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Rick Mercer Was Funny...... What Happened?
clevelandrockie8 July 2007
I had big hopes for this show when it first came on and I was so disappointed. I've watched at least twenty episodes, probably thirty, and have tried watching every year hoping that it would get better but it's just getting worse.

What happened to Rick Mercer? Talking to Americans was brilliant and he was awesome on 22 Minutes but this show just stinks, I have to be honest. Where are the funny jokes and sketches? Why do I want to watch him go on the road and just talk to people who aren't even famous? I've seen him on different episodes go look at bears, get dipped in ice water for a hypothermia experiment, join the army, become a cheerleader, get put in a wind tunnel, talk to street hockey kids in Edmonton and do countless other pointless, boring things that I might enjoy doing myself but definitely don't want to watch him do it. Especially when so many of his witty lines are either not funny or way too rehearsed.

Even when he does do jokes they suck like the headlines bit or "Canada's Ugliest Shed". My friends and I could come up with better headlines than they do on this show. It's like Rick Mercer ran out of good comedy or just got tired or something, maybe he resting on what he already did because it was so awesome he's already done his part. If so who can blame him because he was great before.

This show is lame. I give it 2 out of 10 with the 2 points given to him for what he used to be.
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Rick Mercer Does Stuff He Doesn't Know How To Do......
mksnows23 November 2008
This show has formerly Funny TV personality Rick Mercer go places and talk to people then try to do what they do but he doesn't know how to do it so that is funny.

Did you see the one where Rick Mercer goes to talk to the gymnastics team about doing gymnastics then he tries to do gymnastics with them, but Rick Mercer doesn't know how to do gymnastics so he just fell down and stuff and that is funny.

Maybe you saw the one where he went to talk to the scientist who was studying hypothermia about hypothermia but he didn't know much about hypothermia so he got into a tub of ice to learn about the hypothermia study? That was funny because Rick Mercer got into a tub of ice and then got cold, who saw that coming? Maybe you saw the one where Rick Mercer went to talk to the swim team about swimming then he tries to go swimming with them but in a completely unexpected turn of events Rick Mercer went swimming with them anyway..... but Rick Mercer doesn't know how to swim very well so he just splashed around a lot and also he wore a funny bathing cap so that is the height of comedy right there.

Somebody should cancel this show and either send Rick Mercer back to This Hour has 22 Minutes or send him into retirement.
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Hella Lame
commonwealthofcanada23 August 2010
This show is lame, but that can be said of every comedy on CBC in the last few years with the exception of the return of The Kids In The Hall for their miniseries Death Comes To Town which was quite good. Not so good as the original Kids In The Hall series but still very good.

It is impossible to watch Rick Mercer's Show and not compare it to This Hour Has 22 Minutes because Rick Mercer is so synonymous with that show after starring in it for so many years. He was phenomenal on that show but I would agree with the other posters he is definitely 100% coasting on the Mercer Show. The jokes are very lame. The bits are all Rick Mercer talking to the camera directly and none of it is particularly cutting or funny. I feel Rick Mercer just mellowed or something as he got older. The only pieces he still does on his show that he used to do at This Hour Has 22 Minutes are the street pieces in black and white where he walks at the backwards moving camera ranting about a political issue and those are still good but few and short and far between.

