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Season 2

28 Feb. 2005
The Wisdom to Know the Difference
After months of being gone Johnny returns home he is shocked to learn that Ava asked Simon to marry her. Nikki becomes very upset that Ava has asked Simon to marry her since she feels Ava is meant for Johnny. On the other hand, Derrick is very excited at the news because his family will now be complete. When Bradin's coach questions his effort on the surf team, he considers trying performance-enhancing drugs to help him be better.
7 Mar. 2005
I am the Walrus
Three FBI agents come in and they are looking for Susannah and everything Dubois International related; Bradin is suspended from the school surf team then has to go to the hospital because of a drug overdose. Meanwhile, Nikki is persuaded by Amber to tryout for cheerleading but does not make it and Amber makes it as captain. Amber asks Nikki if she really wants to be on the team leading Nikki to become the school's mascot.
14 Mar. 2005
Nikki helps Cameron run for student president of their school, but Cameron does not want to follow Nikki's plan and winds up embarrassing and annoying her. Ava is angry when she learns Bradin is skipping his tutoring after returning to his surf team. Jay sides with Bradin, which causes a rift between the two. Mona questions Johnny about Ava. A special someone just also may move back to Playa Linda.
21 Mar. 2005
Pick Nik
At school, Derrick talks with his friends about a father/son sailing race where all of his friends are going to compete with their dads, but Derrick will be with Ava. Two of his friends say Derrick can not compete with Ava, which makes Derrick very upset and he begins to fight with them, sending all the boys to the principal's office. The secretary calls Susannah, Johnny, Jay, Ava, and Simon to pick Derrick up. Derrick tells Ava he doesn't want to race with her as she's not a father. Causing everyone to become more distance for Ava and Simon to work it out. Nikki ...
28 Mar. 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Who
Derrick is with the ambulance after falling off his skateboard with Johnny. Simon feels the sudden urge to rush the wedding and Ava is not sure if that's exactly what she wants and will not admit it. Nikki lets out a loud roar at a big family dinner putting Johnny on the spot. Mona's soon-to-be-ex-husband comes to town to sign the divorce papers.
4 Apr. 2005
The Pleiades
After the wedding debacle, Ava seems strangely calm and wants to start a wedding line. Nikki feels very guilty about Ava and Simon's breakup and is constantly reminded that it is her fault. Callie considers dumping Bradin. Mona warns Ava to stay away from Johnny.
11 Apr. 2005
Where There's a Will There's a Wave
Ava, Susannah, and Colby discuss designing a wedding dress for a pop star to help give with their clothing line exposure. Ava admits her feelings for Johnny. Bradin breaks up with Callie after realizing his feelings for Erika and sees that Callie seems happier with other people.
11 Apr. 2005
Leaving Playa Linda
Ava is disappointed to learn that Johnny and Mona have moved in together, and decides that it's time to finally admit her feelings for him. Meanwhile, after Nikki falls for an older guy in high school and finds out that he is gay, then realizes that she still cares for Cameron. When the family sees how strong Bradin's feelings are for Erika, they advise him against a relationship with her, and encourage him to leave town to join a surf tour with Jay as his chaperone.
13 Jun. 2005
Several months have passed and Bradin, who has just returned from his surf tour in Hawaii, is asked by his sponsor to replace Jay with a top sports manager who can turn him into a major media star. Meanwhile, Nikki learns something troubling about Cameron's home life, and Ava returns from a business trip to Milan when she hears that something has happened to Mona. Old flames reignite between Ava and Johnny, although it may be too much for Johnny.
20 Jun. 2005
Space Between Us
Ava's in Europe with Susanna having a good time, but suddenly misses the kids and Johnny. When she learns that Nikki's going to read one of her poems in school, she races to get back. Bradin comes back from his tour with some prize money and starts acting like a jerk and Jay tries to set him straight. And a woman wants Jay to teach her how to surf so that she could get close to her son who is into surfing. Eventually they get close.
27 Jun. 2005
Safe House
Nikki goes on a date with Cameron and his father picks them up. On the way home, he is pulled over by the police and arrested because he's been drinking. Cameron tells Nikkie it's not a big deal. But when she sees Cameron has bruises on his arms she wonders if his father did that. But she promised him she wouldn't say anything. Things between Jay and Isabel start to heat up and that's when he pulls away. And Bryce's sister comes to try to convince him to do something else with his life. And after talking to her, Bradin begins reconsider his life to.
11 Jul. 2005
Careful What You Wish For
When Bradin saves his friend Bryce's life after a surfing accident, Bradin is offered a chance at a career. Jay reports a robbery in his shop that is closer to home than he hoped for. Susannah has problems of her own in her new serious relationship.
18 Jul. 2005
What's Past Is Prologue
Bradin becomes involved in a scuffle with a reporter at a Wave Crasher promotion. Derrick's friends finds Bradin's new "Bad Boy" image cool and Derrick basks in Bradin's reflected glory. Isabel tells Jay that she is pregnant and together they decide to be parents. Nikki conspires with Colby to get Johnny and Ava together and Erika and Bradin discuss their future possibilities.

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