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"Drop Dead Sexy" is a pretty funny, but dark comedy.
Comeuppance Reviews12 May 2010
"Drop Dead Sexy" is a pretty funny, but dark comedy. The plot: Frank and Eddie (Lee and Glover) are friends who are looking for a big score. When Frank is sent to deliver cigarettes to the evil Spider (Pruitt Taylor Vince), their truck explodes. But the plot thickens when Spider wanted them to die. Frank needs to get money fast, so when he sees that a rich young woman named Crystal (Melissa Keller) died, Frank and Eddie decide to dig up the body and blackmail the husband. They realize her death isn't all what it seems. Eddie also begins to fall in love with Crystal...

Jason Lee and Crispin Glover have good chemistry together. They make most of the jokes work. The movie does get into some themes with necrophilia, which could turn some people off. Vince plays a scary gangster, Brad Dourif (The voice of Chucky) makes a weird cameo appearance as a way too interested morgue attendant. The movie is set basically around a strip club, so there's lots of gratuitous nudity. (That's not a bad thing...) This is the time of year when Lionsgate puts a movie out that's normal not shot on digital junk like "Heebie Jeebies". See also "Creep" (2004) or "Blind Horizon" (2003) Overall, "Drop Dead Sexy" is worth seeing for the actors and somewhat unusual plot. For more insanity, please check out: comeuppancereviews.com
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Interesting Concept, Poor Script
heyencryption15 September 2006
It seems like Drop Dead Sexy started out with an interesting idea for a dark comedy, but ran aground somewhere in the writing process. The plot holes, awkward characters, and rather thin resolution make me wonder if money ran out somewhere along the way and the script was hastily finished and/or doctored up to get the movie released quickly.

Jason Lee is surprisingly flat as the main character. I am guessing the problem is, again, more in the writing than the actor since Lee is doing a great job playing another hapless loser in My Name Is Earl. Crispin Glover was probably the only consistently funny character in the movie (and, I must admit, the reason I checked it out in the first place). His innate awkwardness lends a special humor to a role that could have otherwise been played as the naive idiot sidekick.

Drop Dead Sexy isn't without its funny moments, most coming from the interactions between Lee and Glover, but it does suffer from lowbrow humor (e.g. the running joke about a gay biker named Tiny) that actually feels like an afterthought. In better hands this could have been a great dark comedy and possibly a cult classic, but instead it will probably languish as a trashy comedy stuck next to Dorm Daze in the local Blockbuster.
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mortal_kombat8_kabal16 March 2005
This film is definitely not for the faint of heart because it goes into some necrophiliac moments. A few people walked out on the film because of the material, but it was all in good fun. Although Jason Lee and Crispin Glover couldn't make it to the premier it was still an experience i will remember. This movie has it's really laugh out loud moments and also it's really stupid pen dropping scenes. But overall, i enjoyed it, this is a treat for Crispin glover fans because he does such a great job with his character that his lines really heighten the comedy. To conclude this comment, i just have to say this one is probably more of a rental. I'm giving it a 6.4 of ten. Only because i love all Jason Lee movies.
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Meh - coupla laughs, good balance, little else. - 5 of 10
deadsenator1 January 2007
Well, not much to be had here. Jason Lee is fine and Glover shines in the way he can, but you have to listen closely as many of his lines are muttered. But this is as his character should be, so his performance is to a tee. Fun with Glover here. Lee - not as much, but no complaints. His slicked-back hair is especially nice.

The story was simple enough and apropos for our cast of characters, but this film doesn't rise up and stand too awfully tall. An assortment of morbid jokes lead the lot, but the film comes up with enough small jokes to keep things mildly interesting. See it if it's on, but don't lose any sleep over seeing it. Not much more. - 5 of 10
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Funny Dark Comedy
tfuserinterface19 January 2005
Without giving away anything, I thought the movie was a lot of fun and the story was nicely played out. Jason Lee was as wonderful as ever, playing his version of the frustrated smart guy. Crispin Glover plays a roll that is different, more normal than anything I have seen him play. He has his odd side in this film, as well.

The story follows the life(or Death) of a pretty girl(the beautiful Melissa Keller). Frank(Jason Lee)is trying to use her and Eddie(Crispin Glover) to get out of some problems with Spider's gang(led by Pruitt Taylor Vince). The tongue in cheek humor and the dark comedy make for an enjoyable watch.

