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Good fun if you're in the right mood!
supertom-319 September 2006
Dead or Alive is a film that is so exploitative and atrociously bad, that somehow it ended up being a whole lot of fun. However to view this as a fun film, it must be viewed as intended: With brain switched off, and ol' Mr McDong taking control of your functions for 80 minutes. Yes, this may be a film with a predominantly female cast, but ladies need not turn up to watch this, cause they probably won't enjoy it, unless their sexual barometer is registering the opposite end from "hetero." This film is total gratuity in every regard, from the scantily clad, sexy ladies, to the barrage of testosterone pumping action. This is hot chicks doing high kicks! So with that, and having this the pre-conceived idea when I bought my ticket, I knew I'd enjoy it. Hell the film was marketed right. It's about a video game and has the subtlety of said game, which is in the button bashing, short attention span of the games spectrum. It's a simple movie for a simple movie going experience. IF anyone goes into this film and comes out having not enjoyed it, then they SHOULD have known better! I think only those who want to see this kind of film, who are in the mood, will watch, and they'll get a kick out of it like me. Critics will despise it cause it represents a film they have to watch, but probably don't want to.

So DOA is essentially a non-interactive video game, an FMV if you will. It's got an awful script, mediocre acting, and all the efforts of the filmmakers have gone into perfectly capturing, glistening, bouncing boobies amongst the martial arts mayhem. The plot essentially is nothing more than little set-ups to all the fights, taking place at a secret fighting tournament set up by Eric Roberts, in grade-A scenery chewing mode. Roberts to me is a tragic waste of talent, who in the early 80's looked a great prospect and to some, me included, has more talent than his over-rated sister Julia (who now of course takes all the plaudits). Roberts is consigned to doing DTV movies now, or TV movies and on the rare occasion he appears back in the multiplexes, it's in another B-movie that usually is awful. However at least Eric is enjoying himself here, relishing his return (somewhat) to the limelight. or to put it another way, to remind people Julia wasn't an only child! The rest of the main cast, who register any interest, are the hot ladies. There's the rather bizarre, yet strikingly attractive looking Devon Aoki and then there's also Holly Valance, Sarah Carter and Natassia Malthe too. However it's Jaime Pressley who steals the show, not only with her performance, that delivers the most laughs (intentional ones that is), but also she has a bod to die for and considering some stiff competition from Valances sculpted physique in particular, that's no mean feat.

Overall though this film will go down as a classic bad movie. The filmmakers never intended making anything beyond what they deliver. This is bad, it's cheesy and it's forgettable. But it's outrageously fun while it lasts and it most certainly requires the wearing of loose fitting underwear to allow for Sgt Schlong to stand to attention every now and again. I feel guilty having enjoyed it, but I had a good idea of the film that would be delivered and it was delivered as I imagined. ***
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Tongue in cheek action film is action packed and very silly and perfect for those who want mindless action with just enough plot so as not to be totally mindless
dbborroughs7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Corey Yeun's mindless video game movie is just what the doctor ordered for those days when you've lost your brain and can't find it. This is high class trash cinema that should be high on your popcorn list.

The plot of the movie has a group of the world's best fighters all being chosen to go to an island for the DOA contest where they will compete for a 10 million dollar prize. The main characters are women so we get to see lots of beautiful woman fighting and frolicking on a tropical island. The contest is a cover for Eric Roberts to use his computers to take all of their fighting information so he can be the worlds best fighter thanks to a program which he intends to sell to the highest bidder(or something similar).

So un-serious from the get go its a wonder that people dislike the film for being silly. The trailer and most of the promotional material let you know going in this is a silly western martial arts movie with its tongue through its cheek and lots of unreal wire work. The action riffs on every martial arts film you've seen and does so in such an inoffensive way that you just go along with it. This is form and substance over meaning and its all a great deal of fun. Its silly in the right sort of smile producing way. If you go in expecting mindless (really mindless-but intentionally so) entertainment you'll enjoy yourself a great deal.

I really liked the film. If I have any misgivings its that the film loses focus in the final half hour as plot lines are dropped or hurried through. At some point the film gives up real plot for action leaving only a sketch of where its going. Thats fine since by then the film is just nonstop action of the highest (well not highest, most entertaining) order. this is one of those films destined to become a guilty pleasure once it hits cable, you know the ones where you stop every time its on and watch it to the end.

You will want to rent this at some point since its a blast.

