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Season 4

6 Mar. 2007
Episode #4.1
Season 4 of the popular reality series features four mainland students interacting with four Virgin Island students while attending the University of the Virgin Islands.
6 Mar. 2007
Episode #4.2
Chemistry between J.T. and Idesha test J.T's confidence that he will stay faithful to his girlfriend. When the cast decides to play a little game of truth or dare, liquor starts to flow, clothes come off and relationships are put to the test.
13 Mar. 2007
Episode #4.3
When Krystal's credit card gets rejected, fellow roommates offer to loan her money, but she breaks down in her room and finds comfort in the most unlikely of roommates.
20 Mar. 2007
Episode #4.4
Krystal's lack of income continues to stress her out. Things get worse when JT uses the ground beef she bought with her precious savings to make hamburgers.
27 Mar. 2007
Episode #4.5
The drama amongst the cast gets heated between the Virgin Island kids and the L.A. kids. In an attempt to bring about peace, a spiritual study is suggested.
3 Apr. 2007
Episode #4.6
After a peaceful lunch goes haywire, the divide is no longer Island vs. L.A. but all against one and it seems the split might last for a long time.
17 Apr. 2007
Episode #4.8
An all out brawl breaks out amongst the cast and the scene gets uglier when two cast members lose control. With each altercation getting more heated, things go from bad to worse, and things ultimately get physical.
24 Apr. 2007
Episode #4.9
The cast deals with the aftermath of the "stiletto beat down" between Krystal and Vanessa. While they wait to find out their fates after the blow up, the cast is becomes more split than ever as a result.
1 May 2007
Episode #4.10
Krystal and Vanessa are forced to go to anger management. The cast continues to be at odds as they deal with the exile of a cast member following the blow up.
8 May 2007
Episode #4.11
The momentary peace among the cast comes to a screeching halt as a tantrum creates a new split among the cast members. Will it ruin their newfound bonding?
15 May 2007
Episode #4.12
Deliberate theft and food issues heats up the screen as the disputes amongst cast members continue. When a cast-off returns, tensions mount more and things get worse for the household.
22 May 2007
Episode #4.13
A scavenger hunt with $200,000 on the line does little to bring the cast together, but once the race begins an unlikely combo surprises everyone by making it through an entire day without a fight.
29 May 2007
Episode #4.14
A school trip helps to bring the L.A. kids into the island's fold and they finally feel like they are a part of the campus life. Inspired, they plan a comedy show.
5 Jun. 2007
Moving out is a sad affair as the cast members reflect on the highs and lows of the season. As a last hurrah, the group gathers for one final meal but even on this last night tensions flare and no one is able to squash the drama.

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