I would recommend watching it. Especially if you like Jason Lee or Crispin Glover. The supporting cast is a great framework for the story and it's conclusion.
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Silly, but Very Funny Black Comedy
Claudio Carvalho22 January 2008
The dumb loser Frank Muzzy (Jason Lee) invites his alcoholic friend and gravedigger Eddie (Crispin Glover) to raise some money bootlegging US$ 250,000.00 in cigarettes for the powerful mobster Spider (Pruitt Taylor Vince) to Mexico. However, their truck catches fire and they lose the load. Frank becomes desperate to raise the amount, and hides himself with Eddie in the house of his mother. When Frank sees in the newspaper the picture of Crystal Harkness (Melissa Keller), the wife of the tycoon Harkness (Xander Berkeley), Eddie confirms that she was a former strip dancer and buried with a valuable necklace. Frank forces Eddie to exhume her body, but they do not find the jewel. Frank brings Crystal's corpse to his hideout and decides to ask a ransom to Harkness getting into a deeper trouble, while Eddie falls in love for Crystal.

"Drop Dead Sexy" is a silly, but very funny black comedy. The situation with a dead body made me recall "Weekend at Bernie's", but the jokes with the sexy Melissa Keller are different, with eroticism and even necrophilia. Crispin Glover is responsible for the best and funniest moments in this entertaining movie. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Sexy de Morrer" ("Sexy to Die")
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Dark, but entertaining movie
phoenix-8213 March 2005
After failing to get into several movies, we waited for an hour and a half to see this movie at it's premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. The crowd at the premiere was probably biased, seeing as how the movie was filmed in Austin, but most of the crowd seemed to enjoy the film.

The film provides a different sense of humor, though somewhat dark. To avoid spoiling the plot, I'll tip-toe around the exact plot. The movie provided good laughs, if you are willing to get past the weirdness of the plot content. I did spend a good portion of the film almost afraid the content was going to cross the line. There were interesting twists, and never it lets you be certain where the plot line was headed. The plot left a few rough edges, unanswered questions, and characters that either appeared out of no-where, or disappeared just as fast.

I'm not a big fan of Jason Lee, but he seemed to play his character to the letter. Crispin Glover's character really threw me at first. I'd expect him to play this character given the content of the film, what I didn't expect was his accent. It's a tough fit for him, but he seems to do a pretty good job at pulling it off. I thought the supporting cast filled in very nicely alongside of the main actors and actresses.

The cinematography was pretty straight forward with the exception of flashback scenes, which I thought were nicely done. Aside a few technically cheesy shots, the filming was done alright.

All together, I give the movie decent marks for a somewhat original and twisted plot line, bringing a different sense of humor that's worth a few laughs. However since the movie's dark humor goes against my typical sensibilities, I drop my rating a mark or so.

Overall, I give it 6.4/10 to round to an even 6/10.
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'Fargo' beaten with a stick a few hundred times
kreamykonez977 February 2007
DROP DEAD SEXY 2005 (JASON LEE, CRISPIN GLOVER) DIRECTED BY: MICHAEL PHILIP ~ THE RUNDOWN: Did you see the title? The cover, perhaps? If so, you knew exactly what you were in for and got exactly what you expected: a lame comedy low on laughs and about as original as the name John. ~ I really shouldn't be reviewing this because there's nothing I can say that the DVD cover doesn't. But, what the hell, I'm a Crispin Glover fan and when I saw it sitting there on the shelf at Blockbuster I couldn't resist. Crispin, as usual, was fun to watch, and the rest of the cast was nicely assembled and actually gave the movie quite a bit of life even though Jason Lee is as annoying as an elderly driver. I guess the other good thing about it was that, at only seventy-nine minutes in length aside from the credits, it was nice and short. Still, it was essentially a complete waste of my time except of course I'm an avid Glover fan, which at least gives me some sort of excuse even though you probably don't have one. ~ Aside from extremely occasional chuckle-worthy moments, the movie's attempts at causing laughter are cheesy, predictable and absolutely futile, good enough only for stupid teenagers and/or people very high on something. The premise of the movie is ridiculous, cheap and slightly more generic than Dr. Thunder, and pans out like a deformed Cohen Bros movie. Those films are, of course, brilliantly written, while this was lazily written at best, chocked full of a complete lack of imagination.
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Real Funny
MrRightTexan13 March 2005
This movie will be great for the college market. I just attend the world premiere last night and had a great time. I normally don't laugh out loud while watching a movie unless it is Dumb and Dumber. But I found myself laughing out loud a lot. The quote that I heard the most after watching this film is "Wow, that was really funny. I didn't think it would be that funny." Jason Lee controls the laughs with his comic timing. Normally spooky Crispin Glover, offers a shockingly funny performance. Drop Dead Sexy shows what can be made on an independent budget with a great cast and good writing. Film schools teach that making an independent film like this is possible but seldom is done. I would suggest that any college student to go see this movie.
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Funny and Odd
Anna26 September 2006
This is a great little find.

