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Very well crafted
filmy42119 April 2007
Years later, I recently remembered this movie. That's the sign of a very good film. I find it impressive how the style of this film can be seen in several more recent projects that have done very well on both TV and in cinema. I watched this film a while back before it won awards. After remembering this film, I wanted to write these comments. My husband and I were very moved by the story and how well executed it was. The characters were rich and the relationships beautifully presented. It never falls into cliché while dealing with complicated subject matter. It would have been easy to overdue the drama, but the filmmakers took their time and allowed the audience to think and feel and the story to live and breathe. I hope to see more work by these filmmakers in the future.
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A surprisingly honest and moving family drama
lepetitprince082111 April 2004
I walked into this film thinking it would be another hollywood style cookie cutter melodrama. Yet , the look and feel of the film brought me into a world of sadness. From the subtle blue tones to the subtle acting style, I felt myself being absorbed into this drama. The characters were complex yet realistic. Most of all the editing style developed the tone and feel like a concert pianist. First bringing the viewer in with delicate tones and harmony and then pounding in our eyes and heart a stacatto of emotive images. All in all the film commanded and delivered. My only critique would be to develop a more complex dialogue.
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