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Incredibly fun movie
hayonthego24 November 2010
I will start by saying that I am a 62 year old grandfather of three (9, 8, and 5) who has no connection to Disney in any way. I took the grandkids today to see this movie and they loved it, as did I. The 3D is worth going to. There is enough silliness, adventure, and romance to allow boys and girls of almost all ages to love this show. There were some funny lines in the show that kids would not understand, but adults would enjoy. I heard a gentleman laughing throughout the whole show. I am not around teenagers, so I am not sure how a teenager would respond to this show. The storyline was different but predictable. That should not discourage anyone from going to this show. I would rate it as one of the best, if not the best animation show I have ever seen. This show is a winner as a family show.
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A New Classic.
jergasmic24 November 2010
I was very sketchy walking into this movie. I didn't know what to expect, it's Disney which is promising, but it's also Disney's first CGI Disney movie that got a PG rating, so it seemed different. It was pretty hard for me to choose between 'Tangled' or 'Burlesque' but I'm glad I made the decision to watch 'Tangled'.

This film has everything, for everyone, boys girls and tongue in cheek humor for adults. It's Disney's answer to Shrek, but in a classy way, that doesn't feed off of pop culture.

The story of the film is simple. Rapunzel is a princess that has hair that has power to heal and keep people young, but once it's cut, it loses all power. When Rapunzel was just an infant she was kidnapped by an old woman who locked her away in a tower to keep her hair all to herself. Rapunzel grows up thinking that her kidnapper is in fact her mother, and the reason she's locked away is because her 'mother' wants to keep her safe from the hardships of the world. I'd tell you more about the movie but I don't want to ruin it. Let's just say she runs away. Very simple, fairy tale plot.

I was kind of saddened that Disney has succumbed to making Princess movies using CGI, but watching this movie I realize that some scenes wouldn't have the power it had, if it were in 2D. The lantern lighting scene, for example, was amazing. It wouldn't have been the same in 2D. The music, was perfect. Enough musical number to keep Disney fans more than satisfied and not enough to where it's overkill. The songs were heartfelt and meaningful, they all served a purpose, it wasn't just a nameless song thrown into the movie. The voice acting, by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi were amazing. I was a little sketchy about Mandy. I'm a long time fan, but I wasn't sure if she had the right voice to be a Disney Princess. She gave Rapunzel so much life, and innocence, I couldn't think of any other actress who could play her better. Zachary gave Flynn life, and humor, and made him a very likable character. However, the two characters that stole the show were Pascal, the chameleon, and Maximus, the horse. Although these supporting characters have no speaking lines, through actions and emotions, you know exactly what they want to say, and the message comes in loud and clear.

This movie has enough action and comedy to keep boys happy and enough emotion, romance and drama to keep the girls happy. There are a few scenes that made me tear a little, well maybe more than a little. Some scenes have so much emotion and depth that it tugs at your heartstrings, and gives you goosebumps, especially the lantern scenes. Disney is testing the waters of their film making with this one. There were many alcohol references and even references about being drunk. There's violence, people getting stabbed, and yes, even blood. Which you never see is Disney movies.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie, to everyone. Anyone could enjoy this movie. It's very hard not to like it. With theater prices so high, I suggest you don't spend 10 dollars to watch Cher and Christina, but watch 'Tangled' instead. They don't make movies like this anymore. It's much better than last year's 'Princess and the Frog'. Rapunzel is now in the line-up of classic Disney princess. I cannot stress how amazing this film is. Go out and see it.
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Disney, where have you been all this time?
blackmambamark28 November 2010
Honestly, when is the last time you saw a decent Disney Animated feature? No no, PIXAR does not count. I'm talking about just a regular ol' straight laced Disney flick. If your like me, I'm sure your answer falls somewhere in the mid 90's. But isn't that a shame? What happened to the totally awesome Disney movies? If your excuse is because of technology, i assure you that your wrong. You can make a great animated movie without resorting to actual hand drawn art. But where is that old feeling we all use to share? Well i can tell you this much....i already knew that Disney had something special here, mainly because the VP of PIXAR jumped ship and decided to fund this project. The first time anyone from PIXAR has ever done so, let alone the freakin VP. So needless to say, Disney finally had enough, and pulled out all the stops for this one.