I'll admit that the only reason I watched the film is for Crispin Glover, and he doesn't disappoint! What I thought, at first, was a cheesy southern accent, turned out to be quite consistent and very believable. His low-key performance, coupled with spot-on dialogue, made this one of his best roles to date! People tend to forget that he's got great comedic timing.

Jason Lee and Pruitt Taylor Vince were also enjoyable, but the character of Tiny stole the show near the end for me. His awkward scene with Crispin's character Eddie in th back of the car...let's just say no wonder Eddie needed a drink after that.

Fun flick with good writing and wonderful performances that had me giggling all the way through.
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Lucky stiff . . . a cute movie about necrophilia, backstabbing and strippers
GhostGecko2 October 2006
I got it today and enjoyed it quite a bit. I admit, I was only in it for the Crispin, but unlike "My Tutor" or "Like Mike" I can re-watch this without cringing. It was very cute, and despite the strippers and implied necrophilia just had a sort of happy, carefree feel to it I rather liked. It's not dense, it's not trying to freak you out, really - the two guys are so dimwitted and innocent about the horrid things they're doing, you can't really be grossed out. Especially Crispin, who manages to make a mentally subnormal, alcoholic guy who falls in love with a corpse into a likable character.

Also, whoever decided to have Mr. Glover play some scenes in his boxer briefs deserves a handful of jellybeans. The man is GORGEOUS. Laying next to him in bed would be enough to bring me back from the dead, too.
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Wasted potential but still watchable
Rabbit-Reviews31 March 2012
Now, here's a little obscure and underrated flick. Drop Dead Sexy is a dark humor comedy starring Jason Lee and Crispin Glover (George McFly from Back To The Future) that never reaches its climax. It's like the whole movie is just one big foreplay without the actual pleasure of sex. Sure we can enjoy foreplay, and some hints of a felatio, but to go without any of those two things is a crime with a girl (story) like that. Again, it seems that macabre and black humor comedies always resort to dead people for a source of laughs, and as you probably guessed this is the case here. This isn't Bernie, but a hot chick so there's that love is in the air vibe to spice things up. Characters are relatively developed and very typical, adding more to the mediocrity of the movie. Still this should be enough to keep you entertained for an hour and a half.

