animal. Aston Kutcher was hilarious as Eliot. I didn't realize he could be so funny and amusing. This movie I highly recommend to anyone with children regardless of their ages, if you want to spend time with your children in a clean environment. I intend to go back and take my neighbors children to see it also.
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Who'd have thunk?
Art2 October 2006
Matin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher rock as the big bear "Boog" and the comic sidekick deer "Elliot". Unfortunately, the story was bland and the jokes were only mildly funny, so it will not be one of the best kids movies you're going to see this year. The "Laugh out loud" index was maybe a 5-10 (laughs per movie). "Over the Hedge" was closer to 20-30 for comparative purposes. "Boog" and "Elliot" were well played. The Scottish squirrels, Beavers and Rabbits were funny, but the rest of the characters didn't make much of an impression. Although somewhat entertaining, it was quickly forgotten after we left the theater (with the exception of the Austin Powers like shadow scene behind the curtain). If you need to take the kids out to a movie, this is funny enough to make it worthwhile, but don't get your expectations up to high.
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A Nutshell Review: Open Season
DICK STEEL2 December 2006
OK, this year alone probably saw a record number of talking animal animations, with countless of punchlines filled with pop culture references, and big name stars attached to the projects, that it's about time we give the genre a good break, rather than churning them out continuously with more misses than hits.

And Open Season, probably the last one on offer this year from a Hollywood studio, suffers from this glut, unfortunately. Heck, with so much similarities between the movies, you can even spot a familiarity or two from the story lines, taking a a leaf from one of the earlier flop - The Wild, in having one of its stars here, part of a popular animal attraction, and another part from Over The Hedge, where a group of animals must band together for survival and a fight against adversity.

The leads for Open Season are a domesticated grizzly bear who has its own teddy bear soft toy (don't ask), and a mule-deer with one half of its horn sawn off. An unlikely pairing, a "loser and a loserer", voiced by Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher respectively. It's strange that there's a reversal of voice roles here, as Lawrence's Boog the Bear is uptight, while Kutcher's Elliot the deer is built in the same old wise cracking mould as Eddie Murphy's Mushu in Mulan, or Donkey in Shrek. In other words, Boog frequently gets punk'd by Elliot.

It's one of those recycled plots about loneliness, and having two misfits finding themselves in each other, relying on strengths from the other party in order to survive in new environments. A misadventure sees Boog go back to the wild, with Elliot in tow, and the two have to find a way to get back to civilization where Boog belongs. Along the way they encounter other critters in the woods of course, paving the way for some comedy and more recycled themes of bullies and the likes. Don't believe the trailers though, as the war between animals and humans, doesn't take up much screen time.

The sad part though, is that there aren't many funny moments to distract you from the rehashed story lines and subplots, but then again, it's a made for children movie. As always, there are some of the weaker characters which get used as punching bags, and here, this role belonged to the mindless rabbits, which some might find irritatingly adorable. My vote however goes to the nasty Irish-accented squirrels, defenders of their pine trees with their nuts, and in second place, those insane beavers.

At least the animals don't break out singing songs every now and then, though there are some nice musical numbers that went along with the movie. But all in all, this movie isn't as entertaining as, say, Over The Hedge, and neither is it as bad as The Wild. But don't say I didn't warn you if you find this a tad too boring.

Wait for the DVD, and rent it. Oei!
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Somewhat Funny
WeRTonitesEntertainment1 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It was a cute kid movie. It made me laugh. I really liked it. My mom and sister really liked it also. But I was sort of upset at the way they treated the poor rabbits. I mean come on, who can't like those big eyes??? I feel so sad for them. The hunter guy was sort of scary in away. I felt sorry for Elliot with the way both of his horns got cutoff. Now that part was sort of sad. What was also sad was that Boog didn't go home with Beth. I like the movie altogether I guess. I thought it was aimed for kids from the ages of six-eight or nine. The propane tank was a nice touch. I loved how many animals wanted to come to the "safe" place with Boog.
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Bear Hunt
Rindiana24 December 2009
Predictable kiddie fare with okay animation and some good throwaway moments here and there.

Nothing we haven't seen before, but mildly entertaining and not without its charms. But the overall air of second hand fodder remains intact all through its running time. There's no real heart to all the cartoonish goings-on.

The character work is lackadaisical and the bland songs should've been omitted.

Some of the sidekick critters are funny, though.

