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Engal Anna: a family entertainer
micman-manoj22 June 2010
Engal Anna is a the remake of Malayalam blockbuster Chronic Bachelor. The story goes thus: Vijayakanth loses his father, when he is very young. His father (Lal) and Rajiv were bitter enemies. But when they decide to come together with the marriage of Vijayakanth and Indraja (Rajiv's daughter), their relative Thyagu plays a game by revealing other side of Lal that he has another wife with a son (younger Lal) and daughter (younger Swarnamalya). Then a plot created by Thyagu kills Rajiv and Lal are blamed for this. Lal gets arrested and eventually dies. Convinced that his father had killed Vijayakanth sets out in search of his younger brother and sister, while Indraja decided to marry Thyagu's son. Later, Vijayakanth realises the truth. Thanks to his uncle Manivannan, he comes to know that his father had no hand in Rajiv's death and resolves to remain a bachelor all through his life. He lives along with his assistant Vadivel, who too has decided to remain a bachelor. Vijayakanth sponsors for his sister's studies (not revealing his identity). In the meantime Namitha and four of her friends come to stay at the house next to his house, where Swarnamalya stays. And he too has a few guests in his house, like Pandiarajan and Prabhu Deva (Manivannan's son).

The movie from here has interesting events which results in love between Prabhu Deva and Swarnamalya. In the end Vijayakanth finds out the truth from Thyagu and Anandraj and holds the hands of Namitha. The movie has right mix of action, romance and humour that will please his fans. Vijayakanth deserves special mention for leaving his presence in a humorous movie (not his forte normally). However, he does not disappoint action-lovers as he jumps and kicks a few in the movie. Tollywood girl Namitha makes her debut in Tamil and looks fresh on the screen. Vadivel deserves credit for his spontaneous wit and humour. His comedy with Pandiarajan and Prabhu Deva deserve greater appreciation. Anandha Kuttan has cranked the camera while Deva has composed the music. Director Siddique has succeeded in presenting a Malayalam theme much to the liking of Tamil audience with humour all through. A must for Vijayakanth fans.

Vijaykanth has done his best as usual.
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poor film
mdriazj20 December 2006
I am sorry to say this movie brought tears to my eyes; not because it was moving, but because it was the absolute worst movie I had seen in my life. The characters were speaking in strange sounds the entire movie and it didn't make sense at all. The movie made no sense throughout. However I must say that the best actor was one of the donkeys towards the beginning. It was quite well tamed! I am not sure where this movie was filmed, but it definitely set a great mood for about 200 years ago. However I believe the intention of the director was not a historical scene, but a present day drama. There was also an interesting bit towards the beginning where the actress takes her wig off to reveal a bald head. I'd say that was also an interesting aspect. But overall, the strange tribal dialect was not understandable.
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