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Forget the game it is based on and you might find it watchable
chrichtonsworld9 March 2009
This may be Uwe Boll's best movie ever. No,I'm not a fan. How could I be. Uwe Boll is a director who shows no respect for his audience and doesn't deserve respect when it comes to making movies. He even admitted himself that he does it solely for the money. He is not skilled at all and has got the creativity of an amoeba. But is that a reason for not liking or watching his movies. Well,yes and no. It all comes down to expectation. If you have none than "Far Cry" will surprise you. Til Schweiger is well aware of Boll's reputation and doesn't take it seriously which shows and is one of the strong points of the movie. The second strong element are the action scenes which are actually pretty decent and fun to watch. Does this movie has anything to do with the game? Of course not(OK,maybe 1 or 2 elements are taken from the game). Does it have a good story? Guess again. What about the acting? At least it wasn't completely annoying and Til's Jack Carver was very likable. "Far Cry" is movie that can be fun if you are able to put your brain off.
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pesach654 June 2009
There is only one reason this movie is watchable. Till Schweiger. He is such a good actor the movie isn't completely terrible. Uwe Boll please take up another career. The special effects and action are acceptable. All other aspects were very disappointing. All I can say is that Kevin Smith (An evening with...) talked about Tim Burton not ever reading the Batman comics and it showed. Uwe Boll must not have ever played the video games that he keeps making movies about. If you two ever want to know how it is done go see Andrzej Bartkowiak. Doom was one of the best video games to film adaptations ever. Some people may disagree, but if you watch the movie you can see that the guys at ID had a lot to do with Doom. It doesn't seem like anyone at UBIsoft was even near this production.
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Not as bad as expected
fmbr-114 April 2010
I've never seen a Boll film before but I have heard the rumours. This might be why I thought this wasn't too bad. My expectations were way, way down.

However, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Now granted, I'm glad I didn't pay money to see it but it was better than some of the drivel I've seen. This, I could actually sit through and didn't think that I was completely wasting my time.

The locations and sets were good, the cinematography not bad, the acting let things down a bit and the writing was very, very ordinary. I even found the references to the game (as little as they were) amusing.
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Why such bad ratings?
Pratik Vora12 February 2011
Maybe it led people to believe it had something to do with the game franchise, saw it and felt helpless after. But that's not the movie's fault. Even thought the title was poorly chosen it would be wrong to misjudge it for the gaming franchise. Any good action-lover would mark it as a decent watch. It had Til Schweiger and Emmanuelle Vaugier. Also to be mentioned, Craig Fairbass. Udo Kier playing a part in the movie. Follow up his previous films. The movie runs very fast, it doesn't lag. Keeps you engaged and entertained. Why I rated this in its mediocrity is when I saw this had a budget of $30,00,000. It left me shocked with the feeling that it could have done so much better. Where did all that money go? It leaves you wondering and disappointing.
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Better than bloodrayne at least
warriorscot12 April 2009
One of Bolls better attempts. Just shows that if you do something long enough you have to improve just by chance. It is still not good but it is at least watchable which is an improvement over the bloodrayne. The main difference between Bloodrayne and FarCry really is that the story from Farcry wasn't the games strong point whereas Bloodrayne had a strong story and thus Boll had more chance to mess it up.

The action in this movie is actually fairly good. Occasionally a touch overdone but in a good way and worth a watch just for that.

Acting wise it was pretty decent. Most of the actors are pretty good but you can tell they aren't taking it seriously based on comparisons with other performances. But the lighter mood this gives to the film actually helps.

While I think sticking a little bit closer to the story of the game might have made for a slightly better film the changes made are pretty practical and not big enough to make a difference. Especially given the plot of the game was hardly Oscar winning just a vehicle for FPS carnage. Would have liked it set in the Jungle as that was a pretty integral part of the game but Canada doesn't have a great deal of Jungle and it is at least set in a kind of rainforest.