(The Chinese DVD I saw had about 9 minutes of deleted scenes. You'll want to see them. Some were rightly removed but a few others really should have stayed in.)
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Brain off entertainment
Gordon-1124 September 2006
This film is about a group of fighters getting invited to a fighting contest. Along the way, they find out there is a plot behind it and they work together to fight the bad guys.

There are quite a few problems with the movie. The plot is implausible. The DOA logo gets an on screen appearance too much that is very annoying. The love relationships seem so poorly built up that it exists just for the sake of existing. Not to mention the numerous soft porn scenes that make the film look cheap. Oh, and Devon Aokiwears the same facial expression on her face all the time, and her dialogs are spoken in such a plain and mundane way that is devoid of any emotion.

However, there are good things about the film. The film is pure brain-off entertainment. The fight scenes are very well thought out and rehearsed. This alone makes the film fun to watch.
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Teenage boys are going to love it
filmnut117 August 2006
I love martial arts movies and in particular Cory Yuen films. No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers is a favourite. Having previously done great work with Jason Statham in The Transporter I had pretty high hopes. But I had reservations - this was a starring role for Holly Valance after all.

It wasn't everything I hoped it would be. Compared to the raw energy of Crank, DOA was committee film-making as usual. Colourful and featuring plentiful (reasonable) action DOA is only interesting in the opportunities it presents to draw comparison to others.

Borrowing stylistic and casting ideas from Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill, DOA is essentially Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter combined. Drawing parallels to Enter the Dragon too, there is nothing original or inventive.

Kane Kosugi benefits most from the choreography. He has a sequence on a flight of stairs which is brilliant and brutal - very similar to his scenes in his Japanese breakthrough vehicle Blood Heat. Elsewhere, while the film sexes up the concept of the tournament/video game movie, it's fatal flaw is that it's heroines don't convince. In Charlie's Angels they did.

Cory is notable for doing more than his share of fighting femme movies back in Hong Kong, including the recent So Close, but none are classic. DOA should have featured support from the likes of Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh rather than Eric Roberts and Robin Shou. The girls are pure eye candy. Only Pressley comes close to credibility - because she has an impressive physique and attitude. Holly flutters her eyes at Coronation Street's Matthew Marsden while forcing an English accent. Devon Aoki lacks charisma.

The incorporation of the video game elements such as the character intros, K.O. freeze frames etc works really well and the costume design and production design brings the game to life brilliantly. You believe in the exaggerated world and that is key. But ultimately this is little more than a time waster.

A decent popcorn movie but nothing new for action fans.
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A Poor Excuse For A Plot, But Good Action, Really Not That Bad
Quaay9 September 2006
Wow. I never thought In my wildest dreams that I would be standing behind this film, sticking up for it opposed to slandering it with the rest. I actually went to see it for a laugh and so what if there were a half dozen beautiful girls flaunting there stuff right? well the first 10 minutes kinda made me think I was gonna be dead right, but not entirely. Sure it was a very poor excuse for a plot, but the action was really quite good. Before I get into that I need to make a remark, a lot of people have been slandering this movie because of it's story line, fair enough, but if you say that it doesn't make sense, you must be one thick chimpanzee, The story is so linear it hurts, and very, I repeat VERY easy to understand! Back to the movie. The acting was fine, I was especially pleased at Holly's Performance, A perfect role for her I would say, if Anyone's ever seen any of her film clips

Plot: Pro-wrestler Tina (Jaime Pressly), master thief Christie (Holly Valance), and ninja princess Kasumi (Devon Aoki) are competitors in a martial arts tournament with a $10 million prize.

That pretty much sums up the basis of the plot haha but yeah. Good Action, Hot Girls, a worth while watch. Oh and another thing, Sarah Carter who starred in 3 episodes of Smallville plays another butt kickin' Babe, very sexy. It was kind of refreshing be able to watch a movie where the plot wasn't really a problem at all, all you had to do was focus on what was going on, no having to think about how this person knows this person and why they want to kill each other. It was also good to see a 'Girl Power' Flick which wasn't cheesy in the way that Charlie's Angels was, yeah it was cheesy in other ways, but none of that, "come on angels, let's go get 'em" All in all a good watch, I just hope they don't try and do a sequel *sighs* and IF they do, I hope they get a damn script writer!!!!

7 Stars
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An entertaining action flick - especially for blokes
Darth_Guybrush28 December 2007
Some great fight sequences - many of which took more than a week to film. Excellent stunts. Gorgeous costumes and scenery. A Cock rock soundtrack. What is not to love about DOA? Based on the popular Dead Or Alive video game series (last seen as DOA 4 on the XBox 360) this movie is a lot better than the previous attempts like Street Fighter. Many of the on screen stars resemble their in-game persona's in an uncannily realistic way too.

