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A series of theatrical monologues about serial killers shot on video.
sammymaudlin29 April 2004
Though the production quality is very cable-esque (I'm guessing the budget was pretty small) these five monologues by actors portraying serial murderers is actually pretty effective. On display are Ted Bundy, a baby-killing nurse named Janine Jones, Aileen Wuornos, Chikitilo (the russian killer) and Richard 'The Nightstalker' Ramirez. The premise is that these 5 freaks get to make their case to a live audience. The acting is really good for a bunch of unknowns (though one of the guys is in School Of Rock) and the writing is top notch. Don't expect a whole lotta pyrotechnics. This is like Spalding Gray meets Silence Of The Lambs. A lot of people sitting around talking about pretty screwed up stuff. And yet, not only does it work, it's actually pretty creepy. Wish I saw the play.
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