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  • While investigating the murders of a serial-killer who mutilates and removes the internal organs of the victims, two present-day New Orleans police detectives, Carson O'Conner (Parker Posey) and her partner Michael Sloane (Adam Goldberg), learn that Victor Frankenstein, now calling himself Victor Helios (Thomas Kretschmann), is still alive and has created a number of genetically-engineered creatures with the intent of building a legion of followers to assist in his overthrow of the Old Race (humans). However, his very first creation, the original Frankenstein monster, now calling himself Deucalion (Vincent Perez), is also alive and looking to kill his creator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • All stories about Doctor Frankenstein and his monster stem from the 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by 19-year-old British author Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley [1797-1851]. This updated TV movie version of Frankenstein is based on a concept by American horror/thriller writer Dean R. Koontz. The original concept was adapted for the screen by American TV-writer John Shiban and was intended as the pilot for a TV series that never panned out. Koontz later developed the concept into a series of five books: Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (2005), Frankenstein: City of Night (2005), Frankenstein: Dead and Alive (2009), Frankenstein: Lost Souls (2010), and Frankenstein: The Dead Town (2011). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Carson and Michael pursue Detective Harker (Michael Madsen) into an abandoned factory. Harker leads them to an upper floor then grabs Michael, hoists him over his head, and prepares to toss him over the railing to the floor some three stories below. Carson gets off a shot, wounding Harker in the chest. She runs in for a closer shot and sees the shadows of what looks like Michael and Harker struggling with each other behind large window. Suddenly Harker crashes through the window, and Deucalion steps out behind him. Deucalion introduces himself as "his [Helion's] first." When Harker goes for a gun, Deucalion tosses him over the railing. When Carson and Michael reach Harker, they find his dead body with a large hole in his abdomen and no sign of whatever came out of him. At the same time, Victor Helios receives a phone call from an unnamed person, whom he asks who is helping Carson. In the final scene, Carson returns home to find Deucalion in the bedroom of her autistic brother Anthony (Will Schierhorn). Deucalion tells her they have much still to do to prevent Helios from populating the world with his creations. When Carson doesn't answer, Deucalion flips a coin to determine their fate. "Heads, you fight beside me. Tails, I fight alone." Before he can look at the outcome, Carson places her hand over his and says, "Screw fate." Edit (Coming Soon)


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