Frank and Eddy are two dumba**es without money or any respect for the law. Frank being the smart one, accepts a job from a local mafia boss Spider to smuggle 250.000 $ worth of cigarettes, but after a little accident on the road the truck with them explodes. Two of them are now in quite a pickle, and again Frank thinks of a way to get some money: he decides that they go grave-robbing. Eddy being the grave digger, leads them in and after they dug up the grave with the necklace, they find out that there is no necklace and only a corpse of a beautiful young woman. As the night watchman spots them they rush out of the cemetery with the girl in the back of their truck. Stuck with a dead body and in debt with the local mobster the dynamic duo is in a seemingly desperate situation, but they will find a way out of itÂ…
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Bungling at its funniest!
marti-2414 March 2005
Saw film at its Austin premier. Expected comedy but 'Drop Dead Sexy' exceeded my expectations. I usually stifle my giggles and snorts of enjoyment in darkened theaters. However, like most of the audience, I too let loose and chuckled away! The characters all worked in hilarious harmony. Individually each held a scene on their own. Great casting! The writing was also superb. Lee and Glover were a perfect bungling duo. Keller's drop dead role was carried off without her ever speaking a line. Shaye's portrayal as a mother figure was a scream ~ right down to her beaver. Vince and Reitman earned my respect as bungling bad guys that heightened the over all humor. To say that I liked this movie is an understatement. Like last year's independent film, 'Sideways', this little film should make it big. Especially when movie goers who enjoyed the likes of 'Fargo', 'One Night at McCools' and 'Raising Arizona' see it and spread the word. Great job cast and crew.
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A Southern fried attempt at Fargo.
txnobody15 February 2005
The last thing we need is another film about a heist gone wrong from amateur criminals that try too hard to make us laugh. The Coen Brothers have exhausted the quirky criminal element, and quite frankly they're a force one shouldn't try to live up to, which is what this film does. It tries to be a lot of things, but comes up short in so many ways I'm thinking about creating my own website dedicated to criticizing this film. I got a copy from the same team who made the pathetic and silly film "Pendulum," and I must say I saw very little signs of improvement. Jason Lee can't act, and he never could, and Crispin Glover, well, he's Crispin Glover and so what. The novelty of his persona has run so thin I predict he'll be appearing in the center box of Hollywood Squares by the end of this year, and that's only if he's lucky. If you stay away from any film this year, please, let it be this one.
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Drop Dead Boring
Gayle Sanders18 March 2005
I saw this film's world premiere at the SXSW film festival. I was really hoping for a fun, light buddy movie and some laughs. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Within the first 5 minutes of the film, I was bored. This film is just a thinly veiled excuse to show off naked strippers (so I guess some of you folks might actually like it.) Jason Lee was either playing the same slacker character from his Kevin Smith successes or he was just phoning it in.

The saving grace, if there is one, was Crispin Glover's performance. He was pretty funny and believable as the witless buddy.

The lead actress was very pretty...but she was dead most of the time. Not much latitude for seeing her acting abilities.
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"My Name is Earl" meets "Weekend with Bernie"
vfrickey7 June 2008
This is a great movie for fans of "My Name is Earl"... Jason Lee plays the same sort of half-witted hustler as he does in "Earl," but edgier and less saccharine (you can't have a weekly TV show about a REAL hustler, even a half-wit, because eventually all REAL half-wit hustlers wind up like the protagonists of "In Cold Blood" or "Of Mice and Men," and innocent folks get killed - terrible for your ratings on a weekly basis).

But Jason Lee's and Crispin Glover's characters aren't homicidal killers; which is to say they're not the same sort of guys who murdered the Clutter family in Kansas in "In Cold Blood," or the boss's wife in "Of Mice and Men." When they kill, it's pretty well justified, so you wind up sympathetic with the protagonists. It's a fun ride.

Without spoiling the movie more than the cover art or IMDb synopsis do, I can tell you that Lee and Glover's characters get into a blackmail and kidnap caper that leaves them with a beautiful blonde corpse on their hands. Glover's infatuation with her is stronger than death, so they wind up in a even more twisted, trailer trash version of "Weekend with Bernie" in which the delectable corpse just never gets a chance to rest in peace.

The producers of this film brought the production values required to make this not a guilty pleasure - along with the great performances of the cast. Crispin Glover and Jason Lee play off of each other with great comedic timing and synergy. The camera cuts are great as is the score - that part of the movie is done with "X-Files" flair and quirkiness. Xander Berkeley plays his standard poker-faced bad-ass, while Lin Shaye convulsed me with laughter as the profane "Ma Muzzy."

Not a movie for the squeamish, "Drop Dead Sexy" is still a great comedy - a very, very dark comedy, but a great comedy, none the less.
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Amusing black comedy for fans of Lee's and Glover's only.
Lucien Lessard10 September 2008
Two best friends Frank (Jason Lee) and Eddie (Crispin Glover) wants to have their big break in their lives. Frank goes nowhere with his jobs, while Eddie makes an odd connection with the corpses for the graves he digs for the funerals. Frank gets paid $25,000 if he could transported $250,000 in merchandise to Mexico. Frank brings his friend along for the ride but the truck unexpectedly blows up along the way. Now Frank and Eddie have to come up with the situation to make $250,000 fast. Frank thinks the recently deceased woman named Crystal (Melissa Keller) could make them fast money. Since Eddie thinks she was buried with her jewelry. When Eddie dug up her body. There's no jewelry but Franks thinks that he and his buddy still could kidnapped her dead body for ransom! But they find themselves way over their head... when it comes to Crystal's husband (Xander Berkely), a sleazy gangster (Pruitt Taylor Vince), Frank's noisy mother (Lin Shaye) and the endless scams that Frank is trying to pull off.