Why Boll feels the need to change already professionally scripted and directed game plots I don't know but he does. And until he starts letting the source material speak through his adaptations will always be lacking. Watch the film for a laugh its good for that and maybe for watching during a party as drinking party fodder.
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Why so bad? It is not Far cry but decent movie
adrianogt417 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So, I saw that this movie was rated 3 on IMDb so I thought; it will be bad! I watched this movie and it was a good B film, it is not a masterpiece but it is pretty decent, i mean, i have seen a lot of other films that are rated 4,5/5 and they are definitely worse than this. Good plot and pretty action sequences, maybe the problem is its title "Far Cry" I played the game and I noticed that it is completely different but if you forget the title, there are no problems at all. Probably people rated it 1,2 or 3 because of Uwe Boll, it is obvious that people hate him so they dislike its films by deduction. Uwe Boll made bad movies but this deserves at least a 5! So i recommend to people that hate Boll, just watch the film and try to be honest.
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This is much better than Bloodrayne or Alone In The Dark
lakic_matija9 June 2009
I just watched the movie, and I played the game, and although little more than 50% is in common, Far Cry movie isn't that bad. It isn't a summer blockbuster, nor instant classic, but, it was never meant to be. It's a nice straight to DVD action flick which will give you 1,5h solid entertainment. Other than basic stuff (characters, name, enemies), movie is set on different location, and as much faster pacing. Action sequences are nice and solid, and effects are also good considering this is a low budget movie. But that's the point, it IS a low budget title, but looking at it it feels much more expensive. Script is OK, most of the time works well, and I have to say that Jack in the movie has a lot in common with game Jack. Both make fun of almost everything, and are more phlegmatic in nature. Val on the other hand isn't that action oriented as her game counterpart. Kier does very nice job bringing Dr. Krieger to life, and frankly, I like this one better. Nobody but Kier could portrait mad German scientist. The only thing about characters that kinda annoyed me is Jack's noticeable German accent, although Till did excellent Job for the performance part. The only major disappointment what I had with the movie is that location was changed from pacific sand beaches to rocky and cold bay like in western Canada/south Alaska. Considering the budget, I understand and forgive. Film is no award nominee nor winner, but a nice rental on a hot or rainy afternoon to fill a void and have house popcorn fun. 6/10 :) P.S. It's faaaar better than Bloodrayne or Alone In The Dark, seeing this will make you think that it wasn't directed by Boll.
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You need to know, what to expect
mr_shya27 March 2009
I went to see this film in the cinema with some friends of mine and we expected the movie to be complete trash. Since Uwe Boll is regarded the worst director ever, we expected to see a stupid, bad, ridiculous action movie with a story hardly good enough for a video game.

And this was, what we got.

This film will just make you laugh all the time. Not for actual jokes in the movie, but more for the ridiculous characters. Come on, a German ex-elite soldier making his living as a boat-captain in Canada, Meets the niece of another German ex-elite-soldier, who works for an evil, mad, German scientist who is trying to create the new Master-Race of biologically modified soldiers for the US-Military...in Canada. Then there are the stereotype Mercenary, the stereotype Soldiers and the stereotype Monsters.

Speaking of ridiculous characters, what exactly is Emilio's role in this film? Still, the action was surprisingly good and the movie all in all was very entertaining. If you want to see art, it's your own fault you didn't like the movie. But if you want to see a movie, too ridiculous to be taken serious, I promise you, you will be fine with "Far Cry"
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It wasn't terrible, certainly not a 3/10...
tkchess2 May 2009
I am well aware of Uwe Boll's work, I am also aware that the people on this site are not fond of his work and mercilessly down-rate his productions. That said, I don't think this movie is worth only a 3 or 4 out of 10.

The acting wasn't terrible, then again there wasn't much acting to begin with. The movie seemed like something out of the 1980's with its numerous action sequences, a lot of which involved boats, water and explosions.

The movie's plot didn't exactly follow the game's, but it worked to some extent. Simply put, there is a crazy scientist genetically engineering soldiers to be super soldiers. One of the normal soldiers on the island decides to organize a meeting with his journalist niece on the island to expose the work and in the process gets caught. The niece hires Jack, a guy who runs his own tourist boat, to get to the island to meet her uncle. She gets caught, Jacks goes to save her and also gets caught. Blah blah blah blah, Jack and the niece escape and live happily ever after...oh and the scientist guy dies. You know, your standard Hollywood movie plot...there's a bad guy, the good guy infiltrates and gets caught, eventually escapes and in the process kills the bad guy and destroys his evil operation.