5 out of 10 paranoid hunters
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Fun for the whole family! A great start for Sony Pictures Animation!
Shmuel Reuven JewReview.net29 September 2006
What's a 'unihorn' you may ask? Well, it's a deer that only has one antler, of course. And you'll only see one in the new Sony Pictures Animation film, Open Season, starring Martin Lawrence, Debra Messing, Ashton Kutcher, Gary Sinise, Jon Favreau, and many more.

Martin voices the lovable Boog in the film; he's the main attraction of a show at the zoo with his best friend, Beth (Debra Messing). Boog also lives with Beth, equipped with his stuffed animal, Dunkleman. On a completely side note, what would a Sony film be without a reference to one of their own. Before Boog settles in for his comfy night sleep, he checks out Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune.

They have a great life together doing shows for the fans, even exchanging powerful roars. But that's before Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) shows up, the hapless one-antlered deer who's been captured by the evil Shaw (Gary Sinise). Boog helps Elliot escape and makes Boog's and Beth's life miserable, forcing Beth to send the two animals away into the forest.

On his own for the first time, Boog now has to rely on himself, or be stuck with Elliot. And that means figuring out how to go to the bathroom in the wild. That's when he first runs into McSquizzy, the squirrel (voiced by Billy Connolly) – McSquizzy is the ruler of the forest trees, and has a great and powerful squirrel Army to back him up, equipped with thousand of acorns. Without a doubt, McSquizzy is one of the highlights of Open Season! He's got wit, humor, and a ton of Scottish charm.

Boog realizes having Elliot around is the only way he'll get back to Beth. So they become 'partners,' much to the dismay of Boog – but the delight of Elliot, who just needs a friend. With hunting season right around the corner, the two must work together to sneak around the hunters.

But when Shaw breaks the hunting season date, the animals switch their thinking – instead of running away, they're going to fight back! And fight back they do! Trying to run away, Boog crosses a dam; unfortunately, his 900 pound body crumbles the wood.

That's when Open Season turns into Hill Street Blues! There is one of the most amazing chase scenes I've ever seen in the movies. Boog, Elliot, and their porcupine friend try and escape the gun shots of Shaw – but on water. Bobbing and weaving through the water, under water, above water, around rocks – great scene! There's even a waterfall at the end to top it off! I have somewhat of a test for animated movies I've been giving myself over the past few years – ever since seeing the water scenes in The Incredibles, and noticing how real it looked, I've started to take an eye to the screen. If water doesn't look real, than it doesn't pass the test. Let's just say, Open Season aced my test. This water chase scene goes on for about 5 minutes, maybe a little more; but it's so exciting and amazing to watch! It's not just the water of Open Season, it's the entire field of animation; the animals really come alive on the screen. I'm a huge fan of animation; I think it has to do with the fact that anything done with computer fascinates me. The detailed description of each character, from their eyes, nose, mouth, walk, and hair – and in this movie, fur; it's just so amazing! But back to the story - after meeting back up with the group of beavers, led by Reilly (voiced by Jon Favreau), some of Elliot's former deer mates (Patrick Warburton and Jane Krakowski), and a few other animals, Boog and Elliot team up and go on the attack against the hunters. Bras, plungers, grills, forks, knives, spoons, and basically, anything they can get their hands on – sorry, whatever they can get their paws on – they use to charge the hunters with.

Open Season is directed by Jill Culton, Roger Allers, and Tony Stacchi; each has a number of major credits to their name. Both Tony and Jill make their feature directorial debut on this film; however, Jill has worked at Pixar on the character development for Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. Tony worked on a number of films for ILM including Hook and Ghost. Roger Allers co-directed The Lion King, and has just recently completed The Little Match Girl – a short attached to The Little Mermaid.

Open Season is a fun and very enjoyable film for kids and families. It's definitely a film you'll be talking about for a long time. And don't forget, you can also check out the film in IMAX 3D, opening at major theaters across the country.
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Wild, wild life!
quest474820 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw an advance screening of "Open Season" earlier this evening (the only advance screening I've ever been to that started at 6pm, which must've been done so kids could see it and still get home at a decent hour).

I laughed out loud and heartily during the hour and half watching this movie than I have during all the comedies I seen in the past year. The animation is so good it's distracting during some of the close ups (check out the fur on Boog the bear and the main star). And all the forest animals were fully fleshed out character wise and very funny (especially the "take no nonsense" pair of female skunks). They were cute without being precious. And the script was Oscar worthy. If you don't love this film a part of you is dead inside. It's just that good.