I kid you not when i say this...."Tangled" is easily the best Disney Animated feature i have seen since "Aladdin".....yes, it is that good. They finally let go of trying to find something new and different and settled with what was working for them almost 20 years ago. It's a princess tale that easily falls into the same category with the classics. So wait, does that mean i'm comparing it to the likes of "Snow White" "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty"? You damn right i am! Sure the storyline is cliché' and relative to other Disney classics, but it felt so good to see and feel something that helped recall your childhood. But other than those minor speed bumps, the movie is spot on. The animation is spectacular, and you would be a fool not to see it in 3D. The musical sequences didn't seem forced and were never boring. And i can almost guarantee you that it will snag the best song award at the Oscars. I'm just glad that they didn't work the story around the music, which is what a lot of animated features tend to slip up on. But this one did an amazing job of hybriding them together.

Bottom Line, ladies and gentleman, this is the Disney picture you have been waiting for. It will definitely win your heart and please audiences both young and old.
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My Favorite Disney Movie
slcjared23 October 2010
I saw the finished movie at the screening before the wrap party. The movie works on every level. The Characters, the animation, the story, the score, the romance, and it's all very cute as well (in a way Disney can apparently still pull off).

The one thing that I didn't get into was the songs (Except maybe the "Mother Knows Best" reprise). They were a little weak melodically and you won't be singing them for weeks like I do "Part of Your World" every time I watch the "Little Mermaid." However, the songs are good enough not to bring the movie down. There are so many touching scenes in this movie and you will love all of the characters by the end and have an amazing time in the process.

It is definitely worth seeing in the theater, as this is probably the prettiest computer animated movie I've seen. I just can't wait to see it in stereo!

(BTW, I'm a 30 year old male who grew up with Disney. And I feel like I'm being objective when I say this movie works as a movie and not as a movie exclusively for 10 year old girls.)
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Very good movie in every aspect
gccc44-957-59240522 January 2011
This movie hits the mark on all levels. It is beautifully illustrated and the story is simple, yet works and keeps your interest. I'm not a big song guy..... but the songs in this movie are very good. Either very funny or, when the love songs begin, nicely done with some good lyrics and music. It's a '10' all the way across the board. In keeping with the Disney animators reputation for hiding phallic symbols, this has maybe the most blatant one of all. When the mother is standing near the window, her shadow is unmistakably harder than Chinese arithmetic. Keep an eye out for it..... But, this movie really is well done. The song and visuals in the tavern with all the thug characters is pretty funny. Definitely see this one!!
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Definitely one of the best animated films I've seen...a guy's review
dylanhook21 August 2012
Let me start by saying that I'm an 18 year old male, and was kinda dragged into watching this by my girlfriend, who is a big fan of the Disney princess movies. I finally gave in the other day, and I've very glad that I did.

The movie looked gorgeous, the animation was spot on; all while holding on to the classic Disney feel.

The main characters are extremely likable. Repunzel is your typical Disney princess style character: sweet, funny, etc. Eugene, aka Flynn Rider, kinda stole the show for me, but maybe that's because I'm slightly gender biased. Nonetheless, you can't deny his wit and humor. Maximus the horse fills the role of animal sidekick perfectly; just as good as Donkey was to Shrek even though he doesn't talk.

While the plot is relatively predictable, it was still quite an enjoyable movie. I didn't find myself to be bored at only of the parts, and I was laughing a lot more than I had expected to. This movie is an instant classic, and a near perfect example of what animated fairy tales should be like if they want to appeal to a wide range of viewers, not just tween girls. The ending was sweet and should leave everybody happy.

I think there's enough fun in this movie for all ages, including an 18 year old guy like me.
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Get your butt to the theater and see this movie!
cbluvsact9 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this movie 3 times as of today, and possibly 4 as of next week, if that gives anyone a good idea of what a fantastic movie this is. Tangled is now my favorite of the 50 Disney animated movies out there, or any animated movie for that matter. Despite fans of the classic Disney princess being down on the CGI animation, I to the contrary found that this was a vast improvement. The scenery and basic concepts were still classic Disney, but the CGI made them movie vivid and realistic but in a cute animated way. The characters were all very deep, and all added their own humorous aspects to the movie. Repunzel was a bad ass without being violent, and more lovable than the rest of the princesses combined. The prince was actually a bandit role (Flynn) and way more dimensional than previous princes. He was a main part of the movie, and he added a great contrast to Repunzel's naive heroine. I left having a crush on Flynn, and wanting to go to the pet store to buy a pet chameleon. I predict that at the end of the movie you will leave feeling lighter at heart, and transported back to being a wide eyed youngster. Well, I did anyway.
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An overnight Disney Classic
clare-964-46562330 January 2011
While updating our own profile on Facebook we came across a great link posted by Apollo Cinema Burnley for some free preview tickets for the new film Tangled 3D a film based on the story of Rapunzel which has been sprinkled with a little Disney Magic.

