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Season 2

28 Jul. 1976
The Dark Streets of Kimball's Green
A foster child escapes her abusive foster mother by befriending an old man and a stray cat. She tries to save them from a vicious street gang by calling up help from an ancient Celtic King.
14 Aug. 1976
Time Out of Mind
Teen-ager Liz, unhappy at home, finds herself living in the past when she is magically transformed into a doll in an old Victorian doll house.
11 Aug. 1976
The Inheritance
A dying gamekeeper teaches his teen-age grandson about an ancient pagan dance involving men wearing deer antlers. The grandson begins to see the dancers in his dreams.
18 Aug. 1976
Dark Encounter
A middle-aged Londoner returns to the remote village that sheltered him as a child from the London blitz. He realizes that he's afraid of the woods around the village, but can't remember why.
25 Aug. 1976
Teenager Tom draws a poster illustrating an old legend for use as a decoration at a school costume dance. Then he finds that events from the legend seem to be following him around.
1 Sep. 1976
The Eye
A teen-age girl falls under the spell of a mysterious Greek urn. Strange things happen when she creates a larger version of a portrait on the urn.

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