Summary: There's this bear (Boog) who does a circus type act in a National park who lives with a park ranger. He later frees a young deer (Elliot) from the hood of a hunters car (the guy hit him and knocked him out before tying him to the hood) who follows him home, tempts him with a candy bar, which lead to a little b & e in a convenience store where they pig out on junk food. Through a series of events they both wind up in the forest just as hunting season begins. The animal bond, give the hunters hell and all ends well (especially for one of the skunks).

Remember how good you thought The Incredibles was?, this movie makes that look like so much ho hum it's not even funny.

And if you don't like it, go out and make your own film rather than tear this one apart.
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For the whole family, if the family has low standards.
badoli22 March 2010
The idea for the film must have sprung to the mind of the writers while watching a certain toilet advert. A bear on the toilet? That is hilarious, isn't it...? Well, no, it isn't.

What you get here is a bland 3D flick. The characters, the story, the animations, the jokes.... Pretty much everything is awfully stereotypical of the genre. You can point on the various sources the writers lend their ideas from. The whole thing lacks heart and atmosphere. And the jokes don't even reach average sitcom level. Nothing in this whole thing elevates over the absolute bare minimum the genre asks for. It's not really bad, it's just bland and boring.

Rather watch any Pixar movie, even if you have seen it a dozen times. "Open Season" even then is less entertaining in comparison.
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Great animal welfare message!
Jane (janeroo)2 October 2006
Way beyond Elmer Fudd vs. Bugs Bunny (I keep reading reviews saying "been there, done that")! Not only was it a very cute, entertaining flick, but what a wonderful message regarding animals - anti-hunting, respect their territory and don't try to domesticate what is not meant to be domesticated, even a plug for spay/neuter when they point out Mr. Weenie is "fixed". The animation was good - aside from one or two odd looking creatures (the little doe), I thought they were cute. And the campiness of the scenes added a little something different. All the actors who did voices did a terrific job. I am not a Martin Lawrence fan, but he rocked as Boog. And Ashton as Elliot was hysterical. It's no "Finding Nemo" or "Toy Story" but for a cute flick one afternoon, it's better than expected. Enjoy!
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Cute, a few laughs, nothing original
Gregg4 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie today and I have to disagree with those who compare it to "The Incredibles" or "Cars." It's only slightly above average and not in any way original. There are a couple of laugh-out-loud scenes: When Boog and Elliot are fighting behind stage curtains and to the audience who can see only their shadows on the curtain, it looks as if Boog is gutting Elliot and splashing blood everywhere (actually the "guts" are ropes Elliot is tangled up in, and the "blood" is paint); and the scene where Elliot is explaining to Boog how to go to the bathroom in the woods, and suddenly just lets go with a stream of deer nuggets (thank heavens they don't show the grizzly dropping his droppings, though).

Silly, harmless fun (except for the bunny abuse ... what was up with that?), but again, nothing at a "Cars" or "Incredibles" level.
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This one surprised me.
MartinHafer28 July 2018
When I saw "Open Season", my first impression was that the film looked a bit substandard compared to the higher quality Pixar movies which preceded it. While this opinion didn't change much during the course of the movie, I was surprised that I ended up really liking it anyway. Why? Because the writing was so good...and it's worth seeing.

"Open Season" is the story of Boog the Grizzly who was raised by a forest ranger. When he is returned to the wild, Boog is totally out of his element and is assisted by a chatty and occasionally annoying mule deer. As the story progresses, they seem to be doing a horrible job of finding civilization and end up nearly being killed because hunting season has just opened. Can the pair and their many new forest friends manage to survive and thrive against the odds?

The story is in many ways reminiscent of "Ice Age" and "Shrek" where you have a big creature who is constantly annoyed by a smaller and very chatty creature who insists on being friends. Don't expect 100% originality in this department. However, why I enjoyed the film so much are all the wonderful supporting characters--all of which were likable, funny and cute. Overall, quite a bit of fun and despite its shortcomings, a terrific story.
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It's cute... plain and simple!
rlnutt15 October 2006
OK... I'm a hunter and I usually roll my eyes at animators with their anti-hunting stance. The ones that make the hunters look like jerks and the animals are much smarter and more in tune with nature... blah, blah, blah!

So, this movie does all of that, but I laughed throughout the movie! No one should take themselves so seriously that they can't laugh at what's going on around them!