Yeah, at times it drags, and yeah the guy who plays Jack isn't a native American which doesn't really work since the guy in the game comes off as your run-of-the-mill beer drinking American. The action sequences involve fake guns and props which appear to be just that...and yes, we can blame the director as he likes to rush his dreck movies into theaters which allows for little post production time...but the movie worked well. I put it on par with any other fairly rated action movies with similar plots that lack any sort of serious character development...Collateral Damage, Eraser, Escape from LA, Mission Impossible 2, Resident Evil movies, Tango & Cash, xXx, etc. In other words, if you are looking for just another run-of-the-mill action movie where the good guy wins, bad guy loses, and there is no character development, Far Cry is another movie to put on your NetFlix.
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Turn off your head and relax
virgo47-123 April 2009
It's definitely more than 3 when you want to relax. It's not serious movie thou, not even good action one - although the action is fine. I watched it after the game and I think the game has better story. :-) But I simply forgot about the game, watched the simple movie with some action and not exactly believable romance in it, and I was relaxed. Opening scene might be the best part as it looks like sci-fi stuff, but the rest is still OK. Acting is like the movie, probably the romance in the bed is the worst part (although I generally like bed scenes and I'm very forgiving there ;-)), some action parts are way too long (one chase with the mutant) but otherwise it's quite solid average movie based on a simple script without any great idea. The thing that is great about this movie is that it's generally quite smooth and it didn't make me angry like my last bad experience (Flight of the Phoenix http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0377062/). No far-fetched scenes, no embarrassing dialogs ("You better be here when I return" :-)), no forced drama. Easy, smooth, flowing average action. There are better movies outside that made me rather unsatisfied because they looked more serious. This is NOT serious even if it's not a comedy. It's simply B class (or C?) action movie. Not a bad one. Probably the missing point is the worst problem - but hey, who would expect a point here?
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A Whole Lot of Fun!
moviedude90825 April 2010
Sure, Uwe Boll has directed his fair share of B-movies, but I think he has shown real promise with his latest video game adaption "Far Cry". Far Cry stars Til Schweiger as Jack Carver, a worn out ex special forces soldier who now charters a whale watching rigg. Jack is suddenly thrown back into battle, while trying to drop off a journalist on to a mysterious island. On the island Carver is faced with a mad German scientist who's genetically modifying people into mutant soldiers.

Far Cry is very fun and quite an enjoyable movie, I can't imagine why anyone would rate this film anything less than a 5. Perhaps the low rating is due to people rating it without even actually watching it.

In my opinion Uwe Boll has directed a great action film that doesn't take itself to seriously. I was very impressed with the outcome of this film and I'd recommend it to any action fan. Keep up the good work Uwe Boll! I look forward to your future work.
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Action Flick 101
BroadswordCallinDannyBoy28 December 2009
One tough guy kicking butt and taking out an entire army during one weekend. That sounds like Schwarzenegger in "Commando" or Stallone in the 2nd and 3rd Rambo movies. Or like Til Schweiger in this film. A tough guy, who's good at heart, is forced to fight for his life and probably also for the life of the entire free World, though that last part is only not too subtly implied here. But it all works for the better and adds up to a dumb, yes, but actually enjoyable action movie.

There is a variety of action scenes, some humor, and a German guy who has an inexplicably English name... Jack Carver. Oh well, maybe it's an alias. But in light of the frenetically edited, darkly themed, and super produced Bourne movies among others, this return to basics is pretty enjoyable. The only thing different here than in those crazy 80s action movies is that the bad guys aren't communists or Soviets, but a shadowy government agency and possibly an evil corporation - in other words, the people that we currently most dislike are getting their butts kicked. Not much more to expect and not much more to ask for. --- 6/10

BsCDb Classification: 13+ --- violence
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do not watch this movie!!!
quirell1 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i was one "chosen" to see this movie in a sneak preview.

first you should know that this film is based on the video game "far cry", a for its time really good game (2004). second you should know that the regisseur of this flick is the great uwe boll. this is a man, who takes video games (dungeon siege, bloodrayne, postal, etc.) and makes movies out of them (VERY horrible ones....).

i still remember when i saw boll's "the king's swords: a dungeon siege tail". there were so horrible mistakes in this film (like 3 scenes playing at the same time, 2 at day-time, and one somehow at night.....)

so lets come to "far cry". if you expect cool action, forget it. really cheap tricks and a plastic helicopter are far away from real action. if you expect a cool story, forget it. orientating by the not-so-bad story of the game, this movie is a laugh. the actors' playing makes the movie in a lot of moments funny, but in a no-good way.

i had the chance to see this movie for free. so do not do the mistake and pay for this trash. its one of my favorised flicks for the bottom 100.!!!!
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The Better of Uwe
westreal10 March 2009
Up until right now, i have rated Uwe Boll's movies no more than a 4, everything was so poorly written and directed that i couldn't give a better one.On this particular movie though..i had to give him a 5 for trying.He managed to get the best second hand actors around and put out a better display of the movie....for the first part that is.The beginning made me think the movie could be it...the first one to which i could have given an over 7 rating....but from the middle ..it just kept lower and lower.The ending was too dull..no fun for the watcher..]Keep it up Uwe,you might get the chance of scoring a 7 with me for that matter ! Enjoyable B movie (bolded B)!
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Far Cry - Not the Game, but a descent movie
Christian Schäfer12 March 2009
O.K., here we go. First of all, I must say, I liked the game very well (I'm talking about the first game, the second installment is still on my to do list). So, I'm speaking of a first person shooter that really got me for days (yes, it took me a while, but I like to play a game on more difficult level). But this is about the movie.

