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MPAA Rated PG for some rude humor, mild action and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Elliot walks along with Boog's stuffed bear toy tied around his crotch like a thong (so that small straps go around him and the toy bear covers his crotch). He then has a cookie from that stuffed bear and offers one to Boog who declines based on where it's coming from.
  • A dog is proped up on a steering wheel and to some it may look like its humping the steering wheel.
  • Animals use bras and underwear as slingshots.
  • A hunter's buttock is shown for a brief minute.
  • Elliot hops ontop of Ian ready to ride him, both think they are in an awkward position.

Violence & Gore

  • The silhouetted shadow of Boog dealing with Elliot behind a curtain makes it look like he's mauling him (clothes coming off look like skin in the shadow, rope being pulled looks like intestines being ripped out, and liquid hitting the curtain looks like blood), but this is all played for laughs on the part of the film (although the humans viewing it are terrified and flee).
  • Shaw fires at both Boog and Elliot, leaving a large hole in the tree behind them. They flee, with Boog running across a beaver dam that's under construction. It gives way beneath him, resulting in a massive flood that sweeps away all of the animals (a porcupine lands on Elliot's face) as well as Shaw in his truck. After being underwater, they all surface and are swept through some rough rapids, with Shaw repeatedly shooting at Boog and Elliot. When he finally has a bead on them, they all go over a huge waterfall (but everyone is okay and this is played more for adventure than suspense).


  • Boog says, "Dang Dam" and ''screws up '' and Elliot says both "Crud" and "Crap". Another charecter says, quote "The F Word" when talking about fighting..

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • None, but when arrested for trashing a convenience store while hyped up on sugar, Boog acts similarly to someone who's quite intoxicated, stumbling and mumbling about (and eventually vomiting out onto a garage door window).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • As Beth goes out to her vehicle, we see a large grizzly bear rear up behind and approach her (seen from in front of her and well as from its POV), letting out a loud roar right behind her. She then turns and does the same back to it, which is when we realize they're friends, and Boog was just playing around.
  • As Boog roughs up Elliot on stage (having him by the throat and banging his head repeatedly), Shaw prepares to shoot both of them with one shot, but the sheriff knocks the rifle away just in time as we hear a shot, but then see that Beth has shot Boog with a tranquilizer dart (and then fires a number into Elliot's butt).
  • Climbing up a cliff with Elliot (seen from above them looking down), Boog loses his grip and falls a very long distance. We then see him hitting and bouncing off various trees until he eventually lands on the porcupine (we don't see the impact, but do see the critter (alive) stuck on Boog's backside (Elliot pulls the porcupine off, causing Boog some pain in the process -- but it's all played for laughs).
  • The scene where shaw sings the picnic song when going after boog in his cabin (when it's dark and stormy out) can be creepy.

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