Compared to the other CBC comedy turds out there now (Ron James Show, Royal Canadian Air Farce who keep coming back for specials, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Little Mosque On The Prairie and more) Rick Mercer is okay but compared to the shows offered on other channels this show is just a snoozefest. CBC needs a house cleaning.
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andykatzlove28 July 2008
This show is very boring. The entire show is just Rick Mercer which wouldn't be so bad if he was being funny at some point, but he never is. I also liked him on This Hour Has 22 Minutes but on this he is just boring and seems like he is getting really old. All that happens in the show is, Rick Mercer goes somewhere and talks to people. The episode I am watching now has Rick Mercer going to visit a guy who makes his own wine. For the last fifteen minutes I've been watching Rick Mercer help pick grapes, ask if they can drink wine while they pick the grapes (HILARIOUS!), take a shot of whiskey and say it's because two jobs are helped by drinking- grape pickers and newscasters (HILARIOUS!), arrive the next morning at eight thirty and say he's tired not because it's so early but because last night was so late (OMG HILARIOUS!), dump the grapes into a big vat (HILARIOUS!) then drive a forklift, pick up the vat and move it to the grape press (OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! HILARIOUS!), pretend his fingers are stuck in the press but really it's just his glove (HAHAHAAHAHAHHAA! SO FRIKKIN FUNNY! HILARIOUS! I THOUGHT HIS FINGERS WERE IN THERE! I'M SO STUPID! LOL ROFL LMAO!), say that he doesn't even care what happens now because his day's already full because he drove a forklift (HILARIOUS!), ask if he can name the new wine and suggests "Chateau Regret" (OMG CAN YOU THINK OF A MORE HILARIOUS NAME? THAT IS SO FUNNY! SO HILARIOUS!), pretend that the noise of the wine dribbling out into a bucket is actually the sound of someone peeing (HAHAHA! PEE JOKE! HILARIOUS!), then I finally turned the channel because I could not take any more of this hilarity. This show sucks, the CBC is finally dragging Royal Canadian Air Farce off the air and I hope Mercer and 22 Minutes aren't far behind.
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Boring and Pointless
gusglarp26 January 2007
Remember when Rick Mercer was funny? 22 Minutes was a great show when Rick Mercer was on it and Made In Canada was a great show once too. Talking To Americans was such a funny special too. But like my friend said "Rick Mercer woke up one day and wasn't funny any more" I think that day was when Rick Mercer Report went on the air. What is the point of this show? Rick Mercer reads wacky fake headlines, shows pictures of bad sheds that people mail in and then spends about 20 minutes of the 30 minute show going somewhere and just talking to people hoping to say something witty or clever enough to get on TV and maybe even make somebody somewhere laugh. We're supposed to be interested in seeing Rick Mercer visit a gymnastics team and then try to do some of their moves, and then suck at it on purpose while trying desperately to be "funny". Rick Mercer got old or just lost interest or just ain't funny any more. Even his classic rant bits have lost all their bite and humor. You can say that about CBC comedy in general though because how many years have they been sticking Air Farce on TV to deliver the same kinds of useless jokes?
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johnjohnsemails15 September 2010
Zzzzzzzzzzzz the Rick Mercer show puts me to sleep. I never liked it since it was first on. It is good that they at least got rid of that Daryn guy from the first two years because he was painful he was so bad but Mercer is so boring and useless now. As other reviewers said this show is just him talking to people and trying things (last one I saw had him joining a dance troop) and basically mugging for the camera being silly and trying to get laughs. His good stuff was always talking to America and the good ranting he did about serious subjects that were well written and said something important at the same time, now even the rants are not as sharp as they used to be. I can't stand this show, something is wrong with CBC look at all the shows they do now.
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fembot100223 November 2009
The comments already left for this show are way more funny than the show itself and they are all accurate. I feel exactly the same way, that I am very disappointed at how far Rick Mercer has fallen when he used to do some really great things on This Hour Has 22 Minutes but now he is just clowning around, going places and talking to people. He does some bits in the studio about things going on in the news but they are never funny at all, just really sad and predictable jokes about headlines. Most of his show is him going somewhere to talk to people, for example this week he is going to a rodeo and the video pieces are all of him making funny faces and acting scared of the wild horses, etc. He used to be funny but has gotten way less funny since leaving This Hour Has 22 Minutes and that show is also not funny at all any more. Now that Air Farce is off the air (finally thank goodness!) Mercer and This Hour Has 22 Minutes have got to be next in line for the axe, just old tired predictable comedy that almost nobody finds funny any more. It's sad really considering Rick Mercer used to be the funniest man on Canadian TV!
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Not funny. No talent.
junsun-492054 February 2017
This show is not funny at all. Not sure why CBC is funding with taxpayers money this unfunny show. It could be improved but Rick is just not funny at all, and the silly acting is just that. Silly. The humor is at par with grade 5 level humor. Also, the talent is not utilized to its best. Rick used to be better years ago. But nowadays he just lost it. Need to start with a different comedy show that actually is funny and current with the times! Every time he tries to do his shtick by being unbelievably clumsy, trying too hard to be funny and to get your attention, falling into water, doing over the top unnecessary stunts, wearing silly things, or over- acting, it only ends up looking awful.
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Makes me Sad
jsampsonstunts16 October 2013
I really wish that I liked this show. Rick Mercer was the best part of This Hour Has 22 Minutes back when he was on that show but when he left he just stopped being funny or informative or relevant. This Hour Has 22 Minutes also took a nosedive after he left. It's like a great band where the lead singer goes off to be a success on his own but then the band and he both end up flopping.

