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Jerry has lost his wife to another woman, and his business is bankrupt. Normally, he isn't a bar-goer, but today he sits in a pub with his divorce and bankruptcy papers in front of him pouring out his woes to a bartender. When Hailey straddles up to him, her incredible beauty and sultry ways quickly convince him that his luck has turned around. She buys him a drink, but soon after ingesting it, Jerry inexplicably passes out. He awakens in a hotel room lying in a tub filled with ice. A lipstick message inscribed on the mirror of the bathroom tells him to immediately call the paramedics. Although he feels fine, he complies and phones 9-1-1. It is with a shock that the emergency operator correctly deduces what he was doing earlier that night, and a quick check of his back reveals two large sutured incisions...his kidneys have been stolen. With a mixture of denial and panic, Jerry lies back down on the ice and waits for the paramedics to arrive. Outside, Hailey walks to her brand new ...

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