Having a six year old as an excuse to see all the Disney films is great , but recently seeing Toy Story 3 3D and Shrek Happily ever after in 3D I left feeling that the movie makers still had some way to go with a 3d film .

Viewing some trailers for tangled it looked like it was going to be a funny film but was the trailers packet with the best bits? With a big smile on my face I can honestly say read on :)

When the screening started 3D glasses at the ready for us all, the Sony dog I think is great and hoped that Tangled would be more like this where you could reach out and grab things, fingers crossed……

From the start I was hooked and from the absolute silence in the cinema it seemed everyone else was too. For the next hour and a half I was taken on a none stop roller coaster that just kept getting better. The 3D was amazing and at one point my son really did reach out to grab something out of the film .

The story is fantastic with every character capturing your imagination and throwing you into the film wondering what's coming next . A Disney film wouldn't be a Disney film without a bit of singing and dancing and this film has just the right amount , this coupled with the already great story leaves me to think it will become one of the Disney classics it really was brilliant.

I would recommend going seeing this, it put a smile on my face and my son loved it, its one of the best films I've seen for ages that we could all sit and watch together.

Review by The Local Explorer
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Ian_Po2426 November 2010
Not often does a movie bring tears in my eye, and this one truly turned on the waterworks. Maybe because I am going through my own hard times, or because I had just read a throughly heartbreaking the night before, but regardless, Tangled currently stands as one of the greatest animated films I have ever seen.

To put it in a few words, Tangled had everything, and much more. The only way to truly experience this spectacular viewing is to see it for yourself! It spoke volumes to me, and on so many different levels!

As a 19 year old male, the typical blood and guts, Saving Private Ryan movie goer, I went into the theater expecting to be bored out of my mind. Truth me told, I was not ecstatic during some of the singing scenes, but I was throughly amazed by almost every other scene in this film. It reminds me greatly of Enchanted, or even The Princess Bride. Romantic love stories, with quite a struggle, and great humor!

I would recommend this movie to everyone, young and old! You have not lived until this movie can touch your heart, as it has mine. I look forward to seeing this amazing movie again, hopefully in theaters before I buy it as soon as it becomes available on DVD, where I can watch it over and over!
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celtic_dove20 January 2011
After seeing the previews I thought it'd be a light hearted and fun movie to watch but it just exceeded my expectations.

The humor is only slightly outranked by the facial expressions, particularly those of Rider.

Maximum was hilarious.

A horse with a mind of his own that can do quite a number of 'stunts'.

I would highly recommend this movie not only to adults but for young children as well. It's fast, exiting and very entertaining.

I didn't find any parts to be 'slow going' and it certainly put a new slant on the old story of Rapunzel.

A real 'feel good happy' type of movie.
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Couldn't Have Been Better
SGuy1575 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I will start off by simply saying that this movie is excellent. No, the word excellent doesn't even describe this movie well enough, because it is better than excellent. I could not take my eyes away movie for the hour and a half of the film. Even if the movie was seven hours long my eyes would still be glued to the screen for the whole time. Along with Up, this has to be the best animated movie ever made.

The animation was outstanding, and I was amazed at all of the little details in all of the characters, objects, and backgrounds in every frame of every scene. The film is full of breathtaking and amazing images. The scene with all of the floating lanterns was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a movie. Nothing could have been done to improve the amazing visuals and animation used.

Before first seeing the movie, I hadn't realized that it was a musical, so that was a pleasant surprise for me. I have heard people say that the movie was great while the music was only average or not that good. I, on the other hand, thought that the music was wonderful and fit perfectly with what was happening, whether it be the action and fighting scenes or the calmer scenes like the lantern scene.