I've seen a lot of so called "video game adaptations". And I know that the name "Uwe Boll" makes a lot of people say: "Oh my God, not another movie by this guy". BUT: When I want to see a video game adaption, I always go to the movie with the lowest expectations. Like it was with "Far Cry". I thought, o.k., another movie about a video game I played, let's see what they made out of it. Well, I wasn't surprised, that the story deviated from the game, I wasn't surprised that they didn't have a lot of money for the special effects, but I saw the list of actors taking part in the movie, which was really surprising.

For the movie, I must say, that it is a descent action movie and that it is - of course - on a low budget scale. That includes taking the setting away from a nice tropical environment and placing it into a more Canadian and cheaper setting. That also includes, that the storyline changed - who ever made a movie based on a first person shooter and based the story only on this person? - but in a reasonable scale. This also means, that some characters were invented (e.g. the big funny guy and the uncle, you will see, if you see the movie).

What I liked about it was all about the game - they implemented the cars, the boat(s), the secret experiments stuff and the one guy that got there - uninvited. What I disliked about the movie: Well, it could have been a lot closer to the game. Why not making an opening according to the game? Let the one guy making the opening with his boat getting torn apart and leaving him in a situation, where he must find out for himself. Let him discover on his own, where he is and why all this sh** is going on around him.

So, if you like cheap action movies - go for it! If you want a serious storyline with academy awards performances - avoid it. I liked the movie and I must admit, that although the storyline changed and it doesn't really feel like "Far Cry - the game", there was a lot of fun and action in it.

Who else besides Uwe Boll dares to give us movies about our most favorite games?
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Opps, he did it again :(
santiago4049 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Mr. "Uwe Fail" strikes again, transformed a classic game in a cheap piece of crap. Poor acting; Poor Directing; Awful adaptation; I mean, Far-Cry game was awesome, its like a true FPS game, cool weapons and lots lots lots of "point and shoot". In the movie we had nothing compared to the game.. Well we had some of the "point and shoot" thing but... i don't know how to explain, but if you ever watched another "Uwe Fail" movie you will understand. If you don't believe me, go to the website "petition online" and do a check for one named "Stop Uwe Bowl".

That movie made my eyes bleed, someone must stop him for once.

Don't waste your time.
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Another Uwe Boll movie, a good one!
erikkoii10 September 2009
It's another Uwe Boll movie. That should say everything. But it sure does not.

Just like when I watched the Postal movie for the first time. You think that you know what to expect, like; aw crap, another Boll movie. You, or at least I didn't expect much out of that movie. But hey, it was a hilarious comedy.

It's not exactly the same thing with this one. This movie tries to be serious. Well, it's not that's a bad thing. It's pure action through the whole movie. The effects and stunts are well made. But the acting could be way better. But still, it's worth watching.

I'd say; time spent kinda well.
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Let's get one thing straight...
Heislegend11 March 2009
Let's face facts: if the director were anyone other than Uwe Boll this would have a much higher rating. Why? Because all in all it's not a bad movie. It's by no means great, but it's still a hell of a lot better than some trash that made it to theaters recently (I'm looking at you, new Friday The 13th). Boll's reputation certainly precedes him so there'll always be a good number of people getting exactly what they expected even if the film wasn't as bad as...say...Bloodrayne. But to be fair, not much is quite as bad as Bloodrayne. This flick is pretty much standard action fair. A bit light on the plot, but have you tried watching anything with Steven Seagal in it...ever? There's gunfights, super soldiers, some somewhat lame attempts at comedy, but in the end it's all a decent way to kill some time.

I must confess...I've only played the sequel to Far Cry, never the original so I don't know how faithful the movie is to the game. But Far Cry 2 was simply awful and whatever you may think of Boll, he's usually pretty true to his source material. I mean come on, you can't tell me that the movie version of House Of The Dead was any sillier than the game. Same goes for most of Uwe's ventures into the video-game-gone-movie realm (save for the criminally underrated Postal).