Rick Mercer is a shadow of his old self. In this show most of the time is wasted with him going off to do pieces in locations. The other reviews pretty much nailed it where he will go to say try out a tourist diving lesson where you swim with the seals, then it's just like ten minutes of him swimming around with footage of seals swimming around and him coming up for air every couple of minutes to say something that's supposed to be funny but really just makes you groan. I'm not sure when Rick Mercer became a hack one liner comedian but watching him is like watching my wacky uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table make horrible jokes about the turkey. "Gobble gobble? I'll gobble him up! Haha! Look how funny I am!" The episode I just saw which will also be the last episode I ever force myself to sit through had him go to paramedic school. He had another guy try out the nitrous oxide then made horribly lame jokes about politicians. More predictable jokes follow where he drives an ambulance and turns on the siren because there is an emergency, he is hungry and wants Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This show literally makes me sadder than any drama on TV because of what this great man used to be. His black and white pieces on This Hour Has 22 Minutes used to be the funniest couple of minutes on television and they also almost always had something very important and right to say. What happened to this guy? The rest of the show is him sitting at his desk in the CBC studio (in Toronto I presume) where he reads equally horrible jokes. The two Canadians who just got released by Egypt and complained about cockroaches and cramped spaces... on their Air Canada flight home. I rolled my eyes so much at this show I have to go see my optometrist tomorrow.

Please Rick Mercer if you read this go back to what you used to do because I hate having to think of you as the hack who is ruining himself on my TV every night. Maybe you need new crew and writers. I don't know what the problem is but what you're doing just isn't funny or relevant, I'm sorry to say.
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Hard To Watch
markgorys6 August 2018
I used to love watching Rick Mercer and his rants on This Hour Has 22 Minutes but this new show of his started bad and just kept getting worse over time. I don't want to watch him visit towns and do stupid dad jokes and then try to do archery with an archery team and be bad at it and tell jokes about how bad he is, or drive around with an ambulance driver and put the siren on and tell jokes about how bad he is as an ambulance driver... his rants used to be funny and have something real to say (political commentary!) but after he moved to his own show they lost all their edginess and bite. Now he's just a parody of himself who does stupid things like jet-ski while doing puns about jet-skiing. This show has no point and zero laughs and it's a real shame because he was so great at one point.
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Gotta be Canadian
g-girly2 May 2010
This can be the funniest show if you get it. It is of higher political intelligence so unfortunately not everybody gets it. Another condition is you MUST be Canadian. The cultural humor won't be understood elsewhere. All comedians have different styles and techniques to produce their comedy. Mercer is no different. He puts himself out there and does it in the most humorous way possible. He's funny, unpredictable, and up for anything. For that reason the Mercer Report is almost like a reality TV show... All except better. (Way better.) I always sit down to watch this show whenever I can. I am rarely... if ever... disappointed.
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CBC at their Best!
kirkir-1792020 November 2016
If you look at all of the terrible shows CBC has produced, RMR is really a gem. Basically, the plot of every episode sees Rick Mercer going to some obscure place in Canada. He is guided by the staff of the facility, and makes a few jokes along the way. Mercer really has a wonderful comedic personality, and some of the jokes he comes up with are quite clever and entertaining.

