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Ian Holm: Simeon Weisz



  • Simeon Weisz : [to Yuri, sitting across from each other after dinner]  Bullets change governments far surer than votes.

  • Simeon Weisz : [to Yuri sitting across from each other after dinner]  The problem with gun runners going to war, is that there is no shortage of ammunition.

  • Yuri Orlov : [sarcastically to Vitaly refering to Simeon Weisz]  He was selling guns before there was gun powder

    Yuri Orlov : [to Simeon Weisz]  Mr. Weisz, a mutual friend, Eli Kurtsman from Brighton Beach import export said to contact you. I have business proposal that I thought we can perhaps discuss.

    Simeon Weisz : I don't think you and I are in the same business, you think I just sell guns don't you? I don't take sides

    Yuri Orlov : But in the Iran Iraq war you sold guns to both sides

    Simeon Weisz : Did you ever consider I wanted both sides to lose? You're in the wrong place my young friend, there's no place for amateurs

  • Yuri Orlov : You look a little lost is the world changing too fast?

    Simeon Weisz : I'm here aren't I?

    Yuri Orlov : Not all of you I don't think, you've gotten so rich selling for the CIA that you can't seem to get that ideology out of your head

    Simeon Weisz : The Cold War had its uses, it kept the tensions frozen, now it's harder to determine which side to go on, and things have become complicated

    Yuri Orlov : No it's gotten simpler there's no place in gun running for politics

    Simeon Weisz : This current state of chaos could last forever there has to be order instead of cutting each other's throats maybe it would be beneficial if we work together what'd you think?

    Yuri Orlov : I think you're the amateur now I think you should go with your instincts, your first instinct

  • Yuri Orlov : [Yuri walks into his hotel room and sees a beaten, tied and gagged Simeon Weisz, all caused by Andre Sr. and Andre Jr., ]  What is this?

    Andre Baptiste Sr. : [Referring to Simeon Weisz]  A gift, he was trying to replace you

    Simeon Weisz : [to Andre Sr. and Yuri Andre Jr. ungags Simeon]  I'm not here to supply his enemies, I'm here to supply his friends

    Andre Baptiste Sr. : He killed your blood: your uncle, when he tried to kill you

    Yuri Orlov : [as Andre Sr. hands Yuri a gun]  No

    Andre Baptiste Sr. : No? You take part to have men killed but you don't want to do it yourself

    Yuri Orlov : [Andre Sr. Helps Yuri take aim the gun at Simeon's head]  No

    Andre Baptiste Sr. : [Yuri looks away as Andre Sr. helps Yuri pull the trigger]  This will be a bonding experience

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