Also, this movie actually made me laugh, and I don't laugh much during most animated movies. Personally, I thought that the dialogue was great and all of the characters worked well together. I especially loved the relationship with Rapunzel and Flynn, because it could be comical at one point and then touching at the next. And not only was the dialogue be used for comedy, but it also was used to create beautiful and touching scenes. Even thinking about the line were Flynn told Rapunzel she was his new dream and when she told him that he was hers gives me chills.

I really hope that this movie gets an Oscar. True, Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon were both outstanding movies, but I think Tangled is the most deserving in the animated film category. Every aspect of the film was perfect. The animation, the story, and the score all were excellent and when combined they made a movie that couldn't have been better.

Congratulations Disney, you've got me tangled. I wish I could see it again, but unfortunately I think I'll just have to wait until it comes out onto DVD. I hope to see more movies like this in the future.

Oh, and by the way, I'm a guy. A teenage guy. So really this movie should appeal to all audiences. If you love a good movie that is charming, funny, beautiful, and touching, then go see the movie Tangled. You won't be disappointed.
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Disney's back with their fairytale
maestro-2025 November 2010
I was apprehensive, to say the least, when I went to see Tangled, after the disappointment that was Princess and the Frog. First, Disney's back with CGI animation, which hasn't really worked that great except, maybe to some extent, Bolt. Second, the trailers made it look really slapstick -- I'm rather wary of today's animation features that try too hard to be hip and fast-paced and silly.

I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there were slapstick and broad humor sure to make little kiddos laugh. But I was surprised by the sophistication as well. The screwball comedy between the hero and heroine is very well done; adults can appreciate that. The sidekicks, in particular the Max and Pascal, are hilarious. The hero and heroine are very likable and not flat. And there's a sense of sadness/wistfulness throughout the whole show that the adults will understand.

But what really is great is the animation. This is Pixar-worthy great. In fact, after a while I forgot it was CGI (which tends to be a bit stiff and crude when it comes to character animation). The human characters have that hand-drawn quality even though they're CG. In fact, they're more expressive than the hand-drawn characters in Princess and the Frog. The backgrounds are gorgeous (I can count every blade of grass). And there's an iconic scene where the kingdom rouses from darkness to light with thousands of floating lanterns -- it really is magical. It reminds me of classics such as Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

Best of all, the movie is not just all laughs and slapstick. It has heart too. Even the minor characters such as the King and Queen -- you can feel the emotions. And the romance is believable and not cheesy.

Like I said, I was very pleasantly surprised. It's something that is worthy of Pixar, and I'm glad to see Disney back on their game. While Princess and the Frog was a missed opportunity, Tangled is almost perfect.
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pat_nasi_buzz12 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Taking place in a land far, far away, Tangled tells us about an evil witch named Gothel. By consuming a special flower, she was able to live forever. One day, the queen who ruled that land couldn't give birth, so she needed a special flower in order to have a baby. The king ordered his servants to trace the location of the flower, and gave it to his wife. In short, the baby was successfully born, but Gothel got angry and decided to take revenge, so she kidnapped the baby, aiming for her magic hair which she could use for eternal life. Rapunzel, the baby, grew up with her fake mother's (Gothel) lies, telling her that outside the tower was full of dangerous things. There was a handsome thief who managed to steal the Princess' tiara. He hid in Rapunzel's tower and then they met for the very first time. Mother Gothel tried to separate them but she failed. And the two of them finally saw the floating lantern, which was her biggest dream ever.

Rapunzel is in an active yet wishy-washy girl, but she has a good heart. The thief, Flynn, is a handsome, playboy, and attractive guy. Mother Gothel is an antagonist. She loves Rapunzel, but is too obsessed with her hair.

At first Rapunzel and Flynn didn't a smooth conversation and they didn't trust each other. As time went by, they fell in love. The conversations encourage for the viewers to support their dreams.

The moral of this story is if we a have a dream, we have to make an effort and attempt to achieve it and never give up.

Despite knowing the fact that it's a movie with an happy ending, we still watched it and we enjoyed it because of the excellent animation, good songs, and last but not least, because of Rapunzel herself is very entertaining; the long hair itself attracts us.
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Heart Warming And visually stunning!
choclate_bouy25 July 2012
Tangled is a master piece from Disney.From story to animation every little thing was amazing and spectacular to watch. From past few years Disney was was struggling,but i think they have recovered by making this Oscar deserving animation.It's a family entertainment with a very strong story line and the execution was just perfect.Hat's off to the director and the writer and i expect more from Disney now that they will make such masterpieces again.This is probably the prettiest computer animated movie I've seen.Tangled had everything, and much more. The only way to truly experience this spectacular viewing is to see it for yourself! It spoke volumes to me, and on so many different levels! Rating 10/10 :D .A must watch :)
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rsaremi13 January 2011
"Masterpiece" is the only word that truly describes the Disney movie Tangled.