The girls are all gorgeous yet could really kick your butt. The strenuous training they need to "seem real" never seems to show too much. The beach volleyball scene is an added bonus for fans of the series. No wobbly boobs from what I could tell although they were always exaggerated were they not? Great Saturday arvo entertainment for blokes - but girls check it out as you can really kick arse with the best of them.
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A lot like the video games
pin-head_xiii9 September 2006
As a fan of the DOA video games, it was in my nature to go see this film. Even though I knew it was going to be shocking, I was surprised (a bit).

Following the storyline from the games, DOA is about a fighting tournament held on a secret island were all is not what it seems. Princess Kusami (Devon Aoki) joins the tournament to find her brother. Tina (jammie Pressley) a distinguished womens wrestler joins to prove to the world she's not fake, like her "fighting style". Christie (holly valance)playing a sultry thief joins in order to steal a vault full of money, hidden on the island. Over time they meet other characters and they learn to work together in order to stop the main villain, Donovan (Eric Roberts).

Like most fighting video game/movies the really isn't much of a story and a few of the actors are below par (espesially from Kane Kosugi), I was really impressed by Holly Valance and Sarah Carter.

Most reviews can tell you that this is strictly for teenage boys, and I can tell you there right, through some racy shots of Holly valance and Jamie Presley. But what Impressed me the most with DOA is the fight sequences. Kane Kosugi has one of the best I've seen In a while on a flight of stairs and Sarah Carter and Holly Valance battle it out in the rain making it an almost glorified wet t-shirt Competition.

If your looking for something innovating form this genre, keep walking, but if your looking for a great way to spend and hour and a half with some friends, then see DOA.
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A fun movie, so don't take it seriously
frater_solomon21 November 2006
While I agree that this is not terribly original or even an innovative film, it is fun, and that's what it was meant to be. You can't expect mastery from actors who haven't trained their whole lives but having a long history with martial disciplines I felt that these women did a great job. Sarah Carter has shown combative promise for years (remember Black Sash???), and her skill as a dancer is clear watching her move (fighting or not). Graceful and inspired, sleek and sexy, in many ways, she alone is worth seeing this movie for, whether in jeans or that little bikini. Who couldn't love this woman? But then they throw in other talent like Jaime (who is obviously in shape for this film both physically and professionally¬ógreat accent she adopted) and Devon, both of whom who could have a strong career in action flicks.

Having said that, this is not a film for the martial arts critic, it is a movie for fans. Many may have to lower their expectations so as to not feel as other reviewers have, and may need to remind themselves that these women are not masters of combat (and that a gorgeous woman in a bikini is not offensive but a vision). Movies don't have to be original to be enjoyable, and I hope viewers don't fall into the trap of criticizing this movie because it isn't. Why bother watching any movie then?
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Fan Service
strange_antithesis3 February 2007
I've been playing Dead or Alive since the Playstation release back in 1998 (I still do~~) and was shocked when I heard someone's gonna turn it into a movie. As a fan, the first thing, the major concern I had happens to be the actors playing the fighters. Not that it was a complete let down (especially since most of the attitudes of the characters in the game and movie were quite different), I had to anticipate it being (forgive the term) somewhat 'Americanized'. But ah, well. That's how it was. Don't know if Tomonobu Itagaki liked seeing Hayate not so often in the film, though (Hayate WAS modeled after him, the DOA creator). So when it was released, I avoided watching it, until now.

Corey Yuen did an amazing job directing this one. The choreography of the fight scenes were really good, but the script and the plot... those needed work. It was fun seeing Robin Shou and Collin Chou in this film. But props to Jaime Pressly for the amazing portrayal of Tina! She, in my opinion, stole the show from Devon Aoki.

But really, this is more of a fan service (in glorified kick-ass fights!) than a supposed movie in its own right. But it was better than most game adaptations and it was fun to watch.

One thing's certain- I didn't like the portrayal of Ayane.
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Quite better than Charlie's Angels
edzelr30 September 2006
This film ain't pushing the girl power formula it's just a group of fighters whose main protagonists are mostly women. DOA is quite good and i might think to see it again, I like everybody in the film my comment is that they have to trim down the comic elements i think it was too much especially Christie's partner he's quite annoying.

