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  • Daniel Hansen began the role. Later a lot of the movie was re-written and changed at the last minute, which meant that a lot of Lewis' lines had to be recorded again. However, by this point nature had taken its course and Daniel Hansen sounded too old to voice a 12-year-old. So they brought Jordan Fry in to record the lines they needed.

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  • Wesley Singerman began voicing Wilbur at the age of 12, before his voice had broken, which is the Wilbur you hear in the trailer. Later a lot of the movie was re-written and a lot of new lines were added, which meant Wilbur's lines had to be recorded again. By this time Singerman's voice had broken and although the director searched for a Singerman sound-a-like, his voice was too unique to find one so they just got Singerman to record the lines again and that's the Wilbur with the deeper voice you hear in the final movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Lewis, as an orphan, has no surname. Bud's surname is Robinson, although it is assumed that Lucille kept her maiden name when she married him. When Lucille and Bud adopt Lewis, he takes on Bud's surname of Robinson. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Although not mentioned anywhere on IMDb, the 30-second trailer for "Meet the Robinsons" clarifies the year 2037 as the setting for the film's "future" scenes. "Present" scenes are assumed, by extrapolation, to be 2007 (and the "past" scenes would therefore be 1995). Edit (Coming Soon)


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