The story is flawless, the visual animation is perfect, because they aren't trying to experiment with new untried techniques before they are ready, Well, Good Job! Do I dare say that this is the best film since Aladdin? I dare. Perhaps I my self simply have a natural predilection toward parental defiance or maybe its just any work John Lasseter touches turns to pure gold.

Every person I know who has seen this work of art was completely blown away and I salute everyone online for their in-kind expressions.

I am a bit disappointed in the "so called" professional film critics as they dare to call this film anything but pure awe inspiring magic, but they shall have their own table reserved in the internet café of hell to express that inspiration lacking torture they receive.

Best wishes my fellow film lovers, May the magic on the screen inspire you to great things
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My 354th Review: Excellent entertainment - really
intelearts9 January 2011
With jaw-dropping graphics and an abundance of heart this is simply what you would wish for in a fairy tale: memorable, magical, and magnificent.

We cannot remember the last time we saw a film that was simply so entertaining - there is almost nothing to complain about here in any way and much to praise from values to comedy to several scenes that were genuinely moving - this really is one of the best movies of the year and deserves its massive box office success.

If perhaps you are reluctant to see it as you think it will just rehash old Disney ideas or be unsuitable for small children I would say those are always my first concerns, but here for the first time in a very long time I can honestly say that here we have a film that holds its own integrity and so, even with the villain's death, you don't feel that it was put in to scare.

All in all, a magical, hilarious, witty, and very well thought through movie that deserves the Oscar that is surely coming to it - simply the best animated movie of the year as, more even than Toy Story 3, it rises beyond animation to make a wonderful heart-filled adventure that makes for very satisfying viewing indeed.

Thank you, Disney.
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Feel good.
sagei14 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Not just in a cornball sense.

Could have coined the term for this movie. Leaves you warm and fuzzy but also pleasantly surprised that an old favourite can still be so well adapted for a new audience.

The silliness feels distinctly contrived. A clumsy nod to Disney tradition.

The music often feels equally stilted.

In stark contrast to some surprisingly polished and intricate action sequences.

The romance provides heartwarming and heartwrenching moments.

The cast is superb. They bring the story to life and keep it moving at a fair clip towards a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.

Wish them well. Hope to see more like this.

Already watched it many times and will watch it many more.

Thank you.
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Disney's princess movies are back!!
iloveUGA12311 January 2012
I absolutely loved this movie!! Disney originally tried making another princess movie a few years ago, Princess and the Frog. That movie was not good at all!! Disney is known for their amazing princess movies, and that was not one of them, and I have know idea what happened with that movie! Now that Disney has made this movie, they are back on top with their incredible princess movies!! The music was wonderful, and the movie was a little different from their usual princess movies. This one was funner and more modern, but they still had the whole princess feel to it, which is what Disney is known for! Disney's other movies, that don't have music, and aren't a princess movie that have been coming out over the years are good too. They just haven't made a princess movie like this one since The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc. I would definitely watching this movie, no matter what age! Especially if you grew up watching their princess movie, I absolutely know that you will love this movie!
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great movie for entire family - a MUST SEE!!
jns1014-122 November 2010
We took our two kids (4 and 6)to see a preview of this days before the official release. In short, it was one of the best Disney films yet. Everyone simply loved it. The 3-D effects were noticeable and wonderful. We got a kick watching our 4-year-old raise his hands as if to catch some of the action float off the screen. There were tears, and much laughter, as is Disney's style. The story of Rapunzel is very well told here, with great villains, heroes and wonderfully entertaining scene-stealers, like the non-verbal horse, Maximus. The music is very theatrical and very typical of the usual Alan Menken genius (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, etc.). This movie is very entertaining for adults, and the kids will absolutely go crazy for it! Treat your family this season to a great movie! You won't be disappointed.
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Disney's return to greatness...
guzmandelia5610 January 2011
In the course of the last decade Disney had suffered a severe decline in quality. They lost that heart, magic and soul that once made them the rulers of animation. Move to 2008 and Bolt brought a ray of hope. Then in 2009 The princess and the frog marked their return to fairy tales. Enter 2010 with Tangled a fantastic movie that has all the elements to be a classic and a great movie for years to come. The story is very simple yet the movie never loses it pace. The animation is gorgeous and the music may not be epic but is everything you can expect from Alan Menken. In overall a great movie worthy of all the attention it can get. Lets hope that Disney continues this way.
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Disney's best film in a long time!
TheLittleSongbird30 January 2011
I am a huge Disney and animation fan, and was really interested in seeing Tangled. For me Disney have so many classics under their wing, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin especially. For over a decade, the past Disney films ranged from very enjoyable(Emperor's New Groove) to truly disappointing(Chicken Little)- The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tarzan were the last ones to truly blow me away- until now.