I expected it to be a charlie's angels film but it's not. DOA is one of those films you'd like to see if you are into popcorn films, and the fight choreography is worth the price of the ticket they actually applied the moves of the characters on the video game. It makes me wanna play the video game when after seeing it!
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Absolutely Fantastic... if you're watching it in 1996.
Quicksand16 June 2007
In 1999, the martial arts movie was redefined by "The Matrix." What people forget is, the martial arts movie was previously redefined four years earlier, with the release of 1995's "Mortal Kombat." Of course, yes, "The Matrix" left everything before it in the dust. But for that 4 years, we had a short-lived champion... exciting action sequences, fair-to-cheesy dialogue, and a thumping techno soundtrack. It took something as historical as the Wachowski Brothers to knock it off its perch.

"Dead or Alive" features action sequences about on-par with "Mortal Kombat," dialogue scenes that are only slightly more painful, and the added presence of Eric Roberts, which takes two full points off its IMDb rating just for attaching his name to it.

I didn't hate DOA; it was miles better than "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" and director Corey Yuen ("Transporter," "So Close") is certainly light-years better than Uwe Boll, if that even means anything.

Slightly better than your average rental, but not worth a $7 movie ticket. In 1996 this would have made a bundle, but today it's just something that might actually hold your attention on cable at 3 a.m. 6/10.
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There's action ! There's bikinis! ..........and thats about it.
Merklin25 September 2006
With its one dimensional characters and convoluted story, dead or alive was never really the best game to bring to the big screen . But nevertheless thanks to cory yune and a dubious ensemble cast, we now have a dead or alive movie. But is it any better than the corny trailers suggests ? The answer is NO .

Like the games its based on there's plenty of scantily clad babes and over the top action but thats all there is. There's no sense of suspense, interesting characters or successful attempts at intentional humour- just over edited fights mixed with a healthy portion of T&A.

Will the fans like it ? I can safely bet that once again the answer is no. Much like 94's street fighter movie, the characters are brought to life through a horribly mismatched cast decked out in cheesy cosplay outfits- only the most die-hard fans will be completely happy with this one.

DOA isn't completely terrible. The few fights that aren't edited to death are pretty good , and there's lots of laughs to be had from the corny acting and dialogue- but its overall buffoonery doesn't raise it above trashy "midnight movie on cable" status.

Its one for horny teens and dead or alive completists only.
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Interesting movie with excellent fight sequences
dustinhunter70716 September 2007
I was expecting some good fun from this movie because its directed by Cory Yuen, who also did the fight choreography on Transporter 2 which was just amazing. Anyways this was a good solid PG-13 action film with nonstop fighting and I liked it, I mean I have seen better, but I have seen much worse also. Jaime Pressly is great in this movie along with Eric Roberts and Devon Aoki. Great cast and great fights makes this out to be a pretty good movie, plus hot babes that can fight just never gets old in the action genre to me. Overall I gave this movie a 7 out of 10 because I thought it was good and entertaining but it could have been a little better if it had been rated R or if the fights were extended a little more.

7 out of 10, recommended for fight fans and action junkies like myself.
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Good Entertainment
ebiros211 July 2009
This movie is hard to rate. Nice action and nice bodies probably best describes it.

The story is about a martial arts tournament with many hot woman martial artist and some guys vying to be the champ. The scenery seems to be in Australia and it's beautiful.

They did do great casting job on this movie. Many good looking athletic actors makes endless parade of action and romance.

One of the better martial action to come out in recent years, this movie. It's like watching Bay Watch and kung-fu movie in one, and chicks are better fighters in this movie than guys.

If this is the direction Australian movie is taking, their future is bright. I hope they'll keep exploring this style of action movies.
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Better Than Most Video game Adaptations
bruddah_man_matt19 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that based on the previews I didn't think this film stood a chance of getting anything better than a 2/10. However knowing that Corey Yuen was directing the picture, I probably should have at least given the action the benefit of the doubt. As it turns out DOA is a pretty rubbish flick in terms of plot and acting but the action is solid. Yuen has a very Ronnie Yu style in terms of how he works the camera and while this film isn't going to win any awards anytime soon it's a solid popcorn action flick.