The purpose of this is not to make apologies for Mr. Boll. He's made some terrible stuff in the past. Does he deserve an Oscar? No, NO, one thousand times NO! But at least you know what you're in for and can hope for something a little better. And at least he's trying. If I may point further back in this post and point out that Michael Bay seems intent on simultaneously remaking horror movies that don't need to be remade and ruining them all at once. And Boll's the bad guy?
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Good Movie
budman2190121 March 2009
I just got done watching it and i give it a 6.5. It's not a great movie, but its worth watching! It is much better then most reviews on this board give it. The game never had a great storyline to begin with so i think the director did a good job with what he had to work with. I would have gave it a 7.5, but the handcuff scene was out of place. Stupid humor should not be in the middle of the action, but rather toward the beginning. If you have played Far cry, or like action films i see no reason why its not worth checking this movie out. Disregard some of the haters of the director. It's not a bad movie at all. I have seen much worse!
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Not a horrible movie
Henkwich_8819 April 2011
I'm going to make this short as I don't know much about how to properly review a movie. Seeing how the director behind this movie is Uwe Boll which, as a lot of you probably know, isn't a very well liked guy I'm guessing that a lot of people gave this a 1 on principle alone, some of them even without having seen it imagine. Bearing this in mind and having just seen it I can say that while it's far from the best movie I've seen it isn't horrible. I'd say not worth buying but renting this for a lazy Sunday or something isn't wasted money. The dialogue could be better and there's not much in the way of character development or anything but it has solid action through and through. Final verdict 5.5/10 - Worth Watching.
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Fight fight fight
ctomvelu127 November 2010
Yet another video game adaptation by Mr. Boll, FAR CRY has a retired Special Forces guy (Schweiger) ferrying a female reporter (Vaugier) to a remote island where her uncle is being held by mysterious forces. Turns out the island is a government institution where a mad doctor (Kier) is transforming soldiers into super soldiers. Vaugfier gets captured early on, so it's up to Schweiger to rescue her and the uncle and take on about 500 soldiers -- plus the mad doctor. Schweiger, the current generations's answer to Tom Jane and Christopher Lambert, is an affable, German-born actor probably best known for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Vaugier is her usual sexy self, but is little used in the film. Standard mindless fight scenes and explosions clearly inspired by UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. For true cineastes, it will become clear two minutes in that this was shot on the cheap in Canada.
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Actually, I had fun watching this
Wesley Himot24 April 2010
There are several conditions which one must abide by in order to enjoy this movie. ONE, forget the game (even though it is good);TWO,watch this movie empty headed/don't take it seriously; THREE, ignore the bad acting. If you can do these things, then you might actually like it. There were several points in the movie where I was laughing so hard, I was crying. The humor was subtle at times and others it was blatant, but it was still funny.

Now, with that being said, it wasn't a quality movie by any means. The action scenes were nice, but not awesome; the acting was sub par, especially the lady in the beginning, "But George, I want to see the whales!" This was a part where I was cracking up. Also, the chemistry between Valerie and Jack was, well, interesting. They just sort of, ummm, came together as if they knew each other for a long time. In fact, the character development was the weakest point of the movie, but hey, like I said, condition number two.

The ending was good enough, but in the end I felt like nothing was accomplished. It sounds like I hated the movie, but the humor and Shweiger's relaxed feel, even in dire situations, just made this enjoyable. Plus the ending action sequence was cool. Don't watch this if you want a serious, hard core action movie. Watch this if you want to watch a relaxed, not-so-serious movie.

Uwe Boll's best video game movie, and the only one worth seeing (renting).
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He's getting better
cgatewoo23 March 2009
Video game fans beware. Jack Carver dishes the Hawaiian shirt early and never reclaims it, not even during the epilogue. If you can accept that, you can accept this movie. The actor playing Jack is a rather unknown. Most notable would be the gun toting drug dealer from SLC Punk! The confused villains are Udo Kier (who everybody will recognize but not know why) and that German guy from "Beerfest". There isn't really anything I can fault this movie with (aside from dropping the shirt). It is an average action movie which is actually better than anything Segal has put out in a decade. Budget wise, it beats Max Payne into the dust (and is more enjoyable). Dungeon Siege proved that Uwe Boll can make a decent picture, now he is refining it. If you have some time to kill this does the job. By the way, Emanuelle had to be improving, a lot of his lines are to funny for the script.
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Bolls best movie, people hate him to be cool or something
bryanhelder13 March 2009
I enjoyed this movie, it was fun and pretty well made. I think that people should watch this movie before rating it. There is no way it's a 3/10, seriously did you even enjoy the snore-fest of Oscar movies released recently? I have to try to stay awake watching movies like the Bicurious case of Benjamin Buttkisser, and don't even get me started on Not so Revolutionary Road. If you still enjoying watching movies that are fun, then you won't have a problem with this. It was made in Vancouver and I'm sure there was more than just one person working on this movie. If your head isn't up your butt then you will get over the fact that Boll was involved, you might even be surprised.
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