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  • Wade is the first to die, or at least to fall victim to the killers. He is ambushed in the house and paralysed before being coated in wax. He either dies from shock (due to the side of his face), or in the fire at the end. Dalton is killed next when Vincent decapitates him. Blake is killed next when he's stabbed in the neck. Paige is then hunted down and impaled through the head with a pole. Bo is beaten with a baseball bat by Carly -- he either died from those injuries or from the fire. Vincent is stabbed in the back by Carly before falling to his death in the molten wax. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's actually Bo that was strapped down when he was young, and when we see the marks on his wrists, we're told that he was the "bad" child. Prior to this revelation, we're led to believe that Vincent was the "evil" brother. This shows the common double standard of people assuming that those considered "ugly" are the bad guys (e.g. the disfigured Vincent). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The ending and the film's financial success suggests a sequel is possible. However, the brother's house was destroyed at the end of the movie; the town was finally discovered; and the third brother seemed to have no involvement with the actual making of wax figures (humans included), which makes it doubtful that more could be done. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • At the end of the film, the sheriff mentions that the town has basically been dead since the sugar mill closed down ten years ago. In a small town, that would have been the main source of employment. Without the mill, most of the younger people would probably have left town in search of other work. With fewer people to use the town's shops and facilities, they would have closed down as well, and the people who ran them might have also left. Those that remained were probably killed by Bo and Vincent and made into wax figures. Once there was nobody left in the town, they blocked off the road and gradually started diverting people off it (with the help of their other brother who apparently directed travelers to them). With the amount of missing persons cases today, and the town being virtually non-existent to the rest of the world, the brothers wouldn't be found suspicious since nobody knew about them. We know that they had been doing it for ten years at most, and that would be a reasonable amount of time to fill up the town with wax figures. Edit (Coming Soon)


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