For the folks who have seen Yuen's So Close which starred Shu Qi and Zhao Wei DOA follows the same formula. Good looking women taking part in some good looking action and whooping on each other's good looking behinds. The plot which is virtually nonexistent simply consists of fighters from around the world being invited to a martial arts tournament. Of course each fighter has his or her own motives and there are obviously some secret agendas going on behind the scenes. Honestly the plot is so paper thing it's not even worth discussing. Women might be put off by this film and immediately assume that it's nothing more than a teenage boy's fantasy but in fact DOA does a better job of appealing to women as well than McG's overly "girl power" Charlie's Angels.

All in all there isn't much to say about this film except that the action and the sporadic humor are the only things which make it worth viewing. That might not sound like much but Yuen's experience with choreographing fights scenes really shows and as mentioned earlier he really knows how to work the camera. In fact he could probably convince you that Steven Segal has something left with his camera work alone. Yuen also knows how to shoot the leading ladies in terms of knowing how to make them look good, and I'm not just talking about the fight scenes. Yes the fighting consists of somewhat over the top wire work at times but it's 10 times better than the amateurish stuff McG tried to put together for Charlie's Angels. The film also makes no attempts to take itself too seriously like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider did at times. DOA compares to the first Mortal Kombat film in that it's kind of a faithful adaptation of the source material and definitely made for fans of the series in that the focus is on the action (although fans of martial arts flicks in general will find plenty to like with DOA).

DOA wont change peoples opinions on film adaptations of video games anytime soon (that task is in the hands of Kojima and his Metal Gear Solid project) but it is a much better popcorn action flick than the previews lead you to believe. The way I see it, if people are willing to pay to watch something thrown together by hacks like Paul W.S. Anderson (and yes I know that he directed the original Mortal Kombat) and McG why not DOA? The fight choreography is much better than anything those two could ever conjure up and the leading ladies are about as good looking as can be. Besides, no one watches a film like DOA for anything aside from the eye candy anyway. Far from great but much better than I had anticipated. 6.5/10.
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Interesting action movie.
sanchuj18 May 2017
In this story the best fighters of the world are invited to a competition known as DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. The last one who wins will be awarded as 'The Best Fighter' in the world and awarded with ten million dollars. This movie is interesting action movie. I suggest that everyone should go for it. Don't miss this amazing.
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Fantastically Entertaining Idiocy!
curtis-811 May 2009
I don't like video games. I don't know a damn thing about them. I have never seen a movie based on a video game that wasn't a completely boring hunk of junk. I don't think games should be made into movies as a rule. But I do like movies of all kinds, with a special liking for the crazy kung fu action by masters like Sammo, Yuen Woo Ping, Jackie Chan and Corey Yuen. So, I don't care if the "characters" of the game are accurately represented in this movie or not. I don't care if the story follows the "story" of the video game. I don't even care if there really is a video game called DOA. I do care that the great Corey Yuen is on atomic crack overdrive in this flick. While every bit as goofy as other video game movies, DOA is miles above as far as the action goes, even when compared with regular Hollywood action flicks.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the women who are doing all the a$$ kicking are incredibly sexy. The biggest surprise is how good Jaime Pressly is in this film. I'd seen her play "hot chick" before, and I'd seen her play hillbilly comedy on TV, but she does both in this one on top of doing some very convincing wire fu. She really should have an action career.
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Worse than I thought it would be
tnzk16 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers

What can I say? From the moment it was advertised that "Popstar/actress Holly Valance...", I knew it was desperate for some ratings.

This will NOT satisfy action/martial arts fans, and it will NOT satisfy DOA fans. So what has Corey Yuen tried to achieve? Absolutely nothing.

The DOA characters are bland and generic (How did Yuen screw up the source material?!). The actors can't act. Their story arcs (or lack thereof) do not help the audience sympathize with them.

Holly Valance acts as the sexy cat thief Christie. It hurts that the whole time she tries to act like that. Devon Aoki as Kasumi was a complete miscast. Sarah Carter as Helena didn't stand out, but she didn't completely lose face in this mess. Ayane is nothing more than a reason for a cat fight between her and Kasumi. Ryu Hayabusa was played out to be Kasumi's love interest rather than a masterful ninja: any game enthusiast would wonder how Yuen could butcher one of the most beloved video game characters of all time.

The "added" characters are uninspired. Weatherby is annoying, and unfunny (the only reasons I remember his name. Oh yeah, and the fact that he kept telling everyone who called him "Wallaby". Was that funny?). You can see that the man is TRYING to act. Max, as Christie's partner in crime, does nothing to enhance the plot; he adds 3 minutes to the 86 minute movie by allowing Christie to sleep with him. The main antagonist and the final fight is almost laughable.

