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MPAA Rated R for strong disturbing violence, language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • We see a shot of Deanne in the shower in the background of the scene. We see her bare back through the frosted glass shower door, but the view below that is blocked. We see Charles's POV as he stares at Lucinda's shapely, stocking covered legs on the commuter train. Lucinda shows a little cleavage. Lucinda shows a little more cleavage. While flirting and intoxicated, Charles bets Lucinda he can kiss her without touching her. He purposefully loses, however, so that he can kiss her. We then see them outside where Charles grabs Lucinda and passionately kisses her up against a wall. They then get a motel room and passionately kiss while standing and then on the bed with him on top of her. He also nuzzles her neck and opens the top of her shirt, kissing her chest there. She then opens his shirt and kisses his bare chest and then moves down his body where she undoes his belt and starts to undo his pants when she then realizes that Laroche has his gun to her head. After roughing up Charles and commenting on them "f*cking around," Laroche then proceeds to grab Lucinda's leg, pull her down the bed, and comment on her being a "fine piece of ass." He comments that he could make her scream (sexually) and talks about "f*cking" her and we then see the motion of and hear him rip open her pantyhose as he gets between her legs after getting her back on the bed. He then gets on top of her as he rapes her (with movement and sounds but no nudity -- although her camisole type, low-cut top shows a lot of cleavage -- in scenes inter-cut with the injured and dazed Charles lying on the floor). Deanne shows a little cleavage. We see Charles in a bubble bath, but don't see anything explicit. Calling Charles on the phone, Laroche sarcastically comments on Charles not having told his wife that he's "f*cking Lucinda." Lucinda shows some cleavage. Winston comments that in high school there was "all the p*ssy you could imagine." Lucinda tells Charles that "just because we didn't f*ck" doesn't mean they didn't cross the line (of impropriety). A hooker, who shows cleavage, propositions Charles on the road, but Charles has no interest. She says that he doesn't drink, smoke or "f*ck" and a cop who passes by (and is friendly with the hooker) seems to think Charles had other (sexual) motives. Charles then pays the hooker so that she and the cop will leave him alone (he's trying to keep them from seeing a dead body by him). Lucinda shows a little cleavage. We briefly see a couple passionately make out. Referring to Lucinda, Laroche comments to Charles about "When you just wanted to f*ck her." Laroche tells Charles that he's "going to f*ck with your life" and then asks if his daughter is still a virgin

Violence & Gore

  • -A man rapes a woman. (Brutal and may offend some viewers).
  • -A man threatens to kill another man's family if he doesn't pay him a certain amount of money.
  • -The same man threatens to kill another man's family if he doesn't pay more money. This time the blackmailer is calling from the victim's house posing as a business man. (Intense)
  • -A man tells another man that he killed someone.
  • -A man is given a make-shift knife (shank).
  • -A man is shot dead through the window of his car. (Sudden, may disturb/scare some viewers.)
  • -A man holds a woman at gunpoint. He threatens to kill her and the rest of another man's family unless he is paid.
  • -A man knocks another man unconcious.
  • -A scene involves a gunfight where a woman is caught in the crossfire and killed.
  • -A man stabs another man to death with a shank.


  • Pervasive usages of the F-word (once sexually; at least twice sexually in the Unrated Version) and 1 use of the MF word in a non-sexual sense.
  • When asked "what do you think?", woman replies "I think I want to f*** you"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters smoke cigarettes throughout the movie.
  • Characters are seen drinking alcohol. One character appears to be drunk.
  • One character has diabetes which requires expensive medical treatment. This becomes a minor plot point but nothing is seen drugs wise.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -The twist ending may disturb some viewers.
  • -Some violent scenes may offend/scare some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • -A man forcefully enters a motel room. He is armed and brutally beats up another man.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -The rape scene at the beginning of the movie will most likely disturb viewers. It's quite graphic as it involves the attacker beating up a man before raping a woman. You can see the attacker violently ripping at her waist, pulling his pants down and rocking on top of her. You can also hear her crying and his noises.

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