While Tangled had me interested, I didn't like how the film was advertised. The trailer looked as though the film would be a Dreamworks knock-off, and I didn't think much of the title either. I needn't have worried, Tangled was wonderful and Disney's best film in a while(I know I said that about last year's Princess and the Frog, yes I actually liked that too, but after seeing Tangled I've changed my mind). The film is so much better than its advertising suggested, it is not a knock-off of Dreamworks and more importantly it not only has the Disney magic but it has something for both kids and adults.

What wowed me immediately about Tangled was the animation. It is simply gorgeous. The colours look beautiful, the backgrounds are stunning especially that surrounding Rapunzel's tower and the characters are very well modelled. The real revelations are with Rapunzel's hair, which is a masterstroke and also the floating lanterns, a scene of true beauty and very touching. Alan Menken's music was a surprise and in a good way. For me, this was his best score since The Hunchback of Notre Dame(that score is amazing), I was especially taken with the Kingdom Dance.

The songs are also not bad at all, they are not quite instant classics like Colours of the Wind, Beauty and the Beast, When You Wish Upon a Star, Heigh Ho, Part of Your World, Circle of Life, Hellfire, Under the Sea, Whole New World and Bells of Notre Dame are, but they are listenable with beautiful melodies and surprisingly decent lyrics. The best for me were the stunning I See the Light and the goosebump-inducing Mother Knows Best.

The writing is another strong asset. Tangled has some truly excellent writing, particularly with Flynn and Rapunzel, it is funny, witty and even touching. The storytelling is polished and is snappily paced, with the action sequences lively and the ending fitting well with the rest of the movie. When I saw the trailer I was expecting a story scattered with pop-culture references and almost laughter-free dialogue, but actually the storytelling does have a classic feel to it and some scenes like the aforementioned floating lanterns give the film its magic.

I also loved Tangled's characters. Rapunzel is one sassy heroine and is also someone young girls in particular can relate to. Flynn is a charming, dashing and charismatic hero too, and his interaction with Rapunzel alone gives Tangled its spark. Mother Gothel is another strong character, in her character you can see shades of both Lady Tremaine and Frollo, and on top of that she is a very intriguing villainess. Even more surprising were the comic relief characters. There have been animated films/Disney films where the comedy either works like a glove(Emperor's New Groove), is either hit or miss(I say this with a heavy heart, Hunchback of Notre Dame) or doesn't work at all(Chicken Little). Here the comedy works perfectly, hilarious without being too over-the-top. Pascal is both hilarious and cute and Maximus the horse is a sheer delight in everything he does.

The voice acting also adds a lot to the film. Mandy Moore is a perfect choice for Rapunzel, she has a pleasant speaking voice and a beautiful singing voice. I loved the charisma Zachary Levi brings to Flynn, his voice is one of the main reasons why Flynn is as likable as he is, while Donna Murphy is perfect as Mother Gothel.