Silly fun, good popcorn movie and entertaining to boot! I've got to admit, I'd never imagine Martin Lawrence as a Grizzly Bear, nor see Ashton Kucher as a one antlered deer, but someone had insight and imagination! Go and enjoy this silly movie... it has a couple of bathroom jokes, but what doesn't these days!
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Looks like a compilation from other 3D movies
kin_ik1 October 2006
If somebody decided to make a TV series based on Shrek, but because of copyright issues replaced main heroes with a bear and a deer - that would be Open Season. Oh, add a little bit of a plot from other animation features, few standard jokes and gags and 3D for IMAX and "disney"-style music and what else? "Crowd goes wild"? I do not know, but frankly there is nothing else... No, your kid may love it, if he or she has not been spoiled already by seeing the same plot, same heroes and same jokes over and over again. May be this movie is just another example, that technology alone - and here I mean not only computer animation, but also marketing and audience targeting and all this corporate style product building efforts - is never a replacement for real talent. I wish Sony Animation Pictures to be more revolutionary and less corporate in the future and not opt out for low budget TV style production.
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Worst movie I have ever seen! Stay Away!
jedichick07058816 January 2007
I'm not one to totally bash something, but nothing in this movie was slightly entertaining. If I could, I would rate this a zero.

My cousin (11) had wanted to see this movie so I agreed to go because I was baby-sitting her. We walked in a few moments late and had to sit in the front seat. About 20 minutes into watching it, I started counting how many times I said this was the worst movie ever. I haven't done that since I saw Legally Blonde with my sister.

The humor was non-existent, the characters were one-dimensional and I haven't seen such a boring plot-line since Napoleon Dynamite. The most entertaining part of the whole experience was watching the kid next to me react to the movie.

To put it short, run away from this movie as fast as you can. If you want to see something that kids and adults will enjoy, go see Night At The Museum or rent a tried-and-true movie from Blockbuster.
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boring movie
Floated227 January 2009
It may take a whole but this movie was really boring and lacked a great plot and setting. The animation was decent and the characters look very odd and funny. Boogg the bear was weird and acted so dumb most if the time while Eliott the deer was just annoying and wasn't funny. The connection between the two was odd at first but eventually picked up. The hunter was also annoying and was just somehow always there at the right time and place hunting Boogg and Eliott. Beth the owner of Boogg was pretty normal but still lacked a lot. The movie seemed very boring from the start to finish. Although it gets better towards the ending, its still quite boring. And it wasn't funny in the least bit, all of the "jokes" were clichéd and didn't flow together. I didn't laugh once while watching Open season. I don't recommend anyone to watch this garbage, hopefully the second film is better but i wouldn't count on it.
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A funny, sweet film!
BlackCat7252 October 2006
I saw this over the weekend with five 9-year-old boys, three 40ish adults and my 72-year-old mom. We ALL enjoyed it and thought it was cute and funny! It's too bad that it had to be released at the tail end of a year with so many other animated movies, but I think this one holds up against any of them for entertainment value. I thought the voice casting was great, and I LOVED the music. It was a simple story that you know is all going to work out in the end, but that's just fine with me. If I want complexity and angst and dark endings, I'll go see something else.

And I've GOT to learn all the words to Elliot's version of "Teddy Bear Picnic"...
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Even Wathcing With Open Minded I Still Find This To Be Rather Boring.
Mr_Sensitive25 March 2007
I'm a fan of animation and will watch absolutely anything and everything. So I'm long awaited for this film cause in the trailer it seem so cool and funny. Oh boy, this film totally let me down badly. I think I laugh one time during the movie and fell a sleep twice.

Synopsis: Boog a domesticated bear was release into the wild few days before the open season. There he fined himself force to befriend with a deer and another animal if they all wish to survive the open season together.

I don't think I'm too old for this and I always open minded when it comes to cartoon but this it was merely boring. I don't want to be judgmental but it feel like the movie was created just to rival another animal movie like Over the Hedge, it like just for the business part rather than well thought movie. The story is a total riff-off from various movies, the worst part is they don't even hide the fact that well. The character doesn't even have originality. And everything seems so abrupt and cut short.

I don't really mind about some of the humor it has but I was wondering where was all the humor gone this is practically humorless, maybe it also because they already shown all that in the trailer. The animation was all right and nothing great compare to most high profile studio animation. And the animal was too alike that it doesn't really work well on screen, the cuteness is gone.

