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  • The series The Batman begins in Batman's third year. In the graphic novel BATMAN: YEAR ONE, by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli, Bruce Wayne is 26 years old when he debuts as Batman. If this timeline holds for The Batman then Bruce is 28 or 29 at the beginning of the series. However, the producers of "The Batman" have made Bruce younger in this series--25 in season one (Bruce's "Year Three" as Batman). The first episode of season five gives the best sense of the passage of time: We are told right up front that one year has passed since the alien invasion of the Joining. Bruce is probably around 29 in season five.

    Bruce Wayne's Golden-Age (Earth-2) birthday is April 14, 1915. Modern tradition places Bruce Wayne's birthdate on February 19th. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • So far, there are no plans to add the villains Two-Face, Scarecrow, or Ra's al Ghul to The Batman (although a preliminary design for the Scarecrow was originally created). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Modern tradition holds that Dick Grayson was born in March on the first day of Spring. In the comics, the Golden-Age (1940s) Dick Grayson was 8 years old when he became Robin. During the Silver Age (1950s & '60s), Dick's age was adjusted to 12 when Robin debuted. Robin appears to be around 12 or 13 years old when he first appears on The Batman. By season five, Robin is shown to be attending high school and is probably 14. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In adjusted continuity, Barbara Gordon (daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon) was 16 years old when she debuted as Batgirl in the DC Comics Universe (BATGIRL: YEAR ONE, 2004). On The Batman, Barbara is introduced as a high-school student, appearing to be about 16. By the show's fifth season, Barbara is a college freshman (probably 18 years old). The first episode of season five gives the best sense of the passage of time: We are told right up front that one year has passed since the alien invasion of the Joining. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When the third season of The Batman was being produced, Cartoon Network's Teen Titans series was still in production. Since Robin was a regular on Teen Titans, Batgirl was introduced in season three as Batman's first sidekick. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the beginning of the series, only Alfred Pennyworth (Bruce Wayne's butler) and (as revealed in the 4th season episode "The Joining") Lucius Fox of Wayne Industries know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Eventually, Batman reveals his secret to others: Robin, Batgirl, and fellow Justice Leaguers the Martian Manhunter (who reads the secret in Batman's mind), Superman (who uses X-ray vision to look under the cowl), Green Arrow, Flash, and Green Lantern. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gotham City is a fictional U.S. port city located on the north-eastern Atlantic coast. It was originally a stand-in for New York City, but has also been likened to other crime-ridden urban centers such as Chicago and Detroit. Some sources have placed Gotham City in the state of New Jersey; however, this cannot be considered definitive.

    The current DC Universe version of Gotham City is actually a small island connected to the mainland by a series of bridges and tunnels. The east and south sides of Gotham face the Atlantic Ocean. The city is further divided by the Sprang River (named for Dick Sprang) on the northern end and the Finger River (for Bill Finger) to the south. Tiny Blackgate Isle to the south-east is home to Blackgate Maximum Security Penitentiary.

    Parts of Batman Begins (2005) were filmed in Chicago, Illinois. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is first mentioned (as Arkham Hospital) in "The Threat of the Two-Headed Coin!" in BATMAN #258 (October 1974) by Dennis O'Neil. The first specific reference to "Arkham Asylum" was in the story "This One'll Kill You, Batman!" also by Dennis O'Neil in BATMAN #260 (February 1975). The name was inspired by the fictitious New England city of Arkham created by H.P. Lovecraft. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Sources are saying that the fifth season of The Batman will be the final one. This will give the show a total of 65 episodes, plus the spin-off DTV movie The Batman Vs.Dracula. The possibility exists for more DTVs in the future; however, none have been announced. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Batgirl was introduced in third season of the show. And Robin debuted in season four. However, Batman doesn't meet any other super heroes until the two-part fourth season finale "The Joining". "The Joining" has Batman team up with Justice Leaguers the Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Flash and Hawkman to repel an alien invasion. And in season five Batman is also slated to meet Superman and Aquaman. Edit (Coming Soon)

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