In conclusion, this was a wonderful film and I recommend it heartily for both kids and adults. For Disney fans too, I think you will be delighted, if you want humour, adventure, beautiful animation, good music, classic storytelling, witty scripting and likable characters, Tangled is a perfect match. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Tangled has that Disney magic!
gonewithscarlett25 November 2010
I saw Tangled yesterday in 3D, and let me just say, I'm glad I did. When I entered the theater and saw a HUGE line, I immediately noticed that every person in the line was under the age of nine. Now, while I was a little embarrassed, I was still too excited to see the movie to care that much. Tangled's heroine, Rapunzel, is a typical Disney princess. When I say that, I don't mean like Cinderella or Snow White, waiting for her prince to come and get her. I mean like Ariel, Belle, or Jasmine. She's curious about the world, headstrong, passionate, beautiful, and, of course, sweet and kind. Oh, and she's a girl that knows what she wants--to see a spectacular light show in person. But Rapunzel is stuck up in her tower with her mother, Gothel. Now, as the movie shows us, Rapunzel doesn't mind the tower all that much. She really loves Gothel, and she's kind of scared of the world outside. All she wants to do is see thousands of lanterns lit and launched into the sky, which she watches from her window every year on her birthday. This seems like a pretty reasonable request to me. But Gothel doesn't want her daughter to leave the tower for her own selfish, vain reasons (that you have to watch the movie to find out about). So poor, lonely Rapunzel seems doomed to spend the rest of her life trapped in a tower, watching and waiting for someone to come along and save her. And someone does come along! The swashbuckling thief, Flynn Rider, steals a crown and runs for cover before the palace guards can arrest him. He just happens to end up in the secluded spot of the forest that Rapunzel's tower is in. He gets one glance of her hair, then is knocked out with a frying pan and shoved in a closet. After coming to, Rapunzel bargains with her prisoner. She'll give him back the crown if he guides her to the lanterns, then takes her home. Flynn agrees. The music in this film isn't quite up to par with Disney's best (Circle of Life, Part of Your World, etc.), but since it was written by Alan Menken, it's definitely good enough to get into your head--and stay there. The song "When Will My Life Begin", sung by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, is my personal favorite. The pop/country style is modern but fits the story, and the tune is catchy. The other songs are "Mother Knows Best", "I've Got a Dream", and "I See the Light". While Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are great characters, I have to say that a certain Maximus the horse stole the show for me. The speechless character's facial expressions and quirky mannerisms are hilarious. He seems to hate Flynn, but he later proves how lovable and loyal he really is. Pasqual the chameleon also provides some comic relief, but the one to look for is a short, drunk old man wearing only a diaper and wings. He has very limited screen time, but he always says something hilarious. I saw this film in 3D, which, although beautiful, probably wasn't a very different experience than it was in 2D, except for one scene towards the end, when Rapunzel and Flynn are surrounded by thousands of glowing lanterns. It was breathtaking. I rate Tangled a 9.5/10. It's creative, visually astounding, and possesses that Walt Disney magic that is so hard to find lately. But don't just take my word for it. Spend the money—you won't regret it.

P.S. I originally wrote this review on my new blog (througharabbithole.blogspot.com), so I'd love if you'd check it out! This is my only post so far, but more will come.
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Two words: Simply Amazing
wovendesires26 November 2010
First let me say that I am not usually the one who give reviews to movies, but this one I felt was necessary. When I went to see Disney's Tangled, I really wasn't expecting much. The previews I saw hadn't appealed to me enough, but a group of friends went to see it and I was dragged there. To put it in simple terms, it was amazing! Not only were the characters believable, but the relationships between them were as well, especially between the hero, heroine and villain. The design was very detailed and beautiful; I personally loved the scene with the lights -if you've seen it, you know what I mean. As for the score, I feel it went back to the classics like "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast"; the songs were very much like the movies when I was growing up, when Disney was the number one choice for kids. Although in my opinion, Tangled didn't manage to bring a song as memorable as key songs like "Part of your world" or "Beauty and the Beast", I can't take the "Healing Song" out of my mind.

All in all, I believe it was a wonderful movie. It felt like Disney from the good old days. I guess it's a farewell note to all of us who grew up with Disney as they head out of the 'Princess era' and bring forth their new 'boy-oriented' movies. In all true honesty, even though I'm a 25 year old male, I am one who loves the classics, and don't find any interest in movies like the "Mars needs Moms" that was announced before the movie started. It's movies like these that made Disney so popular, and even though I understand why they decided to make this change, I feel that what Disney should focus on is bringing more movies like Tangled: with enough story, great characters, a pinch of heart and a general feeling of hope that makes Disney what it has always been: a place for kids to hope and dream.
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A True Return to Disney Classics
neonboy61926 November 2010
Tangled continues in Disney's animation legacy of timeless classics. Being Disney's first fairy tale outing done in CGI, it's easy to have doubts. The marketing for this film didn't really do Tangled any favors either. Originally titled Rapunzel, the name change to Tangled and the shift of focus onto the male co-star Flynn Ryder in the merchandising was done as a way to try to get more boys into the theater. Despite this faulty marketing move, Tangled is very much Rapunzel's story and Rapunzel is the star of this instant classic. Sticking very close to the roots of the original German Rapunzel fairy tale, Tangled's story is one about overprotective parental figures and the need to want to break free. Mandy Moore voices Rapunzel and sings for her. Yup, this a musical. This is a big grand musical in the classical Disney style with songs by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. Alan Menken was the one who brought Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Enchanted to life; to name only a few. Moore really gets to the heart of Rapunzel and truly owns the part, but the real surprise is Donna Murphy as our main villain Mother Gothel. A true hero is measured by it's main villain and Mother Gothel does not disappoint.