The only saving character is Jaime Pressley as Tina Armstrong. Although not in the busty proportions of "game" Tina, it's almost forgiven as she makes the character her own, and has a genuinely funny relationship with her father, Bass. One of the only reasons to watch this movie.

The plot is completely horrible. Generic and predictable, it would have looked better back in the 1980's. One expects it to revolve around the actual tournament, or focus on a specific character's story (seen in the game). What I got was some lame conspiracy, and as Tina rightly puts it in the trailer "They're a bunch of pervs".

The soundtrack is unoriginal. It's a bunch of licensed music, probably because the music composer gave up on this movie. Funnily enough, DOA rightly plays the song 'Scandalous'.

The martial arts/fighting is as fake as it can get. Wires can be 'seen' without actually being visible, and Yuen's decision to do 'Matrix' shots is a double edged sword. Good because it's apparent "Popstar" Valance can't fight, bad because the audience has had enough of slow motion sequences. All characters apparently do the same type of martial arts. One comes to wonder how the non-ninja characters fight fluidly with a sword against 20 trained professionals. Utter rubbish.

Attention to detail is obviously something the crew thought unnecessary. The characters are from different ethnicities. A few even come from Japan. Yet they can all speak perfect English. WITH American ACCENTS. From the first line, the audience roared with laughter at this very poor mistake.

---DOA fans--- Dear Yuen and co, why pay homage to DOA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball when you can't even pay homage to DOA properly? Christie works in a team? Hayate is the ultimate fighter? Hayabusa acts like a ninja wannabe? Helena is American? How did Jan Lee get defeated so easily? What about Lei Fang? Yes she is in it, but not as a beautiful oriental schoolgirl. She has a cameo but anyone would realize the woman portraying her is some 40 year old dressed up like a schoolgirl. Hideous.

Essentially, a movie not worthy of your time, unless you're REALLY REALLY bored. Miss. Pressley saves this stinker from scoring a one.

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A near perfect based-on-video-game movie
cartman_133714 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm an advocate of judging movies against their purpose; what does it try to be? This movie tries to faithfully adapt the video game DOA on the big screen, and in that respect it does very well. While the story itself is filled with clichés, and is very equal to a lot of earlier movies, like Mortal Kombat, that can't really be held against this movie. This is how the game is, and adapting the game any other way would be disrespectful.

Action, babes, more action, nice camera angels, macho dialog and a very predictable story line with a proper comeuppance for the bad guys, that's what to expect from such a movie, and that's what it delivers. Other movies based on video games have a lot to learn from this movie; Stay faithful to your source, or expect a bad reception from the game's fans.
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Daft, dumb, beat-'em-up fun. With bikinis.
neil-47629 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The box looked good among the cheap DVDs, and it was the only movie both my parents were agreeable to (they are in the 80s, and all the others that night had "Bad Language" on the sleeves). They have never played computer games, and I haven't since my kids were young - say 15 years ago. So the fact that this is based on a beat 'em up was not a factor.

We all laughed when Devon Aoki's wings snapped open. And we laughed again when Holly Valance put her bra on and caught the gun. And we laughed some more at the pirates being put to shame.

In fact, we laughed quite a lot throughout. I know it is ostensibly a martial arts movie, but it is played throughout very tongue in cheek. It knows that it is essentially tripe, but it is cheerfully unashamed of that fact. It is good humoured, bright, colourful, funny, and full of sexy girls on display in a rather wholesome and non-sleazy way.

This movie is fun, and should be given a chance for that alone.
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Bad in all the "right" ways, DOA is just a hell of a lot of fun to watch!
hot_action_ninja14 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I find it rather hilarious that people actually take films like this seriously. How they write out these long-winded reviews (that probably had more thought put into them than the entire creative process of this film), calling it horrible, poorly put together, an abomination, dumb, brainless, sophomoric, etc. It's all just pointless, and a big waste of time. DOA: Dead or Alive isn't trying to be a meaningful film. It's not trying to be The Godfather or Citizen Kane. With that said, I'm now going to waste my time typing out a long-winded review... but a positive one :D

First the story... or lack there of. DOA centers around a fighting tournament called... you guessed it, DOA, where fighters from all over the world are apparently randomly picked. They come to this tournament, fight, and then crown a champion. That's about all there is to it. Oh yeah, there's also some kind of plot twist later on where the leader of the tournament turns out to be evil (big surprise) and he's apparently trying to make a pair of high-tech sunglasses that will make him the greatest fighter of all time. No, I'm not joking, that's actually what happens. I swear to god.