What may possibly be funnier than Rick's journeys, are the skits the show puts on; sort of like Saturday Night Live. These are where Mercer's jokes really shine, and they are what make this show extremely entertaining.

This is really a success on the part of the CBC, and I really hope this show keeps airing.
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Great Canadian Political Humor
Sneaky_Pete_XXVII13 March 2004
I'm not sure what it is about Rick Mercer, but he seems like one of these comedians that can get the job done, and done well. And he definitely does this with "Monday Report".

Many comedians have different styles and techniques to produce their comedy. And Mercer's is no doubt, unique and flavorful. From his slap-stick short skits, to his blunt one-liners, Mercer never stops surprising me with how wide range his humor, and the humor of the show as a whole goes.

Indeed, it is a excellent Canadian comedy series, that should entertain just about any Canadian who has a good taste in comedy.
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Half-hour current-events comedy show that really seems like it's 22 minutes long
Dreamer126 September 2004
From the man show made Stockwell Day and Doris Day synonymous, "Monday Report", is one of those rare shows that seems to pass by in less time than advertised. In tandem with "This is Wonderland", made CBC's Monday-night line-up true must-see TV during their premiere season and are poised to repeat the feat this season. Rick Mercer zeros-in on current-affairs and skewers them with laser-like precision as well as poking fun at Canadian foibles. Darren Jones' segments are also a treat and his style is an interesting counterpoint to Mercer. No cow is too sacred or too elusive to escape. The show is coming back as of October 18th for another season and is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.
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Great way to learn about Canada!
AirBourne_Bds9 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Toronto version of Jon Stewart's "Global Report" and is very fair, Rick Mercer detests ALL political parties in Maple-Leaf land! How can you fault a show that has the protagonist looking to male-bond with a political bigwig by skinny-dipping together? Who else is that insane? His views on USA are equally intriguing as to how America's longest peaceful next-door neighbour interprets their own actions with a very wry and oh so rye look! Rick's send-up's of Canada's Government policies as realistic commercials is very SNL and any USA denizen who can't jibe with that? Tough Liberal/Conservative/Quebecois/NDP horse-nickels...
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You Don't Have to Be Canadian...
Twelve_Parallax_Seconds19 January 2018
After reading a bunch of negative reviews of this show, I felt I had to write one myself. Most of the reviews seem to be by canadians who know Rick Mercer from other shows, where he supposedly was "a lot funnier. What happened?" I am not from Canada and had never heard about mr Mercer before stumbling upon this show, and I love it.

The show's main premise is that Mercer travels around Canada and meets with people from different places and walks of life. It's a great mix of destinations, and you get to learn a lot about of canadian geography, and the people who live there. Sometimes, he goes to far away rural places, like Inuvik, NT, where he attends the Sunrise Festival. In another show, he goes to The University of Victoria, where he learns about neuroscience. Interspersed with the travel reports are short bits with satirical commentary on canadian political matters.

Mercer is a funny guy and he makes fun of the people he's talking to, and the places he's visiting in his travel reports. The jokes are never nasty, and he always makes himself the butt of the joke in the end. My only criticism is that the constant joking makes the interviews a bit shallow. Then again, the comedy is part of what makes this show great.

The political commentary bits are funny, but are not what makes the show stand out. They feel a bit generical to an outside observer, since it's difficult to identify with the issues when you don't live there. For canadians, they may be spot on, I have no idea. Mercer's outrage for what to me seems to be mild concerns about the canadian government (compared to the US), only makes me feel like Canada is a damn great place to live in.

Coming from northern Europe, I know a lot about US geography and the people there. That annoys me to no end, because I find the USA a lot less interesting than Canada. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about Canada. For instance, I had never heard about a place called Nunavut. I actually had to google it to realize it was a territory, not a town! So this show is a godsend for a foreigner who wants to learn more about Canada and canadian life in a playful way.
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