Every great Disney classics needs supporting characters. What would Mary Poppins be with Bert and the Banks' Children. What would Belle be without the enchanted objects. Snow White is just a lost girl in the forest without those dwarfs.

An amazing supporting cast of characters that include Rapunzel's color changing chameleon companion Pascal, the scene stealing horse Maximus, and the main male co-star Flynn Ride accompany Rapunzel in her quest. Pascal and Maximus are animal companions but have more in common with Meeko and Percy from Pocohantas than Sebastian and Flounder from Little Mermaid for the fact that they don't talk. While they are without speech, they are fully fleshed out characters and you know exactly what they are trying to convey with their sometimes hilarious reactions. Maximus was especially a personal favorite of mine. Zachary Levi from the TV show Chuck voices and sings for Flynn Rider and it's easy to see why Disney would choose to up sale him in the TV ads. I would have to say that he's one of the most fleshed out Disney heroes since Aladdin.

Tangled is a big grand epic Disney musical done in the classic sense with the modern rendering of CGI animation. This is for sure to be seen for years and years to come and I can't wait to include Tangled in my Disney Collection. I highly recommend this one.

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Tangled A classic for this time!
bethiscool-com9 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Like a lot of people I was raised in the 90's Little Mermaid (89), Beauty and the beast (91), Aladdin (92), lion King (94), Pocahontas (95), Hunchback (96), Hercules (97), Mulan (98), Tarzan (99)

(Unfortunately they didn't count the rescuers down under a classic.....)

But from Tarzan Disney has lost it's renaissance. They moved in to the 2000's Atlantis, Lilo and Stitch, Treasure planet, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Bolt.

Last year they had a great movie of the Princess and the Frog.

And now they tried with the well-known fairytale of Rapunzel!

And it worked beautifully.

Disney is now going back to it's original roots of doing creative story-telling. As Walt Disney aspired and created to do. Walt Disney himself even tried to create a compelling story for the story Rapunzel but it never took off (Similar to the little mermaid)

And many years later the Disney company decided to take it of the shelf and give it another go. And they succeeded.

Rapunzel is a smart, artistic and Naive girl who is locked up in the tower all her her life. Always wondering when will her life Begin..... Turning 18 she dreams to see the "Stars" that appear every year on her birthday. But her Mother, Gothel refuses to let her go outside for Rapunzel's Safety. Stuck in the tower Rapunzel still wonders what life is like out there.

But through lucky circumstances a charming thief wonders into her tower. Surprised, Rapunzel seizes this chance with him and makes a deal for him to take her to see the Stars.

And so she and Pascal flies out of her tower to explore the new world around her.

There are no pop culture references and is not bound to the laws of reality. (Such as people questioning about the weight of her hair....)

People always compare the music to Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid. The music might not be as memorable. But it is still beautiful music and Alan Menken (Who did A lot of the Disney renaissance music) Did a Great job for it. It helps to set the mood.

The animation is beautiful! Excellent detail, fluent movement of the characters (Maximus especially and the massive effort to do Rapunzel's Hair).

The villain Mother Gothel might be just a villain but she is more complicated than any other Disney villain. In the film you can question if she loves Rapunzel as an Object or as a real daughter.

Rapunzel in other hand is a great female heroin. Loving her mother so....and does what she says. But eventually explores outside of her tower and when she finds the truth she does not take it lightly. In the film she's the one calling the shots, not the male protagonist.

The story was great and you can connect with the characters. (But I think the climax should have a bit more action in it) The story is Disney Generic but that's why we love it.....

If Tangled is successful enough they might combat the story of "The Snow Queen"
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