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Exclusive Interview: Director Michael Colburn And Actress Shannon Lark Vs. Brian S.

There is a horror/thriller that will be released in late summer/early fall of 2011 entitled The Toy Box. Director Michael Colburn will bring us his vision of the brutal and horrific events based on the true story that involved at least 60 murders by this serial killer. Mr. Colburn and actress Shannon Lark both share the behind the scenes story and the intense moments in making this film and bringing it to life. Read on as they share their feelings of this film, the impact it'll have on other victims of similar crimes, how important the message is and on a slightly lighter note how I begged to be cast in the sequel. Mr. Colburn was gracious enough to share these images with all of us First so check them out throughout the interview and enjoy! This is their story behind The Toy Box.

Brian S- Hi Michael, I've been
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That Black Woman In The “Saw” Movies… (Another One Is On The Way Too!)

What do you know, a 7th installment of the Saw movie series is in the works… surprised? This must be some kind of record, right? Is there another movie franchise with more sequels than this one? We’re up to 7 now, and word on the street is that this could be the last one (wouldn’t that be great?), but if it keeps making money for Lionsgate (a company in a bit of a financial jam at the moment, with Tyler Perry partly responsible for keeping them afloat), I’d expect there’ll be a Saw 8 in 2011.

But seriously, is there another movie franchise with at least 7 installments, or more? I know the Star Wars series has 7 films, if you include the animated Clone Wars. What else? James Bond movies don’t really count. Each film isn’t necessarily a continuation of the previous. Each one is a stand alone.
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