DOA is all about the over-the-top action, and watching some of the most beautiful woman on earth kick lots of ass (as well as show it) and boy does it deliver these things in spades. Now granted, a lot of movies that strictly rely on these types of simple tactics to entertain truly are horrible and sometimes even unwatchable, but there's a certain charm to DOA that just makes it a joy to watch. It's as if the film KNOWS that it's a crappy video game movie, and it embraces it. In doing so the film stacks cheese on top of cheese and ham-fisted acting, and becomes all the more fun and memorable for it.

Compare DOA with other movies based on video games if you want an idea of what I mean. Movies like Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Mortal Kombat are huge failures because they take themselves WAY too seriously, and that's a big no-no when your premise is so silly. DOA knows what it is, it doesn't try to be dramatic or touching, it doesn't try to be anything memorable (granted there are a few "I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!" type cringe-worthy moments, but they are short and quickly lost in the endless shots of T&A and action).

Make no mistake, DOA is a pretty poorly-made film. The story is non-existent, the acting and dialogue are atrocious (but there's a certain playfulness to it all that still makes the actors a joy to watch), some of the special effects, if you want to call 'em that, are pretty laughable.

However, for everything that DOA does wrong, it also does something right. The acting, as bad as it is, has a hidden, perhaps even unintentional genius to it, almost as if the actors are saying "yeah I suck, but damit I'm having a good time making this film!". One thing I have come to learn about film is that *most of the time* if the actors are noticeably having a good time making the film on screen, the audience will in turn have a good time with the actors.

One thing DOA does exceptionally well is the fight choreography. It's simply the best I have seen in a video game based film (MK, Street Fighter, Tekken, take some lessons!). What makes it all the more memorable is that while we are watching these amazing fights, the director never lets us forget that we are watching a ridiculous cheese-fest.

Amidst all of the mind-blowing stunts and flawless direction during these moments, the director will insert a shameless boob or ass shot, or some kind of horrendously bad special effect. The expert filming techniques during the fight scenes in combination with the hilariously bad amateur moments, no matter how unintentional, are simply brilliant and really give this film a character and soul of it's own.

Perhaps one of my favorite elements of DOA is Eric Roberts (yes, Julia Roberts' brother!). Once kind of a household name in the 80s, Eric fell from grace and for a large part of the 90's and 2000s, mainly appeared in crappy B-movies (kind of like this one but without the fun). Here Roberts' plays a hilariously awesome ham-clenching villain whose sole-purpose in life is to create the ultimate sunglasses and take over the planet. Roberts plays the character pretty straight, but his occasional 'moustache twirling' and hilariously bad and nonsensical motivations work extremely well within the context of the film.

In closing, I think the best way I can explain DOA is by calling it an "accidental masterpiece". It's successful in my opinion, for a lot of the reasons that Plan 9 from Outer Space became successful over time. These films have a charm to them, something pure, perhaps a highly motivated director with a very loving passion for creating films, but lacks the skill to actually make good ones. They do a lot of things wrong, but these mistakes miraculously come together in actually making the film memorable. Unlike Plan 9 however, DOA actually manages to do some things well.

I give DOA 8.5 crotch shots out of 10. Now THIS is how you make a movie based on a video game!
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Really good fun video game movie
Dragoneyed3635 April 2008
Dead Or Alive is one of those films in which you would watch it if you were a big fan of the video games or at least heard of them. I, being a big fan of the video games, thought it was not as disappointing to the video game series as I thought it was going to be and it really in the end was a very great action movie. Although it was very mediocre at times, such as the comedy was low and unfunny, the fighting was intense and they were able to create really nice action sequences without any use of blood.

Plenty of things were impossible for the characters in this film to do if these characters were actual people and not somehow genetically enhanced before they went to this island, but still, it's a movie, and a very fun and entertaining one at that. When there is no sense of danger for the main characters though, it's kind of hard to enjoy it, and the main characters seem to be on top too much for you to worry about them.

Anyway, this film basically just has more involvement around the women of the DOA tournament than any of the other players which was sort of taking a big risk, and I think they did that just because they thought a lot of guys would see this. Another thing was that they left out the awesome character of Hitomi. Well, this is actually an extremely pleasing fighting film if you enter with the right expectations and it has a few big problems, but I'm sure anyone who makes a movie based on a video game can not get everything 100% accurate and overall this film was very well put together. Resident Evil is my favorite video game adaptation.