The used of big star was a total unnecessarily cause every character has the voice change that you can't even recognize them. Overall I was very disappointed by it. It has a very shallow abrupt story, compare to Pixar cartoon this feel like an amateur work.

Recommendation: If you've Seen Trailer, You Have Seen Everything. Not Worth Even Rental.

Reason To Watch: Trick To Watch, Force To Watch By Your Son/Daughter.

Reason Not To: The Story Is Too Abrupt and Brief. Boring.

Rating: 3.5/10 (Grade: F)
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All looks, no personality
Mr. Neutron27 September 2009
That sums up Open Season perfectly. The film was designed to be shown in 3D, and they make sure you know it by making crap fly out at the screen every few seconds. This has been a bad habit of 3d movies from the beginning, and one that doesn't show signs of stopping if the upcoming "A Christmas Carrol" is any indication. But it's not all bad. The story behind Pixar's Up was so absorbing that you actually forgot it was in 3d. Coraline was even more effective with 3d, completely absorbing you into its surreal, stylized world. But I'm getting waaaay off-topic. Open Season's 3d effects are in-your-face and obnoxious. There, done. Moving on...

The film's visual style is minimal. Many of the animals seem like they were designed by Pablo Picasso, as they come in all sorts of bizarre, deformed varieties. Many of the animals introduced for no reason other than to summon a cheap laugh. Boog - one of the main characters - is annoying, whiny, arrogant and unconvincing. In other words, he's easy to hate. Elliot on the other hand... I expected this Ashton Kutcher-fronted character to be terrible, but he's actually a redeeming factor of the movie. He's very funny and has all of the best lines. The two tourists and their dog are funny as well. The villain is, well... pretty light. Don't expect anything more than a gun-totin' redneck. But at the very least he does create actual tension in one scene where Boog is hiding from him. It's when this film tries to become serious and deliver life lessons that it falls flat.
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Perfect Movie! Perfect cast! Perfect everything!
Naylie23 October 2008
A lot of times, we have our point of views on movies and stuff that don't always agree with the other person or it may do depending how you see it, but I can't argue with this. On September 29 2006, Sony Pictures has brought us the first animated feature and that film is Open Season. Successful or not, I don't care what people say. I believe in movies and movies should be love with respect! The story starts out about a 900 pound grizzly bear named Boog who was raised in the small town of Timberline by a pretty park ranger named Beth. His life takes a turn when he encounters a fun-loving one single antler mule deer named Elliot who is full of energy and high spirit. The movie follows them on their adventure through the woods, but a hunter named Shaw is on their trail from preventing them to get back home.

The film has a lot of adventure, humor and good heart at the end, but it never fails me to see how awesome it can be. It's nothing like you ever seen! In my own views, animals are NOT meant to be hunted! They're not some winning trophy you can get for doing a good job no, they're just like people! People with thoughts and feelings. If you love watching animated movies, you'll love Open Season! Everything they have is absolutely perfect in it!
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One Of The Best Animated Movies Ever
Reineke861 April 2007
"Open Season" uses more adult and over-the-edge-humor than any other animated movie in the last few years. The characters are great. Much better than some animated side kicks we've seen this year. Ashton Kutcher, Martin Lawrance and Billy Conelly did a great job and also the music in this picture is very well chosen. The animation is brilliant and some shots will clearly blow your mind.

This movie isn't just for kids. Adults will have quite a few laughs, too.

Many people say that this movie is just like every other animated movie we've seen so far and the storyline seems familiar. But you could say the same about every damn horror movie or chick flick. Even if every animated movie had the same story, you still can find differences. And Open Season is a movie of it's own. So don't bug me.

All in all you GOTTA see this movie.
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A decent, but uninspired effort from Sony Pictures Animation
I've just gotta say that I'm just a little disappointed in this movie. It's not bad or anything, but it would've been so much better. The computer animation has some nice colorful backgrounds, but it seems to be suffered by it's shallow character animation. The characters are either uninteresting or annoying except McSquizzy because he gave me a few chuckles here and there. The story, while having it's moments, is just painfully predictable that uses the same old "buddy" cliché from other animated features. The humor has it's funny parts, but then it gets very tiresome it would make you snooze throughout the film. The strongest aspects goes to the adequate music score from Ramin Djawadi and the voice cast in this film. Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher did great and so were a few cameos including Patrick Warburton and Billy Connolly. Open Season is far from being the worst animated feature of all time, but with a better story and better characters, it would've been better.

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