Directed by Michael Philip made an entertaining but wildly uneven black comedy gets comedic mileage from Lee's and Glover's performances. The film improves along the way with some clever plot twists and a few good funny sequences. This independent comedy is pretty good, it's really slow at first but it gets better... thanks to a lively cast.

The Canadian DVD from VVS Films. DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) transfer. Although there's some digital image problems at times. DVD also has an good Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. There's no special features in this Canadian DVD. Fans of Lee's and Glover's will find this more enjoyable than others. But it's clever enough black comedy, you might find some amusement. Brad Dourif appears in a fine cameo. Worth a look. (*** 1/2 out of *****).
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Incompetent criminals rely on luck
view_and_review22 June 2008
When two dimwitted wannabe criminals try to make some fast money things don't go according to plan. It wasn't a barrel of laughs but it was amusing. The story was good and played out well. Crispin Glover was a perfect fit for the role of Eddie.

Eddie was a slow, alcoholic, "subterrenean architect" with a strange sexual fascination with a dead woman. He was accompanied by the main character, Frank (Jason Lee), who wanted to try his hand at crime to make a quick buck. The two of them together still didn't equal one competent criminal, especially extortionists. Dumb luck helped the both of them get out of their jam.

It was a fun movie, great for killing time. Although not great, it never got so bad that I felt the need to turn it off.
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OK necro comedy
wrlang5 November 2006
Drop Dead Sexy is one of those necrophilia type of movies that I often wonder why people make them. While it was done in reasonably good taste, it's still an uncomfortable theme for most people. I passed by it until there was really nothing new at the video store before I picked it up. No where near as funny as Bernie, but not terrible. There were no real special effects and the riga mortise was conspicuously absent from the body. Two dorky guys trying to save their lives from a local mafia style boss dig up a dead girl and hold her for ransom. They find that their boss, the dead girl's husband, and the dead girl are all interrelated to their predicament. Good acting takes a not too worn out story line and makes it work a little above average.
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Stuffed beaver and trail mix. Cult movie.....
merklekranz20 November 2007
"Drop Dead Sexy" is a very well written, drop dead funny, black comedy. Crispin Glover steals the movie as Eddie, a gravedigger who obviously is proud of his work. On the surface a blackmail scheme that goes badly, but beneath the obvious are some treasured moments of very dark comedy. This is way beyond a "Weekend at Bernies" clone, more like a cross between "Mortuary Academy" and "Fargo". In other words, outrageous enough for instant "cult status". The character development is very good, and even the bad guys are likable. The script is tight, clever, and hilarious. Throw in ample nudity, a necrophilia subplot, and you have a film "Paul Bartel" would have been proud of. - MERK
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Neither sexy, nor funny
TdSmth531 July 2013
Some loser former used car salesman and his dumb gravedigger friend decide to work for some mobster/strip joint owner. Their first job is to drive a truck with cigarette boxes across the border. They make a quick stop and the truck blows up. Now they owe the mobster.

To get the money they come up with the brilliant idea to dig up the corpse of a rich lady that died recently, in the hopes of stealing an expensive necklace. They dig her up to find no necklace. When a fellow cemetery employee shows up they decide to take the corpse with them to the house of the mom of one of them.

The loser figures a plan to kidnap the corpse for ransom and try to get money from the rich husband. In the process they learn more about the dead woman's past and discover some mysteries all the while the mobster is trying to get his money back.

As with all comedies, the story is intricate and the movie has some heart despite the bizarre circumstances. The goofs are likable enough. The women are gorgeous, in particular Melissa Keller and Audrey Marie Anderson. A somewhat unrecognizable Amber Heard is in this movie, too. Unfortunately, the movie makes no good use of the beautiful women. And they can't save this comedy. A raunchy comedy, even if black, should be, well, raunchy and funny. But this movie fails miserably on both counts.
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