Ayane is a very respectable character adaptation in this film as well, but she is overlooked and under screen played. I enjoyed it a lot otherwise...
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A surprise decent film
torstensonjohn1 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Before we as an audience had the film "The Condemned" we have this little nugget. A fight style tournament, experts in their fighting styles get picked randomly, fly to an island and have to parachute out of a plane to find it. These fights are not to the death rather but loser goes home prize is 10 million dollars. Now the acting is pretty flat, there is 2 subplots mixed in while the fights are picked. For men the "horn dog" side will be satisfied as the women are scantly clad in much of it. The savior of this fil is the cinematography and choreography with the fights and martial arts.

Jaime Pressley is actually funny and wildly good with her stunts in this. Devon Aoki, wow, exceptional skill set and reminds me much of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style. Holly Valance was amazing in her role as fighter and thief. I was a little dismayed at Eric Roberts performance as the antagonist not his better moments and his fighting was god awful. I rather enjoyed this film though and if your a fan of martial arts and some comedy watch it. I went 7/10 here
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DOA movie sucked! end of story
ashmisty4ever200215 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sucked. It didn't pay tribute to the great Dead or Alive game, No this movie destroyed the great story and characters of that wonderful game.

Not to mention poor choice for the cast. Also what happened to asking for Tecmo's help (I mean they are the company that made the game) At least with their help this movie would have been a Hit!

I mean come on!

1. You had to figure out which actor was which because they didn't look much like their game counterparts well except Tina and Bass you could tell right away who they were.

2. It didn't even have one level from the game.

3. The fighting style was all-wrong.

4. An the shades at the end was stupid!

5. They flew right by with the first rounds of the competition other than that the comedy was good and the music.

Note: All theses are the reasons why the company that made the game (Tecmo) should have been informed to help the US make this movie.
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Oh the horror...
squidyed10 January 2007
I'll get straight to the point and say, ITS BAD. Any fans of the games, prepare to be severely disappointed.

When I first heard that they were doing a DOA movie, I was sceptical. When I first saw the actors picked, I was more so. When I saw the film, I was amazed how bad they actually did.

I've never seen anything so painful. And I'm not talking about the strictly average fights. Somehow, they've managed to totally butcher almost every characters personality beyond belief. Every new character coming on screen was like a kick in the face.

Now i knew that it would be near impossible to get good actors who would look like and really feel like their characters. But they avoided that problem by not even trying! Instead they tried to get some lame cast of stars rather than people actually suited. We don't want a Christie thats played by a pop star!!! We don't need an Ayane played by someone who looks twice her age! Also, many of the costumes also look as if they were stolen of cos-players.

But that doesn't matter either, because they've decided to throw away any similarity to the characters anyway. Just a few nags...

For some reason they made Helena , as best as I can describe, some rollerskating bubbly pop girl. They seem to totally remove any sense of her french nationality, and the fact shes a opera singer. They also add in (and god knows why..) this geeky 'love interest'. Its not Helena at all!

Christie is said to be a thief, rather than an assassin. No longer the cold and detached killer shes meant to be. They also changed her unique fighting style, no She-Quan anywhere to be seen, she seems to prefer to fight with clenched fists. Again, just not the same character.

Ryu. Even as one of the 'least butchered' characters, any fans of ninja gaiden will be pained to see their hero being so... mundane. His capture is plain insulting. They also made the mistake of saying he's in the same clan as Kasumi.

kasumi's title as a 'ninja princess' is horribly skewed. For some reason the small simplistic ninja village is replaced by a city, with her living in a palace, and an army of soldiers (not even ninjas). Her soft personality is reversed to being cold and constantly looking quite moody. Also at the end of the film, her and the others go back to her clan and massacre the army. WTF!?!? Oh yeah, and Shinobi apparently means runaway ninja now... morons...

Ugh... I could complain about every character, but I've probably said enough on that. The plot also sucks and has no relation to the game. Even the comparatively easy bit, the fights, are poor. Average at most, then dropped by the fact they ignored the games again. They had several games full of fighting manoeuvres they could have used, so to make Ryu fans shout out "Yeah! He did Izuna drop". Just generally make them fight in their own styles. But did they use it? Nope. Sod that.

So there. The people responsible for this need to be slapped round the face with sponge full of glass dust and soaked in acid. I knew making a live action DOA movie would be a bad idea, but there is no excuse for something this poor. Unforgivable.

An insult to DOA and fans, and nothing more than a cheep second rate action movie for everyone else.
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