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Devon Aoki: Kasumi



  • [From trailer] 

    Helena Douglas : Don't you think the guy in the second row's cute?

    Christie Allen : Is there a guy in the world that you don't have a crush on?

    Kasumi : You can have him. But what about the other 300?

    unknown : [a whole army of men charge at the girls] 

    Tina Armstrong : [pause]  Why don't we just split em' up evenly?

  • Kasumi : [after landing way off course from the site]  ... It's a sign.

    Tina Armstrong : Look little Miss Zen Master. This isn't Karate Kid, it's DOA... as in Dead or Alive, as in 10 million dollars...

    Kasumi : [points to a sign]  You don't understand. It's a sign.

  • [first lines] 

    Ryu Hayabusa : Princess Kasumi, your brother is dead. Your destiny is to lead your people.

    Kasumi : I will not believe he is dead, until I see his body.

    Ryu Hayabusa : There is no body.

    Kasumi : Then he is not dead.

  • Tina Armstrong : How the hell are we supposed to get up there?

    Kasumi : We better get going.

    Christie Allen : Well, you're both on your own. I don't do teams.

    Tina Armstrong : Well that's fine with me, any team you're part of is bound to lose anyway.

    Christie Allen : Well I'll remember that when I'm collecting the $10 Million.

  • Ayane : [Kasumi looks at her reflection in the mirror, while Leon is getting ready for his fight with Kasumi. Ayane breaks the mirror and fights Kasumi holding up her sword to Kasumi holding up a lamppost pole cut off]  Before I take your life, will you repent for leaving the clan?

    Kasumi : My only goal is to find out what happened to my brother!

    [Both Ayane and Kasumi hear a bang on the door. Ayane then knocks the pole out of Kasumi's hand and flees] 

  • Kasumi : [Kasumi has just gotten the ninja star signal from Ayane, and agrees to meet her in the bamboo forest. She looks around for her and calls out to her]  Ayane! I don't want to fight you!

    [Ayane then comes out of nowhere, yelling, sword in and engages in another fight with Kasumi. Ayane then cuts through various bamboo trees while Kasumi dodges her attacks and climbs over the tree and flips over. Ayane aims her sword at Kasumi, while Kasumi pushes a bamboo tree in front of it, blocking the sword] 

    Ayane : You are a shinobi!

    Kasumi : So was Hayate when he came here. Yet, you did not pursue *him*!

    Ayane : Hayate was *different*!

    [Ayane gets her sword out of the tree, and swipes it at Kasumi] 

    Kasumi : Because you loved him?

    [Kasumi and Ayane resume fighting, Kasumi takes the sword out of Ayane's hand, and uses a bamboo trunk as a weapon then fights her, and aiming the trunk against her sword] 

    Kasumi : Hayate is in *both* our hearts! Help me find out what happened to him!

    Ayane : [coldly and bitterly]  He's dead.

    [kicks Kasumi] 

    Ayane : Prepare to join him!

    [Ayane and Kasumi continue fighting, bamboo stick against sword, as Kasumi swings the stick against Ayane, then Ayane does a two-leg split against two bamboo trees, aiming her sword at Kasumi. She flips over and yells, as her sword splits Kasumi's kimono, practically showing her bikini. She then puts the bamboo sticks down] 

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